Today’s strip see’s the return of TB’s latest shot at a running gag, places of higher education whose acronyms have other meanings. For those of you weren’t around for the second week of my first round of guest authoring back in November, we had a whole week of strips built around saying Diversity University Ironton’s name and acronym as much as possible. What a coincidence!

To TB’s credit, the acronym gag does distract significantly from the general discordance of this strip. If the presentation by the EMU reps is on Bull’s calendar, why are they introducing themselves and their purpose? Why does Bull exclaim “absolutely!” when he was not asked a question? Wait… Bull teaches classes? I had to read the strip 5 times before I started asking these questions.

Since “emu” is but a line closing the u away from “emo”, I leave you with a relevant and humorous quote (something about all this ought to be humorous):

“My name is Emo, as opposed to an Emu. Which, as you all know, is an Australian bird–a tall, ugly, skinny creature with a big beak. No similarity there.”
– Emo Philips


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23 responses to “Aaaaaack-ronym!

  1. Well, at least “Enormous Midwestern University” is an obvious attempt at a joke, as opposed to that “Diversity” garbage, which really seemed pulled from a rather pungent ass.

  2. SpacemanSpiff85

    I think Eastern Midwestern University would’ve been funnier, but that’s just me.
    The worst thing about this is that Batiuk is going to have these people say “EMU” as often as possible, like with “Diversity University Ironton”. “EMU in particular”? No crap, why would they come there to talk about the college experience at another university?

  3. It’s funny because Bull is such a terrible teacher he looks forward to the days he doesn’t have to do it.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    Goodbye, Mason Jarr, we hardly knew ye. IMO he’ll be back, but I wouldn’t bet much on it. Anyhow, it’s Hilarious College Acronym week again, featuring everyone’s favorite fat lazy incompetent moron, Bull. It’s so funny how he just doesn’t give a shit, isn’t it?

    “Enormous Midwest University”…is there a worse acronym creator than Ban, Tom & Inc.? This looks like it’ll be a real slog, with any luck it’ll end up being a “grab bag” arc, as I can’t imagine he’ll milk EMU for five more days. But hey, they can’t all be Pulitzer bait, you know?

  5. Dark-Haired Girl’s reaction in the last panel mirrored mine almost exactly.

  6. Saturnino

    “If the presentation by the EMU reps is on Bull’s calendar, why are they introducing themselves and their purpose?”

    I dunno. Maybe it’s easier than saying they were from EMU, whose team was murdered.

  7. Chyron HR

    At least Batiuk managed to make it over three months (barely) before re-using the exact same joke.

  8. Hadda Mae Kapupe

    “Daddy-o, hi, this is Summer. Me an’ Kaleesha were cut from the team and lost our scholarships. We’re transferring to Central University of Northern Tennessee.”

  9. Rusty

    They may have mistaken Bull for one of the special ed kids. Instead of getting hit by the Funky excessive aging felt tip, he always looks like a shorter, fatter version of his younger self.

  10. Well, this is going to be an overly-long reprise of the last time some big school with a stupid acronym showed up. Once again, we’re going to spend a whole week (or perhaps two) being reminded that Bull’s students are stooopid and useless and were put on this Earth to make him look bad.

  11. Jimmy

    There already is an EMU, from Ypsilanti, Mich. The Eagles women’s hoops team won at Kent State, 70-53, on Feb. 4. The only reason I can think of using these lame fake school names is because Kent State is the only place not to send Batiuk a pre-emptive C&D letter.

    The next fake college reps will come from Hamilton Agricultural College of Knowledge.

  12. billytheskink

    Via the magic of the internet, I have discovered the other schools in Enormous Midwestern University’s athletic conference:

    Mansfield Orthodox Academy
    Kentucky International Wesleyan Institute
    Akron University – Kent
    Ohio State Technical Reformatory In Cleveland Heights
    Pennsylvania Eastern National Guard University Instructional – Norristown

  13. Jim in Wisc.

    So, is this Batty’s “brilliant” snark to get even with Ohio State for rejecting his application 50 years ago? Talk about holding a grudge.

  14. MJ

    My brother went to Eastern Michigan University, I never thought of the acronym EMU as being amusing at all.

    The water tower on the other hand…

  15. I get the feeling that Bull is just phoning it in. Reminds me of certain people.
    Once again the strips makes a forced turn from Romantic Drama to goofiness. I wish Batiuk would make up his mind/

  16. Helskor

    I doubt Batiuk cares one way or another about Eastern Michigan, but there is an enormous midwestern university down I-71 with a cartoon research library that didn’t see fit to include any of his strips in its current exhibit of King Features strips from the past century.

  17. captaincab

    Another Pun-name University plot? Really? Also, I forget, what was the incredibly lame reason Bull didn’t get the job at Diverisity U?

  18. Jim in Wisc.

    @captaincab: He was offered – and accepted – the job, but Drunken State pulled the rug out from under his feet at the last when their first choice changed his mind.

  19. captaincab


    Good grief, how could I forget. Been reading Bloom County today, talk about comic balm for the soul, especially when compared to this garbage.

  20. Jim in Wisc.

    @Helskor: Hmm. Maybe L’Auteur Glorieux is going to spend the week insulting them, with these strawmen introduced to tell the Worstview students that EMU considers things like football to be more important than such scholarly pursuits as the study of comics.

  21. Jim in Wisc.

    @captaincab: I hear you. I’m about to start rereading Calvin & Hobbes from the beginning.

  22. captaincab

    @Jim in Wisc.

    I plan on getting the Bloom County Library complete colletions from IDW soon. For me, Calvin and Hobbes, Bloom County and Far Side are still unsurpassed as the greatest comic strips of the ’80s and ’90s. Pearls Before Swine and Get Fuzzy are doing a darn good job of picking up the mantle for the modern era though. I absolutely loathe 9 Chickweed Lane (which consists of really preachy, condescending and shrewish characters not to mention a rather high and mighty, ultra rose-tinted view of Catholicism shoved down the reader’s throat) and the usual time tested ilk of Hagar, Beetle Bailey, ect. and of course FW.

  23. captaincab

    Oh and considering that I’ve introduced Bloom County into the discussion, I find the fact today’s post has “Aaaaaack!” in the title very serendipitous now. 😉