So Funkin' Old

We can’t believe it either, especially those of us who ostensibly would be close in age to you. I’m starting to think that Tom Batiuk (born 1947) has decided to skew the ages of his main characters closer to his own, and realizes that even his most loyal fans aren’t going to let him get away with a third “time jump”. So he goes about it subtly: playing up Funky’s health woes, framing Crazy Harry’s termination as “retirement“, and just generally accelerating the aging process for the original cast (except Les, of course, who’s holding up relatively well), and most recently, tacking about a decade onto Funky’s sobriety streak. Still, the Funkman’s hip enough to quote John Mayer in panel 2!

(skip to 2:25)


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20 responses to “So Funkin' Old

  1. Epicus Doomus

    “Good at being young”? For all of Act III Funky has been an obese, rapidly aging loser buried up to his neck in an entire litany of woes and misfortunes. There’s retconning and then there’s complete ridiculousness, you know? And what was the point of that comic-con gag a few days ago? Is anyone involved with the production of this comic strip paying any attention at all anymore?

    Coming tomorrow: Becky looks in a mirror and says, “Oh my God! I’m missing an arm!”

  2. BeckoningChasm

    I can’t see the strip, but find it amusing that “sea cucumbers” would be censored. I’m sure the comment will be gone by tomorrow anyway.

  3. Beanie Wanker

    Yeah, the Comics Kingdom edit weasels are deleting unflattering comments left and right. Guess they keep getting tearful calls from Batom, Inc Worldwide Corporate Headquarters. Waaaah.

    Whereas Goatee Boy looks to be in his 40’s, Funktard is drawn to look well into his 60’s, and a fat load. He has the reading glasses with the oh-too-precious string/chain on them, like an 80 year old woman. He drives some Volvo station wagon he named “snowball.” So explain to me how he’s “only good at being young.”

    And I’m sure the only thing “funky” about him at this point is his Old Man Smell.

    So you’re sitting there bracing yourself for some extended self-pity arc. Ha, right. This might go on a day or two, then be dropped and forgotten.

    By the way, why is Lazy Harry’s wife in Funkwit’s bathroom?

  4. bad wolf

    Someone had to point it out to me since they don’t show up all the time, but there are buttons there to flag ‘inappropriate’ comments. (I think my plugins block it most of the time?) It makes more sense to me that it is just the other readers flagging everything they don’t like than either an editor/moderator from Comics Kingdom or Batty himself reading something that might be critical. So let the flag wars commence!

    The nannyfilter appears to be set to some weird British dialect, as it filters wanker, arse, and my personal favorite, Pakistan. Some things with ‘-ass-‘ make it through, but everything with ‘-cum-‘ gets filtered.

  5. billytheskink

    Funky’s “I’m only good at being young” line would work better if TB wasn’t selling the early volumes of the Complete Funky Winkerbean that totally prove otherwise.

  6. You’re a joyless, mortality-obsessed fat loser who looks on anything more advanced than a Walkman with intense suspicion. You’re not even good at being young.

  7. Also, filtering ‘cum’ is totally unfair to Latin scholars.

  8. Flummoxicated

    “Besides,” said Mrs. Winkerbean, “your love handles give me something to hang on to!”

  9. Helskor

    “I don’t know Holly, for the last few years it feels like I aged ten years overnight.”

    65-year-old Nicolas Cage makes a cameo appearance in the mirror in panel two.

  10. Today’s comic isn’t interesting, but you might enjoy some

    – the Scunthorpe problem.

  11. John

    Holly: “Funny how almost every adult in Westview longs to be young, but hates the actual young people.”

    Funky: “Well, teens are evil! And stuff.”

    Holly: “And for a guy in his late 40s, you consistently look and act like a woman in her late 80s.”

    Funky: “WHAT?!?”

    Holly: “Sorry, that was insulting to 80 year old women.”

    Funky: *fumes*


    The thing is, it’s been clear for years now that Tom has mentally shifted the early childhood of his adult characters back to a sanitized, idealized version of the 1940s, their teen years to Vagueville, and their early adult years to Undefined Span Before Evil Technology Ruined My Life.

    They’ve also bypassed middle age directly into bitter geezerhood. Fun!

  12. John

    Epicus: If that was the “really cool Comic Con arc”, we can at least count our blessings that it was mercifully short.

  13. Black Sheep

    John: “Tom has mentally shifted … their early adult years to Undefined Span Before Evil Technology Ruined My Life.”

    A Funky/Pluggers hybrid strip? Intriguing…

  14. sourbelly

    Looking old isn’t your problem, Funky.

    Looking like shit – that’s your problem.

  15. Beanie Wanker

    “You still shine up pretty well.” How old are these people? Who talks like that? Sounds line something a 90 year old would say. That is unless it’s some oddball Ahia expression. Bad enough Lynnuck the Canuck of FooB fame sends us to the dictionary with those goofy Canadianisms.

    Love Generic Fat Blonde’s perfect 40-40-45 figure.

  16. Charles

    All I know is that I’m totally looking forward to the strip that features Holly as she appears in this site’s delightful banner.

    There is no happiness in this world, only decay. Well, unless we’re talking about Summer. She’ll have to be ritually destroyed at some point.

  17. BeckoningChasm

    The weird thing about comics kingdom is, that if you leave a comment while the wheel is still spinning, your comment is on the “perpetually spinning” site–while those who leave their comments when the comic loads are in the “real world” realm. So there are at least two parallel “Funky”verses. And the two never meet.

    Rod Serling, you died way too young.

  18. $$$Westview Oncologist$$$$$

    Um, do the women of Funky Winkerbean not go grey, or are they constantly dyeing?

    Hey, constantly dyeing!!!!!……..ha, ha ………see what I did there?…….I’m here all week!!!!

  19. Jason

    Maybe Funky is Les/TB’s picture of Dorian Grey. Funky falls apart, while TB and his avatar maintain their youthful vigor and “good” looks.

  20. bad wolf

    BC–i noticed TFH’s link today goes to 2013-01-00 which is the ‘forever spinning’ site you and the ‘cucumber’ comment got eaten on. Weird!

    More words caught in nannyfilter: poon, gay, lesbian, cooter, pinches; NOT caught: breast, boob, anal, sex. (thx to ‘Cellar Dweller’)