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Takin’ It to the Street

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September 20, 2013 at 12:33 am
What a surprise! A thirty four year old guy can throw a football, and now Westview wins against Big Walnut Tech!

Well, yes and no. Look at the scoreboard in panel 1: it’s 43–0 visitors with five seconds to go (presumably in the fourth quarter, but versus these Scapegoats, it could be the end of the half). Time for some “street ball”! But if a play’s been called in the huddle, why does number 12 appear confused when Jarod fakes the handoff? And while Jarod’s preternatural passing skills earned him the QB spot, look like Batiuk’s gonna have him run it in for the score. Hell, why not just have J-Rod throw a touchdown pass to himself?


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Pass Interference!

Um, yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s a penalty. I’d give the benefit of the doubt and say he caught the ball, then lost it when he got hit…except the ball is in the exact same spot in panels 2 and 3, dangling as if from a string, with no swoosh marks to suggest that it ever reached the receiver’s hands. And TB is painstaking when it comes to swoosh marks: panel 1 is a clinic on how to throw a football a mile without bending your elbows.


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Strike a Pose(y)

It’s been quite a week and a half for our Jarod! He’s gone from smokin’ in the boys’ room to starting QB for the fightin’ Scapegoats. Hey, where’s “the big inflatable football helmet that the football team runs through”? Though Jarod’s teammates seem to be a bunch of dicks, I’ve got to agree with ’em on this one: it’s a little presumptuous for anyone in a ‘Goats uniform to be waving a “number one” finger, especially before he’s even thrown a pass in a game.


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Make Some Noise with the Pots and Pans

Aww, their first quarrel. Cayla has decided that now she’s gonna give Les shit about having to plan the wedding on her own, even though she did agree to “deal with all of the wedding plans“, and even though she declined at least twice to join Les on the Kilimanjaro trek.

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Summer Bummer

April 12, 2012 at 12:53 am
…Tom Batiuk just cannot draw an attractive woman to save his soul.
O.B. Dan
April 12, 2012 at 8:24 am
Tom Batiuk can’t draw an attractive anything to save his soul.

Haha, it’s true! Check out Cody’s rival! He has Ed Crankshaft’s nose. Of course, he’s an Adonis compared to Cody, whose looks on in abject dismay. If I were directing this strip as a movie, panel 3 would be a “dolly zoom” (I had to look up the term), aka the Vertigo effect. I’ve worked up a crude animation to illustrate.

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Les Who's Coming to Dinner

I’m looking forward to Labor Day to see if TB follows through with introducing Les (and us) to Cayla’s family. There’s a lot of plot potential in such a meeting. It would go a long way towards giving us some insight into why a fairly young and (occasionally) attractive woman like Cayla would fall in love with such a douchebag as Les Moore. Even your humble scribe cannot see that far into the Funky future, but I’m going to bet right now that the meeting takes place “off-camera”, and we’ll catch up with our newly-engaged couple after the fact.

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You can only get so many smiles out of cancer, before you have to resort to gags about the eldery.

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"Watch" This

The high school flashback arc comes full circle, back to Les’ main crush, Kelly. Good luck striking up a “casual” conversation with her, Les, after she’s already seen her name written obsessively all over your notebook.

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Got Your Numbnuts

In the aftermath of the Les-pocalypse, jilted Cayla confides in Linda over coffee in the faculty workroom. Linda takes the opportunity to entice Cayla into a lesbian affair, but her overture is immediately interrupted when husband Bull arrives on the scene. Linda sheepishly reverts to the role of doting wife, and Bull responds with, what else, a sports-themed quip. And um, one doesn’t retire one’s own number, the team does.

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The Les You Know

May 16, 2011 at 1:55 pm
Panel 2 has Les talking with who he imagines are “Hollywood” people. The bald guy is not Lisa, and the woman is not anyone we’ve met.

OK, now that that’s cleared up…Les continues to psych himself out of the movie deal. “They’re going to want to change it…” Yes, sunshine, change it from a book to a movie. It’s a necessary step. In the HOLLYWOOD of Les’ mind, the Philistines are already hacking away. Late Night’s Paul Shaffer (when did he get into the movie biz?) wants to revise some crucial plot points, based on “some preliminary sampling”, and Les is aghast at the suggestion. Back in the “real” world, even Lisa has had it with Doubting Les, raising her hand to hopefully deliver a much needed bitchslap.

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