I Want My “M.T.V.”


Right. Two sixty- or seventy-somethings give a rat’s ass about “M.T.V.”

The unseen fourth panel depicts Purple Hat Lady and Tony re-enacting the famous scene in “From Here to Eternity“.

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  1. O.B. Dan

    Batiuk continues to raise the bar for “a week’s worth of strips that say nothing, go nowhere, and have no discernible ending.”

    Well done, dickhead…

  2. Sgt Saunders

    Right. M.T.V. has spring break coverage in Naples. Or Sarasota. Or where ever it is these “snowbirds” go for the “Girls Gone Wildlife”. Maybe TB does mean M.T.V. – Mature TV.

  3. So the FW gang graduated Class of ’83 and hung out at a pizza joint called Montonis where the owner appeared like an old man of at least 40-50’ish.
    27 years later he is now 67-77’ish
    I can buy that.
    And for these geezers… 40 years ago this beach certainly was “prime” mating ground.

  4. Sgt Saunders

    SW Fla geezer beaches are not mating grounds for young humans. You need to go over to Daytona, Melbourne, Cocoa Beach (Hands off Jeannie, there Mr. Healey), Fort Liquordale. Sarasota was where Pee-Wee Herman was spankin’ it, man.

  5. Spoken like from experience there Sgt.

  6. Epicus Doomus

    Hey, at least the BP spill wasn’t all bad, it gave our boy TB ample opportunity for lousy puns and silly wordplay. Maybe they’ll be some kind of huge nuclear disaster sometime soon so we can see his humorous take on THAT.

  7. According to this brief piece on the Chicago Tribune’s web site, “Cathy” creator Cathy Guisewite is set to end the strip in early October. She cites a desire to spend more time with her family

    Hey TB…. get a life!

    you and Cathy will be forgotten the first day.
    That’s your legacy?