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The More It Struggled, The Moore It Strangled

Link to Today’s Strip.

Well, Funky, my guess would be that you’d have one nickle, as I for one have never encountered that phrase before.   No idea who Sarcastic Old Bastard is, but he sure is lovingly detailed so I wonder if he’s some Real-Life Friend.

I’m more of a casual exerciser myself, so can anyone tell me…aren’t you supposed to do your stretching before you start running?

Look at Les’ delicate little pose there, right dead center of course, and tell me you don’t want to set him on fire.  You can tell that was the very first thing that Tom Batiuk drew, then he sat back and admired his work for a while, then sighed and figured he had to get Funky in there “because the gum-chewers who fail to appreciate Les will expect it.”

Well, such work deserves consideration.

Or we could just cut to the chase.


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