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Movie Madness

In which the actress who nearly threw herself off the top of the Hollywood sign—over nothing— advises Les about managing the madness.


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“You know how little kids sometimes have imaginary friends? Well, I thought it’d be very funny if a small child’s imaginary friend ditched him…ON CHRISTMAS! Imagine him there, sitting under the tree all upset…tee hee hee!”

“Tom, I told you you’ve gotta crack the window when you’re working with airplane glue!”

As much as I’ve grown to dislike little baby Skyler I can’t help but feel sorry for the little dolt after this one. His moronic parents played fast and loose with his early development as they ran around filming and drawing things and now the chickens have come home to roost, as they say. In his desperate attempt to shoehorn in a woefully awful wordplay-based gag, BatYuck has inadvertently painted a heartbreaking story about a sad, troubled little boy who’s obviously confused and baffled by this sudden burst of attention from his previously disinterested parents.

But man, what a shitty woefully awful wordplay-based gag it is, huh? “Ghosted” by his “imaginary friend”…duh. I wonder how long he’s had that one boinging around in that modestly sincere head of his. And what compelled him to use THIS as a Christmas strip? This little Skyler mini-arc is downright dismal and not in a hilarious “For Better Or For Worse” way but an Act III FW way, which is much worse.


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Couch Gag

The first impulse is to ring the “Batiuk’s making light of mental illness again” bell. But I think TB’s merely guilty here of employing the old cartoonists’ “psychiatrist cliché” (Google “psychiatrist couch cartoon” to see just how cliché). It was reliable enough schtick when Batiuk’s idol Charles Schulz used it (nearly 60 years ago). Anyway, whatever therapy ol’ Mort derives from this dog, it’s doing wonders! When Funky dumped him in “the home” five years ago, he was practically catatonic. Since then, he’s taken up smoking, has picked up the trombone, and is now nearly indistinguishable from his son.


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Haiku Anxiety

Today’s strip

Cayla opens with
Understatement of the year
Linda unimpressed

Husband’s health problems
Wordplay fodder for Linda
The way of Westview


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Today’s strip

Nope, it’s not TFH, you’re stuck with your faithful old pal Epicus for another fun-filled week! And based on the header pic, it’s going to be one hell of an arc, possibly featuring multiple views of Funky’s enormous freak ass as he hangs Halloween decorations! Trick or treat in-deed!

131027Man, TheAuthor really outdid himself with this drawing. A broken, exhausted Bull is just dripping with shame, fatigue and defeat while Linda doesn’t even try to hide her weary disgust and indifferent disdain while blurting out her usual meaningless platitudes. And not only does it come completely out of left field, but it’s crammed into a completely unrelated comic book cover tribute too, floating there like the proverbial turd in a punchbowl. I guess “sports” was supposed to be the “common theme” here but man, that’s a pretty f*cking tenuous connection.


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Flash Boredom

March 13, 2013 at 5:57 pm

Pete: “Well, I’d better go before the combined totality of my neurotic loathing of my own chosen vocation chooses to manifest itself as a sentient, malevolent recurring hallucination!”

Too late, Pete! You know, it’s a fine line between a hyperactive imagination and chronic hallucinatory psychosis, and it looks like being called upon to actually earn his paycheck has sent Pete around the bend yet again. Hey Pete, maybe women instantly dislike you because you can’t get their names right? Don’t feel bad, though: I thought she was supposed to be Elaine from Seinfeld.


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Lend Me Your (Dog) Ears

Beanie Wanker
December 6, 2012 at 7:22 am
…With Crazy Harry and his “library,” [Batiuk] aims for “quirky,” but hits “mentally ill.” Only a mere quarter inch away, in the Land of Reality, a guy who starts talking like Harry here would be brought in for psychiatric evaluation. I expect him to start carrying on conversations with these books, and maybe having sex with a couple of them.

And with that in mind, just be glad that today’s comic is only one panel…


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Help Me Harry

Becky continues to vent to anyone within earshot about how crazy her mother is making her, dramatically clutching her head to illustrate her point. So broken is this mother/daughter relationship that she turns to old Harry Dinkle for advice on how to “deal with her”. Harry helpfully shares a mean, passive-aggressive prank she can try. Because telling Roberta point-blank “Thanks for volunteering, but no thanks” isn’t an option.

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Tell me what I’m missing here
As she takes her final walk through the halls of Westview High, Susan spies a student at a locker. But wait, aren’t all the students gone for the summer? There’s something familiar about that girl, though… Whoa! That geeky girl in the bobbysox is Susan’s teenage self!

A little further along, Susan encounters another female, who, judging from her trajectory, has emerged from a solid wall to cross Susan’s path. Can anybody reading this (Mr. Batiuk?) tell me who the hell this woman is? She’s wearing an ID badge, so she must be a teacher…but surely we’ve met all 5 or 6 members of Westview’s teaching staff. Before she was forced to turn it in, Susan was never pictured without her ID badge…so is this the ghost of the future that Susan would have had? The hair’s a different color, but we’ve seen Susan as a blonde.

There’s no ambiguity in the last panel, that’s for sure. A mop, two brooms, and a garbage can bear witness to the final disposal of Susan Smith Westbrook.

Don’t miss this month’s excellent installment of FunkyWatch: June’s 12 Most Depressing ‘Funky Winkerbean’ (and Crankshaft) Strips over at Comics Alliance!

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Smash! Wednesday

Link to today’s strip.

Who hasn’t found themselves in this situation before? Oh…everybody? Pete’s inability to keep to deadlines, coupled with an isolated lifestyle, has caused him to experience full-blown hallucinations.

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