Tar Har Har


Batiuk’s attempt to make lemonade out of real-life disaster continues to leave a sour taste. Doonesbury did a terrific job with these events, taking aim at BP as well as at the White House. TB uses the spill as an excuse for more lame wordplay and, of course, smirks.

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  1. davidorth

    Ugh… stomach hurts– I think I’m going to hurl.

    TB took the biggest natural disaster to hit the US since, well, ever and used it as a springboard for puns. It appears it’s going to be puns all week long; it’s good to see he’s getting his money’s worth out of book of puns but goddamn it, something *serious* happened that affected a hell of a lot of people and killed a LOT of wildlife and he can’t resist winking and showing off his pun-fu.

    That’s not writing. THIS is writing.

    Bill Watterson made us all cry with this one; in a stroke of genius, he made the raccoon a non-character as not to overly sentimentalize its death. We’re not crying for the raccoon, we’re crying because we remember what it was like to lose our first pet.

    Calvin and Hobbes is looking more like Mozart everyday compared to this schlock.

  2. billytheskink

    If C&H is Mozart to FW’s Harry Dinkle, then Gil Thorp is at least Aaron Copland or something…

  3. Sgt Saunders

    Does this mean that the smirking old batttleaxe gone wildlife is going to squeeze Tony’s lemon ’till the juice run down his leg?

  4. Jon

    Led Zeppelin! I recognize that reference!

    PS – TF, I see you still link to the old address of my blog. I moved from Blogger to WordPress to see how many folks actually read it. Not sure why I did that, though. I may be masochistic.

  5. Harold

    At least next week will bring new and different schlock.

  6. Jon

    I was just surfing funkywinkerbean.com. Those action hero depictions of the cast… Wally stole Cory’s bandana from him.

  7. Oh my a dance for snowbirds?
    Mix a little vodka with the Geritol punch and maybe Toni will get lucky….How’s that for a vision?

    So Dinkleberries kid lives in a pararal universe.
    (How can you be in two universes at once when you’re not anywhere at allll)
    That’s fine…maybe there’s hope for her then.
    NOT… both universes are in the depressive mind of TB…. so now music teachers are buying razor blades.