More like National Sneak Up Behind Your Favorite Guy and Startle the Shit out of Him While He’s Working Day, according to the motion lines alongside Darin’s elongated head.

This is a Cintiq, a 3D drawing board. I’m actually more comfortable working at my old drawing board, which I bought in junior high school for $25. At the time, it seemed like a lot of money. It’s where I do most of my work.”

Tom Batiuk, February 2016

Good enough for Tom Batiuk, good enough for Darin, who sits at a rather small, inclined drawing table under a vintage “floating” draughtsman’s lamp. Very old school and analog, and it makes me wonder how Mindy is able to do her coloring (remember, she thinks Dr. Martins is a brand of footwear).


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23 responses to “NTYFGTL Day

  1. William Thompson

    Ah, yes, National Take Your Favorite Guy to Lunch Day, a holiday sponsored by the Lady Cannibals of America. Too bad Mopey Pete spoiled Mindy’s appetite by looking at her.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Yeah, because what else does she have to do? She did, after all, abandon her budding career…twice, no less…so Boy Lisa could chase his idiotic dream of being a really lazy cartoonist, so she has afternoons free. Sigh.

  3. Doghouse Reilly

    Mindy in the Unseen Panel Three: “Say, that’s a good idea. I’ll go see what my grandfather in the nursing home is doing for lunch. He’ll eat anything as long as it’s not microwaved…something to do with an accident he had with an oven about 10 years ago.”

  4. CRM114

    The artw…whatever…is very bad in this strip.

  5. bayoustu82

    I realize it’s early, but that panel 2 image of Pete R-something has to be the most punchable FW face of 2020. (Non-Les Division.)

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      “I”m under a rest” guy from yesterday set the bar pretty high. Punching’s too good for him.

    • Professor Fate

      You know looking at this – Between the weird expression on Boy Lisa’s face and the obvious sudden head jerk that accompanies it, he looks like he’s just managed to shut down a porn site before Jess saw it.

  6. Paul Jones

    Given who’s in the banner, we’re probably going to see yet another example of really, really old people getting back together after a pants-on-head stupid break-up.

  7. Banana Jr. 6000

    Really, Pete? You proposed to this girl with a stuffed animal and you have the goddam nerve to demand she buy you lunch? If she spends $15, it’d be more than you ever have. Even including those coffees you bought once, for which you got called a great guy.

    Then again, I guess you have to enjoy these things while you can, since you and Mindy are both apparently turning into poodles.

  8. William Thompson

    “Hi, Dullard, you obnoxious asshole! I’m taking my favorite guy to lunch! That’s my son, Skyler! Remember him, you pathetic excuse for a father? Don’t worry, I’ll think of you when he has a tantrum!”

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      You give Cindy way too much credit. She’s as terrible a parent as Darren is. No, this is going to turn into another one of those weeks where Cindy and Mindy sit around a cafe and gush about what wonderful men they have. Because Funky Winkerbean is an incel dream world.

      • Merry Pookster

        They are all terrible parents, Crazy, Holly/Funky/Less/Lisa/Durwood/ Wally never sees his kids….. what happened to Jinx BTW?.

  9. That 50th can’t get here fast enough.

  10. What the hell has happened to Mindy? When Ayers drew her in Crankshaft, she was quite the little hottie. Even allowing for the supposed ten year time gap between Centerville and Westview, she looks terrible.

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      That old strip is incredible. Panel 1: Mindy is excited about getting into Kent State. Panel 2: Mindy reveals herself to be an idiot. Panel 3: Mindy’s beloved grandfather Ed Crankshaft insults her. In three panels, Batiuk managed to make all his characters, and his alma mater, look bad. It’s a great example of how mean-spirited Batiuk’s oeuvre is.

    • hitorque

      I love how Mindy looks like she could literally be Cindy Sommers-Winkerbeane-Jarre’s mother or spinster older sister.

      As an aside, what is it with Batiuk and all these flaxen blondes nobody can tell apart anymore? And what is it with him and the names of his women characters??

  11. Professor Fate

    One – to quote Tom Servo again “Oh the really unappealing characters”
    two – Pete’s a hateful little creep isn’t he? Aside from being a cheap mooch.
    Three – don’t these people have deadlines?

  12. hitorque

    1. Okay Pete, we get it… In defiance of all logic and rules of attraction you’ve found a member of the female gender somewhat willing to touch your peener (And cosplay as Sue Storm while she does so), allowing your to hold all those gay accusations at bay… Doesn’t mean you get to disgust everyone with your perv smile…

    2. Just your daily reminder that Pete+Darrin are literally being paid TEN TIMES what the top comics people make (conservative estimate)… Maybe HE should be treating HER instead of flashing that dumbassed perv smile?

    3. Just your daily reminder that the bald benefactor literally bought a nine-story warehouse and completely refurbished it for free just to house a comics publishing staff of….Three people. You’d think they’d use their limitless funds to hire the best artists and writers in the business (you know, the poor saps slaving away for pennies on the dollar), but NO WAY is anybody getting through this door except through the crony hire way.

    4. A surefire way to tell a narrative comic strip has hit rock bottom is when every new storyline is “Some random strange new character wants to give a legacy character a shitload of money or a prestigious award or something else very valuable they did jack shit to earn” (SEE: Rex Morgan, Judge Parker, Apartment 3-G, etc.)