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Charles basically nailed it–and did my job for me, thanks!–in yesterday’s comments, in which he basically laid out the next month’s worth of strips.  I’d link his comment here, but I don’t know how to do that. (Here ya go. —TFH)

So, what we have here is what we had yesterday–two characters talking about Les.   Not a single step forward, but hey, if people are talking about Les, it has to be award-winning, right?

I don’t dare wish for anything different, because it’s certain to be worse.


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  1. Doghouse Reilly

    Panel One: “I’m really surprised to heat that Dad is still messing around with Hollywood…because he didn’t mention anything about a project involving my own mother to me once during the past six months!”
    Panel Two: I know you’re upset from all this Tinseltown news, Summer, but geez, give your poor Stepmom-Who-Isn’t-and-Will-Never-Be-Dead-St.-Lisa a chance to put the cookie plate on the table before grabbing at them!
    Panel Three: “Apparently the relationship is still afloat…unlike your dad’s and mine, which is acting more and more like one of those makeshift rafts the castaways built on ‘Gilligan’s Island’!” “Like what? I never heard of it!”

  2. William Thompson

    “Now let’s sit at the table and enjoy our cookies and hot cocoa like adults, before Fuckless shows up and demands we lie on the bedroom floor and read comic books.”

  3. William Thompson

    “Anyhoo, Summer, how’s school? Your dad may want to know if he ever calls home.”

    “Okay, I guess, except I keep flunking the Bechdel test. Think dad will mind?”

  4. billytheskink

    While the COVID-19 pandemic is supposed to get worse before it gets better… this story arc will, in all likelihood, just get worse.

    • gleeb

      I don’t know. My guess would be that maybe a year from now we get an oblique reference that some minor character we haven’t seen in years died, and that’s it. And my guess of who would be Kevin Brown.

  5. Epicus Doomus

    “I’m surprised that Dad finally put that cancer book to bed for good.”

    “I’m surprised that Dad threw Mom’s journals and tapes into the fireplace.”

    “I’m surprised that Dad is so agreeable and non-smug.”

    “I’m surprised that Dad is re-visiting the cancer book again.”

    One of those is unlike the others. Summer really is out of the loop these days, you know? Seven years of college will do that to a person. That second panel really takes me back, as Summer always was one of the most poorly-drawn characters in the strip, ever. Blech.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      All the women, save for Cindy, are drawn poorly. The situation is a little better in Crankshaft, but even there many of the women are drawn with boyish haircuts.

  6. Cabbage Jack

    I wonder if he ever sits down to his writing desk and is just sad. He’s created this vast world of (unlikable) characters that he doesn’t know what to do with any more. He’s got all these story threads that mix between hoping for recognition, living out childhood fantasies, and tormenting the characters he seems to hate so very much. And he doesn’t know what to do with them. And he lacks the talent to create anything interesting. And, deep down, he has to know it. Otherwise, why keep returning to a well that ran dry 13 years ago (and wasn’t well done then, just different enough for notoriety).

    Poor bastard never realized that being a gag-a-day guy with a couple of characters people enjoyed was actually pretty damn special and he’s ruined all that chasing a view of himself that doesn’t exist: Tom Batiuk – Serious Writer With Something To Say.

  7. Comic Book Harriet

    You praised the art yesterday BC. And then today we get a panel three where CauCayla’s face looks like she’s just done three rounds with Mike Tyson.

  8. Paul Jones

    It never seems to have occurred to Batiuk that the way Summer carries herself and dresses is an indictment of Les’s parenting. He’s so busy mourning a dead woman that he let their child fall through the cracks.

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    Boy will Les be pissed when he comes home to find some of his cookies and hot cocoa eaten.

    Those were MY cookies!

  10. Rusty Shackleford

    Batty can now check out completely and just hire Charles to do the writing.

  11. Have we actually learned anything more about what’s happening with Summer (and her even lesser known half sister Keesha) since she went off to Kent State? It seems like every single appearance that she’s made has been to feed straight lines to Less and/or Cayla so they can rehash some Lisa bullshit. You would think over all these years he could have come up with one story arc that helps us catch up on what some of his legacy characters are doing, rather than continuing to pull new characters out of his ass that nobody cares about (Buck, Ruby, the Muslim woman, Chester, Mason, Cliff, Vera, et al).

    • Cabbage Jack

      He tried and failed to launch “the next generation.” Either he couldn’t relate to kids any more or didn’t try. Notice that, except for Prestige Muslim Woman, they’re all old as shit.

    • Charles

      Summer’s just here because Cayla needed someone to talk to set up this week’s strips of Les and Mason in New York City. That’s why the unusual circumstance of college student Summer arriving at home hasn’t even been remarked upon, as well as the fact that she’s completely out of the loop about this whole development.

