DUI was the admiral at Manila Bay

So, in today’s strip, Bull believes that Dayton Unitarian Institute is interested in his never-before-named-or-shown Senior quarterback. Naturally, this explains why yesterday Bull was hoping there wouldn’t be any kids around when the DUI AD paid him a visit.

In any event, Bull apparently only coaches sports for the free clothing.

And to all our veteran readers, and those veterans who don’t read this blog too, thank you for your service and have a wonderful Veterans Day.


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22 responses to “DUI was the admiral at Manila Bay

  1. Spacemanspiff85

    Would a recruiter really meet with a player’s coach if he wanted to offer a scholarship, and not the family? Especially since he’s a senior and Signing Day is about three months away? Seems awfully late to be offering a scholarship. Especially since this is Diversity University and not Ohio State. I doubt DUI can afford to be picky.

  2. Rusty

    I didn’t know Cayla was allowed to leave her cubicle during school hours.

  3. ComicTrek

    @Epicus Doomus: Hahahaha!!! Yep, that’s pretty much it!

  4. Epicus Doomus

    I’m sort of surprised he went back to this DUI well again. I figured that was a one-off gag, not something that might come back into play later. It seems difficult to believe he’d send the Bull character packing at this stage of the game, particularly after spending four decades portraying him as a fat stupid buffoon, but with TB you never know.

    “Diversity University Ironton”…man is that bad. You’d figure after all this time he’d know that you don’t necessarily have to go with the first thing that pops into your head, especially when you’re angling to use a gag that isn’t funny to begin with.

  5. Gyre

    Well here’s the weird thing. You would naturally assume that it’s going back to that job offer for Bull from months ago, but for some reason Bull thinks that it’s about a quarterback.

    Why? Bull’s not trying to keep that job offer a secret, he was openly talking to the guy at school. Did Bull completely forget that the offer was made?

  6. If Bull is trying to hide his job offer, he’s doing a really crappy job of it. Good thing he’s a crappy human being so it’s not what you’d call out of character.

  7. Nathan Obral

    This will be a month-long setup to Bull losing everything because he bribed that ref. And then he’ll get cancer… or work for Montoni’s. Whichever punishment is worse.

    I actually miss the reality-based installments that touch upon middles-aged Funky’s octogenarian incontinence in a thought-provoking and heartfelt manner.

  8. “I hope I get a hat, a t-shirt and a tote bag out of this!” Really, Bull? Every day I want to punch these characters, but some days the urge is really powerful.

  9. Merry Pookster

    First 2 offspring go off to a losing team at KSU…. now another to DUI on athletic scholarships. The rest of that generation just mysteriously vanished.

  10. billytheskink

    Despite what Bill Cosby says in his “Hofstra” routine, the athletic director is generally not responsible for giving out the scholarships.

    “Hofstra”, nevertheless, is one of the definitive pieces of comedy about a bad football team. TB ought to listen for some pointers.

  11. I’m going to really like coaching for DUI. They have a much bigger bribery budget than Westview.

  12. Bull would be a much better fit at DU’s Dublin, Dayton, or Defiance campus.

  13. Don

    The fact that it’s a fictional university in a strip where some characters attend a real one makes me think that Travis is going to be involved in some “topical” storyline down the road – probably something similar to the North Carolina “no-attend classes” scandal. I was also thinking of one of those “star player gets through high school without being able to read” stories, but in that case, why bother with DUI?

    Now watch it be a scholarship offer to “the best player on the team” – the mascot.


    Jeez, Batiuk. Why don’t you just name the school Remedial Academy of Preparation in Elmira. I’m sure Bull will be happy to get some swag from RAPE.

    Gary Trudeau you ain’t.

  15. Professor Fate

    In this strip Bull annouces his eargness to be bribed and also how low his price is .

  16. Nathan Obral

    Does Diversity University have a satellite campus in Huntington, West Virginia? Because Bull would be a much better fit coaching at D.U.H. than at D.U.I.

  17. billytheskink

    Bull would also be an excellent fit at Diversity University’s Mogadore-Brimfield-Akron Stoner Street campus.

  18. Don

    Another note: it’s Veterans Day, but not one word about Wally (or Cory – yes, I know he’s not a “veteran”, but still…)

  19. I guess I’m glad the school isn’t named the Lexington Economics School.

  20. The Dreamer

    Wait, Westview won its conference, aren/t they now going to the state playoffs? They aren’t supposed to have recruiting visits during the playoffs?

  21. Nathan Obral

    Not only should Westview still be in the playoffs, the school it is based on, Midview High School, plays my alma mater this Friday.

    Considering the despicable PTSD pun Batiuk pulled on us two weeks ago, it was probably a GOOD thing that he didn’t acknowledge Veteran’s Day.