Movie Madness

In which the actress who nearly threw herself off the top of the Hollywood sign—over nothing— advises Les about managing the madness.


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  1. Epicus Doomus

    Apparently there’s some sort of global comic strip glitch going on at the moment, as Thursday’s FW is still inaccessible.

    • William Thompson

      I’m waiting to hear if the Vatican calls the absence of a new FW proof that a benevolent God cares about humanity, but I expect that hope will be cruelly dashed.

  2. billytheskink

    Nobody’s ever managed your madness Les, nobody has even tried from what I can tell. It’s why you believe you can treat people like this and not get socked in the jaw… because, well, apparently in this universe you can.

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      Least of all himself. This whole world does nothing but indulge Les’ madness.

  3. William Thompson

    Sign in to the nearest psych ward, Les. Trust me, you’ll see a lot less craziness there.

  4. William Thompson

    If only Batiuk hadn’t dragged out this story so long! If we had seen Marianne look so crazed two months ago, we could have started singing “Here we go gathering nuts in May . . . “

  5. Poor, poor Les. He’s such a sensitive genius, and no one understands the depths of his suffering. Because no one on Earth has ever suffered as much as Les Moore.
    Hold on a moment.
    –ah, that’s better. Sorry, had to go vomit. Where was I?

    • William Thompson

      You were busy proving that Batiuk ripped off the part of the Bible where Jesus suffered and died for our sins. Although Batiuk may have reversed the roles there.

  6. Gerard Plourde

    Wait a minute, is TomBa actually acknowledging that Les is crazy?

  7. Hitorque

    Has anybody in the history of cinema ever had their ass kissed *THIS* much? Yeah when DiCaprio or whoever steps on set ready to work their first priority is making sure the author’s fears are calmed…

    And if you think Les is unbearable now, wait until we get to Oscar night, which will make Dinkle’s knighthood from the Belgian government look like high art by comparison…

    Interesting to note that Masone needs months and months of obsessive preparation and background research for his roles while Marianne just jumps right in…

    Also interesting to note that Mr. “Someone Has To Protect Lisa And My Source Material” hasn’t yet once demanded to meet the script writer, much less actually read the script on the first day of principal shooting…

    And where the hell is Cindye? Did she magically stop being insanely jealous at every woman within a quarter mile radius of her prized husband?

    And what the hell is Cayla doing all this time? Les seems to be out of town 6-8 months of the year these days…

    So how does all this work? They’re going to re-create all of 80s/90s Westview on greenscreen, or something?? Or is today just the love/birth scenes?

    And when is somebody going to tell Les that the auditions were a total sham setup for his and Cindye’s entertainment?

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Maybe Cayla and Wally are hooking up?

    • batgirl

      Mason needs lots of prep time because he’s portraying the central character – Les.
      Marianne’s character exists only in relation to her husband, the person who REALLY suffered. Lisa could be played by a lamp, and not even a sexy lamp.
      (reference to: “Try this: if you can replace your female character with a sexy lamp and the story still basically works, maybe you need another draft. ” )

      • Lisa’s Story. One day Les noticed that the light from his lamp was growing dimmer. “Oh no,” he thought, “maybe her bulb is…starting to burn out.”

        He then spent three hundred and seventy-seven pages feeling sorry for himself.

  8. Paul Jones

    And of course, no matter how cravenly they kiss this turd’s arse, the more he whines about how badly he’s being mistreated.

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      Les’ behavior is that of a spoiled, manipulative child. When someone gives him the attention he wants, he demands more. His response is always what we see here: some fake wry remark that says “oh, I still have soooooo many reservations about this.” It means you’re not doing enough to please Les. Look at how his facial expression changes from panel 2 to 3. He can turn that sad, pouty face on any time he needs it.

      Mason has flown Les all over the country, shared his home with Les, taken Les out to lunch, did the hard work of selling a movie studio on making Les’ book into a movie. All so he can “tell Lisa’s story correctly.” And Les hasn’t said “thank you” even once. This is the guy the author wants us to root for.

  9. Banana Jr. 6000

    Who knew that being the author of the source material was such a heavy butden. “Managing the madness?” Les has no responsibilities! He’s a spectator. All he has to do is sit there and “protect Lisa.” Which, like eveeything else that’s being explained to him this week, he’s been through before. If this is all too emotionally taxing for Les, he can go home.

    And would Les pick a goddam emotion? He’s been all over the place this week. I would speculate that he’s bipolar, but I know it’s just bad writing.

    • Jimmy

      I am no Hollywood Insider, so maybe I’m wrong, but I seriously doubt a book author is wandering around the set after the studio picks up the option.

    • Westview Radiology

      Meant to upvote this !!

  10. comicbookharriet

    In panel two today, the part of Marianne will be played by Dr Frank N Furter.

  11. Ray

    I swear to shit, if the scene they shoot is the “playground“ scene I’m gonna lose my freaking mind.

  12. Professor Fate

    Lord there is no madness – The film is a paint by numbers woman dies of X hallmark channel movie of the week style moive- Hollywood has been making things like this since shortly after they made The Great Train Robbery. I think they used to call them three hankie jobs or weepers not cast of thousands no long term shooting on location no special effects – it’s film being shot by professionals
    Les on the other hand well – actually by this point I having trouble understanding just what his problem with all this is. He’s passive aggressively whining all the time but I’m not sure about what or even why. I know the author wants us to identify with him but i’ll be damned if can see why we should.

    • William Thompson

      Les’s problem is that there’s nothing at all special in “Lisa’s Story.” By extension, that’s Batiuk’s problem. Les is no hero, and Lisa was a bitch who clung to Summer’s life through her videotapes, when she should have fought to cling to her own life. The story is so bland and anonymous that Death itself wore a blank mask.

  13. louder

    I still don’t get how Marianne and Mason are working together in this film. There is such an age difference, and Less and The Sainted One were classmates in high school, just what kind of movie will this be? Flashbacks with Marianne, and Mason filmed in the present?

    Of course, the continuing question is: Why does any one give a damn what Less thinks? I’m sure this time there’s no “Kill Fee” bs that he can pull. So just call security and kick his ass out on the street, so we don’t have to listen to his entitled whining any more. We all say this, but it’s true — Less is the worst character in a comic…. ever.

  14. Count of Tower Grove

    Marianne in panel two looks like she forgot to take her quaalude.

  15. Doghouse Reilly (Philadelphia)

    Why, exactly, does Ms. Winters conclude that Les is feeling “overwhelmed” by the “madness” surrounding him. Look at those facial expressions of his today. That’s not the look of a person being overwhelmed. That’s a man filled with dull bemusement for the proceedings he finds himself in and smug disdain for the people who wanted to work with him and are trying to bring his “artistic vision” to life.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Must be like how Batty treats his staff.

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      That’s the worst thing about Les’ obnoxious behavior: he’s so transparent about it. And nobody comments on or even notices this. They just keep trying to make him happy.

      Marianne Winters has spoken to Les twice, got rude answers from him both times, has no need to appease him, and might even know he angrily opposed her getting the role of Lisa. And she jumps right on the Worship Les Parade with everyone else. Even though Marianne, unless Les, has actual work to do here.