Please, you can have the book, just leave.

After an excruciatingly long conversation with the store owner who was just trying to make polite conversation, Crazy Harry delivers a bit of Dialog That No One Would Ever Actually Say and comes across as almost as smug and pompous of an ass as Les.

Again, one has to wonder, why in the hell did Les have his book tour in a pizza joint when he could have helped out an actual bookstore!?

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  1. Man, TB does not draw cute-looking kids.

  2. TheDiva

    “Gee thanks, that one book you’re buying at 60% off will make an infinitesimal dent in the amount of debt I have yet to cover. You’re the soul of generosity, Harry, really.”

  3. Epicus Doomus

    I don’t know which is worse: retro-60’s Harry and his fedora-sporting pop, the way he’s acting like he’s striking a blow for small business owners everywhere by dropping $7.99 on a book he spent all day choosing or that his reading habits haven’t changed at all since he was eight years old. No wonder Harry became so “crazy” in high school, no child deserves to be saddled with that haircut. My guess is that Mr. Booksmith is smirking because he knows it’s the last time he’ll have to deal with this idiot and his f*cking Tarzan books. I’ll be smirking too as soon as this exercise in pointless nostalgia finally ends. No wonder TFH bailed for a week, this arc makes the recent “rain sucks” and “paper=good” arcs look profound in comparison.

    Next week: Harry’s dad reminisces about going to the local apothecary with his derby-wearing father for the family’s weekly supply of laudanum tincture.

  4. Sgt. Saunders

    So this Harold creature is supposed to be Harry, aka”Crazy”, aka “*#@s Mailman”. Right. So why does 60’s Westview look like London during the Blitz? Just staring at that masterpiece, I can see where Craze gets his receding head. I can’t quite figure how his Pop’s head fits into that Fedora – his forehead goes up and under, but the cavity of the hat just ain’t there.
    “Someday, Harold, this hideous cranial inversion will be yours. “

  5. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Any particular reason why Batiuk decided to draw grade school era Crazy Harry looking like Glenn Quagmire hitting his first sex shop?

  6. O.B. Dan

    Crazy Harry delivers a bit of Dialog That No One Would Ever Actually Say

  7. $$$Westville Oncologist$$$$$

    The young Harry looks like Charlie Brown with a bad toupee.

  8. Confuzzled by Funky

    Once again TB captures my emotions in P2 with the expression on the book store owners face. That expression exclaims, “I waited all day for this. This some ‘ol bull…”

  9. david

    so this is y his name is crazy??

  10. billytheskink

    (sepia and photo album corners)
    Mr. Klinghorn – All right Harold… but you can only pick one. I need the rest of the money to buy Thunderbird and a larger hat. Wait… Who drew a ladle on your upper lip?

    (present day, 10 years in the future)
    Harry – …and so my father did indeed purchase a larger hat and several bottles of Thunderbird.
    Bankrupt Bob – (He’s still talking? Just keep smirking and maybe he’ll go away… please… PLEASE)
    Harry – After a pleasant afternoon of consideration… I’ve made my selection. Tarzan (and) The Ant Men, I had it when I was a kid, but only finished half of it since I had to rip out several of the pages to wipe off the bizarre things that were often drawn on my upper lip.
    Bankrupt Bob – Well, then you might not finish this copy either.

  11. At least Crazy Harry can read…. he might still be at a 3rd grade level. But he can read!

  12. Jimmy

    Just before Crazy Harry strolled in, the shop owner was thinking, “I’ll probably close for the day in 10-15 minutes. No sense in wasting money on the electric bill when no one is coming in.”

    Three hours later and $40 worth of operating expenses, Harry plops down his $6.50 on that Tarzan comic. “Thanks a lot, asshole!” the shop owner thinks to himself.

    And you wonder why Harry’s daughter is such a dullard.

  13. Charles

    Going by the website, is Crazy supposed to be turning 50 this year? So this was a man who sometime this year was in his forties? I know it’s a common criticism of the strip, but DAAAAAMN.

    Also, was Crazy ever shown reading something more sophisticated than comic books? If you want to line up the awful people who contribute to the failure of neighborhood bookstores, Crazy would be one of the first selected. He’s got an entire store filled with books at a steep discount, and all he buys is fricking Tarzan.