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Who Cares!?

Let’s start with the assumption that anyone, anywhere even gives a shit about “the nightmares of comic strip artists and writers everywhere.” And Pete: aren’t you a comic book writer? At least in his goofy dreams, the Pro-Crasturbator has found a woman who doesn’t despise him: in fact, she lunges horizontally at Pete and appears to flutter from his neck like a scarf. So pleased with this attention is Pete that the trademark bags under his eye momentarily disappear.


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Tempus Fuggit

The most fortunate thing is that I’ve been able to do something that I really really love and again it has just worked out perfectly for me. I fell into the right type of strip, the kind of strip that could endure over the years like we’ve been talking about. I didn’t get the job at Marvel because I’d be out of work right now. [Laughs] I would have been pushed aside years ago.

Tom Batiuk
Interview at comicbookresources.com

When TB’s right, boy, is he right. No comic book publisher would pay for such silly, self-indulgent, retro crap as this. I guess comic strip syndicates are not as choosy, or at least are willing to let “beloved” strips hang on for years, which is how long this arc seems to be dragging on.


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Lord of Alliteration

Get ready for a showdown between a Great Depression-era science fiction hero and an ineffectual villain whose evil superpowers nobody can understand. And in the middle of it all is “Pro-Crastinator” Pete, whose superpower seems to be his ability to shape-shift from pencil necked geek, to man with boobs, to today’s Chris Christie-like proportions.


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Dale Ar-dumb

And so, 400 miles from the few friends he has, and unable to find companionship in the big city, Pete succumbs to his curiously outdated, retro fantasy. Flash and Dale have come to enlist the Pro-Crasturbator’s help against the Lord of the Late. Since LotL is known as the nemesis of comics writers on deadline, it’s unclear why Flash Gordon would have a beef with him.


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For Cryin' Out Cloud

September 13, 2012 at 1:14 am
So…Black Cloud vs. Good Cloud. Superman helps Good Cloud (he’s the good guy, I’m guessing, based on his name) defeat Black Cloud (bad guy) with The Silver Lining (what?). That sounds really stupid, folks!

Oh, wait, it gets even better! The Silver Lining appears from out of nowhere! In a flash of light! Now that’s what I call “writing!” Incredibly lame, puerile, crappy writing. Even the Lord of the Late is appalled.

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