"Kil" Me Now

I know “it’s called writing”, but TB’s been doing a lot of it this week: once again today we’re treated to a first panel jam packed with Funky’s exposition.

Anybody who happened to read this September interview with Tom Batiuk already sees where this is going (spoiler alert!):

Without giving too much away, are there any more “big events” planned for the cast…?

TB: Sure! There are a bunch of big events, inside and outside of the strip…the girls’ basketball team is going to be vying for the State Championship…In the middle of the year, Les and Summer are going to climb Kilimanjaro.

This tells us that Funky’s improbable raffle idea will succeed (of course!)  in saving Scapegoat athletics, and also that TB’s avatar Les will be making a Kili expedition, just as TB did in February 2010. Hopefully Summer’s bum knee will hold up!

Wishing my readers a safe and happy Thanksgiving! –TFH

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  1. Epicus Doomus

    So Les will bid on the “mystery trip” and in doing so will save WHS basketball, Summer’s senior year and her scholarship hopes single-handedly, then will scale a mountain for good measure! Why, is there anything Les Moore CAN’T do? Seems to me it would have been way easier and way less contrived to have had Les just donate his cancer book/movie option money to the school but hey, that’s “writing” for you.

    Even more amazing is the fact that a travel agency is able to somehow eke out a living in that downtrodden little burgh. I wonder if they offer special packages to Sloan-Kettering and/or the Mayo Clinic, too?

    Have a happy Thanksgiving, fellow snarkers! Enjoy that band turkey!

  2. sourbelly

    Yep, 3 panels, 54 words. 18 words per panel. Yikes. (Actually, counting the words is far more entertaining than actually reading the strip.)

    So travel agencies. I guess they still exist, but why? Anyway, if you Westview crumb bums can afford trips to Tanzania, you sure as hell can afford to pay for Special Snowflake Summer Moore to win her damned basketball championship! For shame!

  3. Charlene

    Worse, he could have replaced “vacations that the airlines or travel companies had given you” with “items”.

    I want to know: does nobody get a good night’s sleep in Westview? Does the fear of lurking cancer keep them tossing and turning? Is that why they all look so exhausted?

  4. Charlene

    Oh, and happy Thanksgiving to the Americans!

  5. Epicus Doomus

    Every time TB does one of these insanely word-y arcs I can’t help but think of that time it took Boy Lisa nine weeks to wordlessly open and read a piece of mail. No middle ground in the Funkyverse.

  6. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Funky, you’re giving us too much in Panel 1 again. You’re looking winded. See if you can tweak it down a little, babe.

    “Funky the Hero”, Scene 2, Take 2 — ACTION!!

    Funky: Got any freebies?

    CUT!! Beautiful! That’s a wrap, people! Have a great Thanksgiving, and go easy on the breakfast pizza.

  7. So, instead of Funky’s being happy and thankful he got SOMETHING from the travel agency, he whines because it isn’t a trip to Disney World. Funky is a troll.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  8. David O

    Happy Thanksgiving all! My you spend your holidays far, far from Westview.

  9. ryokomayuka

    I know why the travel place is still in business in Westview it is because their best costumer is Les who is of late traveling so much to go on book tours. That or the other rarely seen citizens of Westview want to leave the city as much as they can to get away from all the problems this one little city seems to have.

  10. John

    Epicus: Les Moore? Donate his own money for a good cause, motivated only by compassionate impulse?

    Ah, you must be talking about the Les Moore of Opposite World, the good twin of the self-absorbed, sarcastic, jerky, negative and conceited jackass we have over on Earth Prime.

  11. billytheskink

    People in Tanzania are reading this right now, angry that they had a chance to push TB off of a volcano and totally blew it.

  12. $$$Westville Oncologist$$$$$

    Having learned learned from Bernie Madoff, Funky has taken the forsight to book his hideout destination for after he cheats Westville Athletics and the Chamber out of thousands of dollars.

  13. S.P. Charles

    Does this mean TB was able to write off his entire Kilimanjaro trip as a research expense?

  14. Sgt. Saunders

    “Westview Travel Agency – Can’t Get There From Here”

    Happy Thanksgiving , Folks, may your names never be found on an envelope at the bottom of a pile of illegally-dumped garbage.

  15. Yes sir, Officer Obie, I cannot tell a lie. I put that envelope under that garbage.

  16. Oh…wait…I see now. TB had the good (re: not stricken with cancer yet) people of Westview kill the school sports program so he could give (justify) his avatar a mountain climbing trip. Got it…Les makes lemonade out of life’s potholes.
    (And yes, TB, you may feel free to use that line in either one of your strips.)

  17. Jeffcoat Wayne

    ryokomayuka: “I know why the travel place is still in business in Westview it is because their best costumer is Les who is of late traveling so much to go on book tours.”

    I think you mean customer, not costumer. Oh, wait…

    “Good morning, Mr. Moore! Will you be traveling First Class Idiot today, or First Class Dweeb?”

  18. TheDiva

    Somewhere in Tanzania…
    “What is it, N’gungo?”
    “Evil is coming!”
    “What shall we do, N’gungo?”
    “YOU are N’gungo now!” *screams, runs away*

    (Shamelessly ripped off of The Simpsons, but the situation calls for it, I think.)

  19. Erdosign

    So clumsily asking for a favor from another embattled business (A travel agency? Will Funky be soliciting a blacksmith tomorrow?) and then acting snippy because it’s not what he was really hoping for?

    Given his level of “interpersonal skills,” it’s not a surprise he’s the head of the Chamber of Commerce. This being Westview, his competitors probably all died of cancer, right?

  20. Just for the record, the flag of Switzerland is a white cross on a red background. Schmuck.


  21. And if I know Les, he’ll spend the whole damned trip whimpering because he ain’t in Disneyworld. The wonders of the real world don’t mean a damned thing to the clueless old fool but a guy in a mouse costume impresses him. Hmmmmmph….y’ask me, the wrong parent croaked first.