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Stolen Valium

In today’s strip Les, appropriately, puts all of his stolen Hollywood paraphernalia in same place.

Marianne doesn’t appear to understand the concepts of opacity and walls.

Cayla plans to monetize this display even though presently no one seems willing to visit the Moore house for free (and people are willing to visit Dinkle!).

Why am I blandly narrating this strip in lieu of hard-hitting commentary and rapier wit? Because I know my limits. Why is Les blandly narrating his actions in the first panel? Because there is no limit to his disdain for even those that worship him.


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Quiz Bowel

It is comics like today’s strip that remind me how good I have it. I’m not taking high school English from Les Moore. I never had to take high school English from Les Moore. It is as if he is intentionally trying to be the opposite of the teacher that successful people so often cite as the inspiration that got them to make something of their life. What a miserable experience in every single way this strip is.

Les’ senior students did poorly on their quiz last Monday and now his freshman students have done poorly on theirs… I see a common denominator here. I bet these students would too if Westview High had a math teacher.


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Under Your Spell

February 14, 2017 at 10:45 pm
He has his ID right there. Why is he asking how to spell his name?

Dang, Spiff, wish I’d thought of that! Unlike the probate lawyer we met last week, “BMV guy” is not having any of “funny guy” Funky’s witty repartee. In fact, things start to get chippy. It’s pretty poor customer service to resort to personal insults, but at least have it make sense. Would an unconventional spelling make Funky’s name any less “unfortunate”?

In another case of Batiuk Perhaps Inadvertently Gets Something Right: I don’t know about Ohio’s BMV, but in the New Jersey DMV offices that I’ve visited, the walls are painted that exact shade of sickly, early 90’s “Dusty Rose” mauve.


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Slackin’ and Snackin’


I can’t help but wonder how much Les’ fitful creative process—including frequent breaks for things like surfing the web, random showers, and binge eating—is a reflection of Batiuk’s own. At any rate, it’s nice to see Les summon the strength to get his own food for a change rather than have Cayla fetch it to him.


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Today’s strip see’s the return of TB’s latest shot at a running gag, places of higher education whose acronyms have other meanings. For those of you weren’t around for the second week of my first round of guest authoring back in November, we had a whole week of strips built around saying Diversity University Ironton’s name and acronym as much as possible. What a coincidence!

To TB’s credit, the acronym gag does distract significantly from the general discordance of this strip. If the presentation by the EMU reps is on Bull’s calendar, why are they introducing themselves and their purpose? Why does Bull exclaim “absolutely!” when he was not asked a question? Wait… Bull teaches classes? I had to read the strip 5 times before I started asking these questions.

Since “emu” is but a line closing the u away from “emo”, I leave you with a relevant and humorous quote (something about all this ought to be humorous):

“My name is Emo, as opposed to an Emu. Which, as you all know, is an Australian bird–a tall, ugly, skinny creature with a big beak. No similarity there.”
– Emo Philips


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So Funkin' Old

We can’t believe it either, especially those of us who ostensibly would be close in age to you. I’m starting to think that Tom Batiuk (born 1947) has decided to skew the ages of his main characters closer to his own, and realizes that even his most loyal fans aren’t going to let him get away with a third “time jump”. So he goes about it subtly: playing up Funky’s health woes, framing Crazy Harry’s termination as “retirement“, and just generally accelerating the aging process for the original cast (except Les, of course, who’s holding up relatively well), and most recently, tacking about a decade onto Funky’s sobriety streak. Still, the Funkman’s hip enough to quote John Mayer in panel 2!

(skip to 2:25)


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Clown Car

We know it’s a new car because it’s giving off little “sparkle” lines. What isn’t new is the gag here: Funky’s so pleased with himself for having remembered to bring the necessary documentation with him to the dealer, but in the midst of crowing about it, he is reminded of his own fallibility.

Whatever else can be said about Tom Batiuk, I happen to think he’s got some pretty good musical tastes. Along with today’s Steve Earle reference, in the past he’s had Funky and Holly dancing to a Rodney Crowell tune, and he’s name-dropped Mink DeVille in an interview.

But he still can’t draw cars for shit. How’s Funky even gonna fit in that thing?

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Lordy, Lordy, Look Who's Forty

Still with me after yesterday’s post? Thank you, reader.

Let the celebration begin. By some remarkable coincidence, both Funky Winkerbean and Montoni’s Pizzeria celebrate their fortieth anniversaries this week!

March 23, 2012 at 2:05 pm
So, 40th anniversary strips coming up? If Bathack brings us in the wayback machine, I get the feeling they’re going to be a reminder that Funky Winkerbean wasn’t all that good in the 1970s either.

Into the Wayback Machine we go: looks like TB’s going with a “now and then” theme, and if every day is like today’s strip, snarker Jimmy may be on to something. If panel 2 is indeed an original, and not a “reimagining” a la Lynn Johnston, there was probably an original first panel that set this up as an actual joke (Funky dashes into Fred’s office: “Mr. Fairgood! I need to use your phone! It’s an emergency!”). The absence of humor here leaves us to contemplate the young, likeable, slender Funky, whose cargo pants conceal the merest suggestion of a butt that forty years later would threaten to burst right through Montoni’s window.

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Half Step

Why must Summer refer to Darin as “my half-brother” to her soon-to-be stepsister? Wouldn’t Keisha know who Summer was talking about? I was sure TB was engaging in more retconning regarding Darin’s “adoptive mom”, but according to the Unofficial Funky Winkerbean Fan Page, in addition to being one of Les’s teachers, Ann Fairgood in fact also coached the girls’ basketball team.

Longtime snarker and Ohio resident Redbird was kind enough to scan and send the Tom Batiuk article from this month’s Ohio Magazine. If you’ve read any of the TB interviews I’ve referenced before, well, it’s pretty standard stuff, but it also contains a Tom Batiuk self-portrait, and, from March of 1972, the very first Funky Winkerbean strip (pardon the quality; I lifted it from a PDF):

Wonder whatever happened to “Roland” and “Livinia”…You can download the complete article here:

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Bingo, Sherlock

Never mind that “Hound of the Basketballs” is an old, old gag…check out the full, white beard that Jim has grown over the weekend! Impressive!

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