      It made me wonder why this sequence didn’t try to avoid that weirdness and instead show Cayla going to Montoni’s and explaining where Les is to Holly or Funky. But then I realized that having her go out to eat while Les is gone would give Cayla agency and somewhat of an inner life of her own, and that’s just not something Batiuk will allow. So instead when Les is gone Cayla sits at home waiting for someone to drop by before she does anything.

  12. Gerard Plourde

    Another installment of tell don’t show. (Not that I want to see Les either.) And I don’t understand his need to shoehorn New York into this. The cancer arc didn’t play out there.

    Come to think of it, Les’ failure as a parent was on full display then already. What parent of a small child would take off on a solo trip to New York immediately after his wife’s funeral just to scatter some of her ashes in Central Park? Couldn’t that wait until the child was slightly older so that she could understand the significance and go along and take part? I forgot how insanely melodramatic that whole post-funeral installment was.

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      This is another reason Lisa’s Story simply doesn’t work. We’re supposed to believe that Les wrote the most wonderful, insightful, emotional story about love and loss, when his every action shows him to be a selfish, possessive, weak-minded little man.

      • comicbookharriet

        ‘Selfish, possessive, weak-minded little men’ are occasionally able to obscure their narcissism long enough to fool an audience. See the memoir ‘Hurry Down Sunshine: A Father’s Story of Love and Madness’ by Michael Greenberg. People praised this book to high heaven. But when I read it, all I found was a self-obsessed frustrated author who lucked out with a family tragedy and used his platform to wax eloquent about himself. There’s a million other memoirs just like it.

  13. hitorque

    Let’s translate what is *really* being saying here without the Batiuk filter:

    Summer: “Wow, I’m literally surprised that Hollywood is giving dad another chance after he killed the last production and left the producer and execs with their asses twisting in the wind by invoking the “kill fee” — Which in this universe evidently meant Dad was able to get paid despite doing no work and come home a triumphant victor!”

    Cayla: “Well luckily Hollywood has a short memory and they like making a fast buck as much as your father does… Besides, your father is looking for one last cash grab so he can retire, Masone Jarre is taking the lead on this production, and while that presents its own set of issues at least Mr. Jarre has a Godly amount of clout in the industry after that Starbuck Jones movie outgrossed Infinity War and Black Panther combined… Instead of hating on Hollywood you’d better be cozying up to your father so he can put you on the payroll. Everyone in Westview is already clogging his e-mail inbox and voicemail trying to get one of those cushy crony hire jobs and you don’t want to get left out, do you??”

  14. Banana Jr. 6000

    If Funky Winkerbean was in any way capable of subtlety or self-awareness, I would Cayla’s remarks a little sarcastic.

    “Your father left me at home while he went to New York to do location scouting. Because that’s important man work, of course. For his movie about his dead wife, who is far more important than me, his living wife. And his daughter, apparently, as well, since he couldn’t be bothered to tell you it was even in production. But at least his relationship with Hollywood is still afloat! He’s not doing it any less!”

  15. hitorque

    But seriously… No way in hell does Batiuk pass up the chance for some long overdue father-daughter bonding as Summer graduates and they collaborate on the Zombie Lisa movie… And no matter what crony hire job Summer gets, everyone will discover she’s a natural and better at it than all the other people in Hollywood who have been doing it for decades…

    • William Thompson

      She’ll make a terrific actress. Break a leg, Summer!

      • Cabbage Jack

        Better then Band Director…you know what you have to break (off) to get that job!

        Sorry Becky!

      • Charles

        Bite your tongue! I posted here the last time this stupid thing was brought up that because Les inexplicably has veto power over this movie’s casting, that Summer would be his only acceptable option to play Lisa.

        Not for nepotism reasons, of course, but because she’s the only person who has the appropriate reverence for the material.

        Anyway, if it was just me thinking it, I could dismiss it as me being crazy. If more people start thinking it’s plausible….

        Although, the only time in the past six years or so when we’ve been shown what Summer’s up to is when she changed her major to Creative Writing. Since Mason’s already told Les that he’s not going to be writing the thing. Maybe Les will insist that Summer be named the screenwriter, for the same reason she’d be perfect as the lead actress.

        Or maybe she’d be both. I mean, if Batiuk wants to go with utter insanity for this storyline, he might as well go all the way.

        • Batgirl

          My bet – TB cares so little about Summer that he’ll forget about her just the way Les does, and Marianne Winter will be brought back for the Lisa role.

          • Charles

            Mason proposed Marianne for Lisa two months ago and Les immediately vetoed the idea. That doesn’t mean that it can’t happen, I suppose.

            I still think it’d be weird as hell and that it’d be fundamentally incompatible with Mason’s whole claim that he’s trying to break out of his typecasting. I mean, try to imagine a remake of A Big Chill or Parenthood for this generation, with a large ensemble cast with their own stories forming part of a larger theme, and all the major parts cast are the Avengers. It’d be all anyone would talk about, and it’d be ridiculous.

          • Hitorque

            I’m pretty sure Marianne Winters isn’t cut out for Hollywood given that she almost killed herself just because someone tweeted something unkind about her…