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That Is A Painful Face

today’s strip

I know trying to figure out the meaning of Tom Batiuk’s work these days will have the same result as looking upon a Lovecraftian Elder God, but seriously, what is the deal with Mr. Silver’s face? It’s hideous, of course, but I can’t tell if he’s supposed to be squinting or what. And if he’s never even met Mason then why does he have a poster of his Mason up in his waiting room?

I really couldn’t tell what the “free coffee” line was supposed to be.  I’m guessing it’s supposed to mean people are so interested in working with Mason they buy him lots of coffee, but I thought at first Alan was hitting on Mason, since he’s pointing right at him and has that horrible expression on his face.

Oh, and Les is Mason’s sidekick. Isn’t that cute. I don’t know why Les is bowing to shake Alan’s hand, apart from the artist wanting to make sure there was room to showcase Mason and still fit that word balloon in.


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