I’m at a Loss to Come Up with a Title Here. Sorry.

Sgt. Saunders
February 3, 2012 at 12:43 am
This is the bottom of the stupid barrel. Earlier in the week Owen was oblivious—he maintained he had done nothing wrong. Now, it seems he knows what “gave it away”. Query how he could think that he had tipped his hand when he didn’t know he was doing anything wrong in the first place. Owwww. My head hurts.

Yup. After feigning innocence/ignorance when confronted by Mr. Moore, it turns out the little turd was aware all along that copying his assignment from Wikipedia was the wrong thing to do. Why else would Owen have been prepared to offer an excuse? And Les’ reputation for being lax on plagiarists seems to have gotten around: his is the only class where one could expect extra credit for doing no work…

And yes, “shanked” is already in the Batiuktionary…it was added after Maddie used it in the course of her plagiarism arc.

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  1. Epicus Doomus

    Re: “shanked”, I thought that’s where I heard that last. He’s blatantly ripping himself off now, maybe he’ll have his attorneys send himself a cease & desist letter. I’m not even going to try to figure out what the excuse Owen “shanked” was supposed to be, that must have happened on Monday while Harry was droning on about tap water.

    If I recall correctly, when Maddie was busted for plagiarism she was given the option of completing a “cool” assignment. Yet when it’s Owen, he’s read the riot act by the very same teacher. No wonder Owen is so surly, unmotivated and stupid; he’s not a friend of Les Moore (or a female basketball player), thus his education and his future do not really matter much in the Funkyverse…and he knows it. Meanwhile, the great educator and author just ignores his student’s blatant cries for help and derides him in his usual obnoxious yellow-shirted way, further destroying the kid’s self-esteem. What a f*cking dick. I knew I’d find an excuse to go off on that smug little asshole before the week was out.

  2. Charlene

    [citation needed] would be a good title.

  3. John

    Cody: “How did things proceed, scalebrother?”

    Owen: “I was forced to consume the one designated “Les Moore”. Even now, he is being remade into one of the collective.”

    Cody: “Mmmmh. This changes much.

    Owen: “Indeed.”

    Cody: “By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask: What’s up with the damn hat?!?”

    Owen: “I lost the wig, OKAY?!?”

  4. Jimmy

    Usually, when TB offers up a storyline this contrived, it’s a bumper for another Les-related storming. I’m predicting Les & Doormat wedding plans, with Cayla wanting a “lavish” reception at the VFW and Les, always put upon, insisting that Montoni’s is the only option.

    I would welcome more school-based arcs compared to that.

  5. Jimmy

    Les-related story, not storming. But what’s the difference?

  6. TheDiva

    So, teenagers are evil, evil creatures and thorns in the sides of their saintly elders. Oh, and Les is a hypocritical douchebag, but that’s not important because evil teenagers!

  7. Merry Pookster

    These 2 make the teenagers over at “ZITS” look like Rhodes Scholars.

  8. flappy

    why are they holding hands in panel two?? 

  9. sourbelly

    To some, this might seem like pointless, humorless, half-assedly rehashed filler. But no. Clearly, TB is just building the suspense until we reach the resolution of the “Crazy Harry orders a glass of water” thriller.

  10. Jim C

    He should just keep Crazy Harry on Sundays. Mitch Albom had Tuesdays With Morrie; Tom B can have his Sundays With Harry.

    PS – anyone who ever saw Mitch on ESPN’s SportsReporters knows Mitch knows his way around a smirk.

  11. Flummoxicated

    It’s a crappy teacher who treats his students so unfairly. But crappy teaching is nothing new for Les, who treats his teaching job just as something he does between book tours.

  12. Beanie Wanker

    Another episode featuring Future Les and Future Funky. Question: When Owen becomes a fat-ass drunk working at Montoni’s, will he still be wearing that hat? Yeah, I think so too.

    Wait a minute– is Glasses Kid actually Summer in disguise? I mean, is this her secret identity, before she changes into Super Summer, the Slamdunker?

  13. bobanero

    Yes, I would say that TB totally shanked this week’s poor excuse for a comic strip.

  14. billytheskink

    Shanked, huh? So that was Owen kicking for the Baltimore Ravens two weeks back?

  15. Beanie Wanker

    Billytheskink — aaarrrggg… I was going to make a comment about Billy “Shank” Cundiff myself, but you got yours in first. Well played, sir. I stand in line.

  16. Karmyn

    When did Owen and Cody come out? I guess Cancerville is progressive.

  17. Merry Pookster

    @ Flappy & Karmyn: Well there is supposed to be a same gender deal coming up for the Prom.
    Our these our guys?

  18. Beanie Wanker

    Merry, the Smart Money is on Summer and Kameesha.

    I was amused by the apparent hand holding, but I’d find it hard to believe Owen was gay. What trendy, fashionable gay guy would be caught red-glanded wearing that “retard-fabulous” hat every day? A smart beret or fedora, perhaps. But even the Short Bus kids laugh at that moronic hat and the scruffy goat-tee.

  19. Helskor

    Must be Pulitzer nomination time again, as Batiuk prepares to take on another Serious Issue of Our Time*, high school homophobic bullying. Don’t worry, Odie and Codie or whatever your names are, it gets better. Soon you’ll graduate and go to work at Montoni’s, where you can serve breakfast pizza to the same jerks who persecuted you in high school. That’s about as better as it gets in Westview.

    *capitalized not to make light of high school homophobic bullying, but Batiuk’s overweening self-importance.

  20. Beanie Wanker

    LOL at “Odie and Codie.”

  21. Charles

    I’m on record, and I’ll still predict that if said “same sex to the prom” involves known characters like Cody an’ Owen or Summer an’ Keisha, it’ll be a “hilarious” misunderstanding about two friends going together who totally aren’t homosexuals. If it’s Cody an’ Owen, I’ll go on record right now and predict that they’ll come up with this plan because shitty girls like Mallory Brooks (how do I know her name?) refuse to give it up to obviously great guys like Cody and Owen, and it’s those girls who are to blame for the uproar. As with Greg Evans, I get the impression that large parts of Tom Batiuk’s psyche never got past high school.

    If it’s an actual full-blown homosexual date to the prom, it’ll be two girls who we never saw before the prom plot.