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Like A Ring-Tailed Lemur On A Swedish Meatball

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OK, now this mess is reading like a really shitty G-rated “Married With Children” knock-off type thing, the only thing missing is canned laughter and audience hooting. After a week of zany gags about children’s behinds, hot sex, Skyler’s aberrant attention-seeking behavior and potty jokes, it’s time for some sitcom-style gender role reversal. Boy Lisa expresses his feelings and his desire to “just talk” to his BFF Pete while the gals get together to exchange crude sexually suggestive similes involving primates and food. See, it’s funny because MEN are typically the over-sexed slobs and…ah, you know. At least Jessica finally got to bond with someone, although unfortunately for little baby Skyler it wasn’t him.

Check out that last word balloon and note the big empty space between “a” and “monkey”. My “inside sources” tell me it was edited. The original dialog was “…on me like Les Moore turning a tragedy into a masterpiece…”Lisa’s Trilogy”, available wherever books are sold!” but Comics Kingdom thought it was a little too blatant, so they went with his second choice, “monkey on a cupcake” instead. “Funky on a cupcake” would have been funnier.


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Lust And Fond

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Good Lord. There are few things as repugnant as a FW-style sexual interlude, what with the grotesque foreplay banter and all. We still don’t know why Jessica was in California for all that time in the first place but at least we can rest easy knowing that Boy Lisa and Jessica are, at least temporarily, sexually satiated. I wonder if they exchange wry banter throughout the entire act?

“Oh God I’m coming!”

“Good! As long as you aren’t going again! (smirk)”

Shudder. I mean who is this garbage really for? There can’t possibly be any actual Boy Lisa and Jessica fans out there, can there? The way he chooses certain characters to focus on while completely ignoring other ones just fascinates me, as there’s no rhyme, reason or pattern to it at all. For years after he first came back Boy Lisa couldn’t get more than a day or two to himself but suddenly he’s in the spotlight all the time now and, weirdly enough, it isn’t even Lisa-related anymore. His job, his wife, his son, his mothers…it’s Boy Lisa overload.


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