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(Winker)Bean’s End

December 27, 2022 at 10:48 pm
Of course, he has to end this with one last shill for “Lisa’s Story.” That is 100% on brand.

The last Funky Winkerbean comic.

Back at their futuristic pad, Summer’s daughter (whose name we are destined never to know) admonishes her “sweetie” that it’s bedtime. Again, how old is this kid, that she needs to be told it’s time for bed? I’m thinking about ComicBookHarriet’s comment the other day about how “John Byrne, famously, struggled with drawing children.” Something else Byrne struggles with today is making Summer’s daughter appear feminine. Look at that man-face in panel 2. Jhayzus. Has Byrne inscribed some secret, hidden text in those weird, script-y eyebrows? Continue reading


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Lisa’s “Lisa’s Story” Story

Who the hell names their kid “Story”? Oh…Lisa’s granddaughter is named “Lisa.” How many birthdays is this for her, anyway? Her height, relative to her mother’s, and her Judy Jetson attire suggest she’s a teen, but her reaction to seeing “her” name of the spine of the book is so childlike. Continue reading


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