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Dear Readers,

Almost a year has passed since the near-Snarkpocalypse brought on by Batom and his lawyers. Thanks to the support of you loyal readers, as well as the comics snark community at large, Son of Stuck Funky still stands. I’m proud to provide this forum for the many kindred spirits who cannot look away from the train wreck that this long-running, once beloved, now excruciating comic has become.

I have a request to make of you, the reader, and it feels a little awkward: I’m asking for small donations. Ack. I said it.

Admittedly, the overhead around here is not great: after WordPress shut me down, it was a matter of moving SoSF to a paid web host, and registering and renewing annually the domain name. The biggest investment is my own time, spent staring at each week’s worth of strips, racking my brain to come up with something new to say (even when TB doesn’t): a riff, a commentary for each day which I then share with this amazing group of readers, who proceed to have at it and collectively provide the real entertainment value via the comments. You people have made SoSF the funniest, smartest, friendliest online community I’ve ever participated in.

I wouldn’t be shaking you down for a few shekels if I didn’t need it. Yours truly has been out of a paying full-time job since last October. It’d be nice to not have to worry about scraping up the hosting and domain renewal fees as they come up.

It’s a free-will donation, totally voluntary. To the very excellent few who have contributed in the past: you’ve done your bit, you’re off the hook. You other guys, if you like what you read here and if you have it to spare, please consider clicking on the PayPal “Donate” button. Send even a buck; it adds up.

Hey, Comics Curmudgeon throws two begathons a year (not that I consider SoSF to even be close to Josh’s league) and they run paid advertising. SoSF is ad-free (for now), mainly because I haven’t figured out a way to monetize. So, just for this week, I’m passing around the tasseled Peruvian knit hat.

Thank you, everyone, for reading and sharing, and thank you in advance for any support you can provide.

Stay Funky,


References available upon request.


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  1. Thutmose

    I tried to give it a go and it said it was unable to decrypt the certificate id.

  2. If you want you can sign up for google Adsense and put google ads on he site and when people click on them you will get a few cents. I can’t donate anything but it’s an idea and it may help.

  3. TFHackett

    Thutmose: I saw that too, and didn’t know if it was just my computer or what. I’ve “remade” the button, please give it another try. Will keep working on this and give updates on this page. Thanks!

    Ryokomayuka: I gladly accept donations of ideas as well! I know things are tough right now for a lot of people. Thanks for your suggestion!

  4. Riff Chick

    I use Project Wonderful on my revenue-generating sites.

  5. TFHackett

    I will check out Project Wonderful, Riff Chick. Thanks (and thanks!)

  6. Merry Pookster

    was unable to decrypt the certificate id.
    But that was from home… I will do it off of my work station…much better.

  7. Let me know if problems persist…some folks have been able to contribute with no problem (thank you folks!)

    If you think of it, please include your SoSF “handle” (the name you use when you post to this blog) when and if you donate. I recognize many of your email addys but there are a few puzzlers.

    The response has been very good so far. Thanks so much gang!

  8. Beanie Wanker

    I went back and looked at the Cease and Desist Order. I was surprised to find out that “Batom, Inc” was his real “corporation’s” name. I thought for sure it was a joke name made up by SoSF participants! That’s truly hilarious.

    Imagining Batom, Inc Worldwide Corporate Headquarters — a 100 story glass and steel building towering high above all the other buildings in downtown Wankerville, Ahia. Oh, it’s real — but it exists only in BatSchmuck’s pea brained imagination. What a self-important prick.

  9. Epicus Doomus

    Batom Inc. World HQ is in Westview, Ohio, on Agony Lane West, right between the prosthetic leg factory and the crematorium. Grey stucco, no windows and the handicapped parking is really, really far from the door. Local history says it used to be an old joke mill before it was converted into office space.

  10. Smirks 'R Us

    I had no problem with the contribution site and I am happy to help. I visit this site daily and the snarking usually provides a few much needed chuckles (unlike the actual comic strip). Also, best wishes on the employment front. That is never easy and most of us have been there at some points in our life. Many thanks TFH for maintaining SoSF!

    Save the snark!!

  11. Epicus Doomus

    We should band together and file a class action lawsuit against FW for promoting depression and causing repetitive stress disorders of the jawbone from excessive yawning.

    The donation button worked fine on my end….keep on snarkin’!

  12. John

    Once I find a job, I’ll donate something.

  13. $$$Westview Oncologist$$$$$

    Tom Batiuk should donate his revenue SoSF. The only reason anyone reads his strips is because of this site and Comic Carmudegeon. He should thank us for giving him free publicity.

  14. Riff Chick

    In terms of webhosting, I don’t know who you’re with now and how much you’re paying, and how often you’re paying, etc…. but my guess is that you could buy the “tiny” package from A Small Orange hosting ( and subsist on that. It’s $25 a year, last I checked. That doesn’t include the domain name – you’d still have to drop about $10 a year on that. Places You Find Cats was hosted on that plan for about 8 months before it got too image-heavy and it was just easier for me to upgrade and combine hosting with some other sites I own.

    You don’t host images and I don’t think blogs take up THAT much space… so you could probably subsist on that for a while and if/when the blog gets too big you could upgrade (which hopefully by then you’ll be employed and can afford it.)

    anyway, just a thought.

  15. Riff Chick

    when i say “you don’t host images” i meant “you don’t host comics” – as in, you don’t post the comic every day like you did before the Great Cease And Desist.

  16. Sgt. Saunders

    I imagine Batom, Inc. as existing on a certificate, framed, in a garage “studio” where TomBoy does his “writing” and the colored girls go “doot do do da do, doot ta doot do, da do, da do…..

  17. Thutmose

    I didn’t get the decrypt error message this time. So at least it was fixed in my case.

  18. David O

    Hmm! You hit me up on a week before payday! 🙂 I’ll get back atcha Friday. No, really, and I won’t be dodging into the restroom if I see you in the hallway coming towards me.

  19. What a great buncha snarkers! Thanks to everyone who has responded. I’ll put away my tin cup at the end of this week. Of course the PayPal button will remain (inconspicuously) for them what wants to reward your humble host. Meanwhile, the snark will continue!

  20. $$$Westview Oncologist$$$$$

    Regardless of your political affiliation, everyone has to admit that the new header panel with coach ridden Funky’s body with George Washington’s head is a spot on depiction of the state of America today.