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Critically panned

Linda takes a break from baking a meatloaf? a potato grown under the power lines? you know, let’s go with a small boulder in today’s strip to… call Bull on his cell phone. Is… is that really what is happening here?  What the everwhating what?!

If Linda thought Bull was inside the house, why did she not walk 17 feet to try to find him instead of calling him on the telephone? If she knew he was out, where did she think he was and who did she think he was with (Buck?)? Was she really letting him go out on his own? This is her behavior as a caregiver? Even murderers after life insurance money would say she’s trying too hard.

While Bull didn’t survive his trip off Nobottom Road, his cell phone sure did. Much as how folks in our universe wonder why airplanes aren’t made out of the material used to make black boxes, one would think there are folks in the Batiukverse wondering why they don’t make cars out of the material used to make cell phones…


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Ratchet excuse of a comic

It’s been one week since Bull went to see
Doctor Jowls who we think lives in Raleigh
Five panes in that Sunday strip, telling
Nothing TB had not already let slip
Three days since the garage scene
We get in today’s strip, “the hell was he wearing?”
One hour ago, Bull finally found the key
But it’s still six more weeks ’til we move on from this story

With sincerest apologies to Barenaked Ladies, Canada, and the late 1990s.


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The shirt off your Batiuk

After teasing Bull with a free t-shirt on Tuesday, the EMU crew finally gets around to giving it to him in today’s strip. Bull is smart enough to thank them on behalf of the class, because there is no way the class is thanking these two shmucks after being belittled all week, not even for the free t-shirts (that they apparently have yet to receive). The EMU football jersey worn by a young, shaggy-haired Bull in the title panel bears a remarkable resemblance to the SMU jerseys from the same era. Coincidence? Maybe, but the football program that received the “death penalty” seems very Westview-appropriate.

Thanks for putting up with me for the past two weeks, you all make the comics page that much better. The great beckoningchasm takes the reins tomorrow.

One last Emo bit, presumably about what Becky and John Howard plan on doing when they finally escape Westview:
I was staying in Florida at a motel called The Three Palms, run by an older couple… one of whom was missing a hand.
– Emo Philips


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Legere librum autem picturae, manducare panis cum liquamine atque caseus

Hodie Hauserit (Today’s Strip)
Shout out to Google Translate for giving cartoonists and bloggers alike the ability to communicate in a dead language using surely incorrect grammar.

Show of hands, who remembered that EMU was Bull’s alma mater? Just you in the back? You realize we all know you are lying, right?

Actually, EMU was mentioned as Bull’s alma mater in recent memory, back in March of 2012. Apparently, they not only changed the school motto since Bull went to school there, they changed the name of the whole school from Eastern Midwest University. Still, on the scale of retcons this strip has seen, this is practically perfect continuity. In fact, this Tuesday’s strip featured another very nice call-back to those 2012 strips, Bull’s interest in free EMU t-shirts.

Daily Emo paraprosdokian (Greek and Latin are the same thing, right?):

“I sense a rising anti-intellectualism in this nation, don’t you?
The other day I was hanging floss out on the line to dry, this guy comes to our house says ‘I’d like to read your gas meter.’
I said, ‘whatever happened to the classics?'”
– Emo Philips


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Friday, Feb. 20

Today’s strip was not available for preview, but I’m sure it will involve the following, in some order:

– panel of EMU reps setting up a college-oriented gag
– panel of students reacting to said gag
– panel of school sign touting Saturday’s 8:00 PM winter concert

Emo’s daily opinion, on college education:

“I think today’s college students are some of the most intelligent, perceptive people… in their age group.”
– Emo Philips


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