Paper View

October 4, 2011 at 1:08 am
…um, yeah. Same joke as yesterday. Same joke as the following four days as well, I’m guessing.

Kinda sorta, yeah. What’s different today? Well, in panel 1, BlackBerry-waving Darin is sporting those crazy eyes like Susan used to get. And the punchline, while not side-splitting, at least follows the rules of logic…it’s even kind of zen.


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  1. Burn!

    Score another one for old Toni.
    I have broken/lost/dead batteried many many e-note pads/crackberries/PDA’s….. but I have never lost, broken, have died or screwy software foul-up on my Franklin Planner.
    Okay I’m anal…but I even have every paper planner book for the past 16 years and sometimes they are fun to read as if a diary almost.
    Can’t do that on my Outlook Express.

    Bottom-line: Darin you are a Twit and an Ass. When the power goes out you’ll be the first to be eaten.

  2. Charles

    In a very, very dark place in my soul, I’d like this see this continue as Tony and Darin descend into lewd double entendres, talking about whether silicon and/or plastics are superior than organic, and before we know it, they’re both nude and spreading mozzarella cheese all over each other. It’s a very dark place.

  3. sourbelly

    Charles: Yeccchhhh!!!
    TFH: I guess I don’t get Zen, because I sure as hell don’t get today’s punchline.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    I like how Tony can barely hide his contempt for Lisa’s annoying bastard spawn. He looks like he’s thinking the same thing I am:

    “Where’d-a you getta that MBA from-a, the back-a of a cereal box-a?”

    In the real world, anyone forced to work with a person as irritating as Boy Lisa would have threatened (at the least) to punch him in the face and stab him in the eye months ago. I would think that badgering the boss incessantly would not be in the best interests of a guy who lives with his unemployed, scatterbrained wife in a room he mooches from Les Moore, but hey, I’m not from Ohio so it’s probably just flying right over my head. I can’t believe he’s going to stretch this gag out for a whole week. If it starts raining in that office I’m seriously going to have to stop reading this thing again.

  5. Look on the bright side: Les hasn’t appeared in three days.

  6. Jimmy

    I lose stuff I write down all the time. If I record it digitally, it’s there forever. Nothing would EVER erase it.

  7. Jimmy

    And Doug, excellent point!

  8. Jeffcoat Wayne

    * There’s no chance that paper can break if it falls and hits the floor.

    * Paper never runs out of batteries.

    * No one ever introduces a new must-have version of paper that makes the old version obsolete.

  9. Charles

    Sourbelly: Glad to be of service!

    Of course, Darrin could instead decide to see just how far he can push his “I’m brilliant and you need me more than I need you” by responding to Tony’s smug face with the totally unbeatable “Yeah, and my dick covers your daughter.” Get Tony sputtering in impotent rage.

    Substitute wife if Tony doesn’t have a daughter. I certainly hope that we wouldn’t have to default to Tony’s mother.

  10. Charlene

    I never had a paper planner last out the year. If I didn’t lose the thing, I ruined it by pouring coffee on it.

    I back up my iPhone every time I sync it and haven’t lost a note or address in years.

  11. davidorth

    Panel 3: Sissors cuts Paper, Paper covers Blackberry, Tony dislocates Darin’s shoulder!?

  12. O.B. Dan

    I’m going to look at the Post-Its on the fridge and the calendar hanging on my office door long before my computer is up and humming. And all those electronic doodads nobody always needed until they had one…? Still don’t have any.

  13. billytheskink

    It’s so refreshing to return here after an unwilling 3+ week break. It might not sound like logging back onto here would be refreshing, but you have to consider that I read FW in the paper every day even though I wasn’t able to make the time to come here. It feels like it has been ages.
    I saw the CW’s brief parole from Batiukatory, Les catch another one of his friends’ kids cheating and then totally let her off the hook, Les turn firehoses on his own (hopefully rioting) citizens… I saw it all and didn’t have the chance to snark on it.

    So refreshing. Oh, and who stretched Durwood’s head out in panel 1? It’s like his chin is being pulled toward the event horizon.

  14. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Know what’s even more effective than paper OR digital media? The ol’ internal computer we all have in our heads. Well, we have those… members of the Funkyverse, however, prove to us every day that they do not.

  15. bobanero

    In case it hasn’t been posted here yet, here’s Chris Sims’ Most Depressing Funky Winkerbean and Crankshafts for September 2011. This is some grade A snarking.

  16. ryokomayuka

    Personal I say both are good. Paper is nice but so digital. You can use both. I love my gps but I have a paper map just in case.