Today’s strip called for a post title so obligatory, TB himself would probably be disappointed if I didn’t use it. We can’t have that, can we?

As we learned back when Dirigibles Unnerving Ingrates Diversity University Ironton was trying to hire him to coach their football team, one of Bull’s few motivations in life is the prospect of free clothing. Bull was probably one of the first people to move to Chia Earth (17 internet points to all who get that reference).

Those of us who won’t have the opportunity to sit through Sarah Silverman and Jo Jo White’s presentation on how to incur obscene debt can still get our very own EMU t-shirts right here.

Also, daily Emu Emo Quote:

“I thought I was being followed by a paid assassin, but it turns out the guy’s a volunteer.”
– Emo Philips


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16 responses to “Bull-shirt

  1. SpacemanSpiff85

    It’s kind of odd that the reps for Enormous University are more diverse than the one from Diversity University.
    Is this even humor? “He likes free stuff!”. So does the author of this strip, who gets a paycheck essentially for nothing.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    I could swear he’s done this exact same gag before, although I don’t remember the specifics. Yeah, Bull needs an XXXL…that’s hilarious all right. This joke MIGHT be funny if the college in question was the Freeport Academy of Technology or something, but alas, FW does not roll that way.

  3. SpacemanSpiff85

    Do you think in two months the Midwestern Industrial Academy will be trying to get Wally to talk to one of Bull’s classes?

  4. Merry Pookster

    We need more schooling for more students for Morescince High,

  5. Damn, Bull’s an easy bribe.

  6. From PTSD to fat jokes. Now *that* is called writing.

    In other news, every time I see someone making that Dimpled Hatchet Face face, I want this strip to end in a HAIL of bullets!!!

  7. JerrytheMacGuy

    If Enormous Midwestern University is, well, enormous, why do they need to troll the dregs of WestviewHigh School? With Bull? With T-shirts?

    A large university like Ohio State or Michigan should not need to send out recruiters, especially not to a lower tier school like this one. If the university is truly enormous – and by extension, prestigious, at least by the standards of the Midwest – students should be fighting to get in.

    But be that as it may, and being this is sophisticated Westview, the Scapegoat kids should hold out for EMU chullos and hoodies.

  8. I wonder if they’ll take back the free shirt when his team fails him again.

  9. Nathan Obral

    You know, Batom® should just stick with writing about stuff that he is most comfortable with.

    Like… comic books, and cancer, and comic books, and unrealistic misery, and comic books, and falling leaves, and comic books, and pizza, and comic books…

  10. I don’t think Tom Batiuk is going to be able to bring Funky Winkerbean to its 50th anniversary (which seems like his only goal). He just hates these characters far too much (Les excepted, of course).

  11. billytheskink

    Westview high students going to college? Ho ho, very droll…
    I am still wondering what classes Bull teaches, exactly. Study hall and ?

  12. Bull would also have accepted small shiny objects or a dollop of mayonnaise as his bribe.

  13. Jim in Wisc.


    That got me thinking about my alma mater, Wisconsin, which is comparable to Ohio State and Michigan. I wasn’t able to find precise numbers, but I was able to get reasonable “ballpark” figures: Each year about 29,000 – 30,000 students apply to be part of the freshman class (we’re talking just new freshmen here, no transfers and no grad/prof. programs). Of that, the university offers admission to maybe half or so. Of those maybe a bit over 6,000 actually enroll.

    So, yeah, it hardly sounds like the “enormous midwest universities” have to tramp around to every podunk little high school in every dying rust belt town to recruit students.


    C’mon Bull, when President Obama offers you a goddamn t-shirt and a job! You accept it! No questions asked!!

  15. Hadda Mae Kapupe

    I don’t want to overthink a Batyuck storyline, but since this one is into Day Two, and still hasn’t gone anywhere, it’ll probably be around a while.Might as well ask: Can these college recruiters (I guess that’s what they are) freely wander the halls unescorted, with no kind of visible badge? I know that Batty draws teacher badges with the loving detail he usually reserves for bricks and leaves. You can be sure, then, that visitors need to wear badges. Sure, this qualifies me as what Battypus calls a “beady eyed nitpicker,” but at some point, stuff has to make some kind of sense.

    Is thus duo there to speak to only Bull’s classes? What in the world would he teach? Is this the same Bull Bushka that grunted his way through the earlier years of this comic? Now he’s about 8 inches shorter and can speak in complete sentences. Helluva retcon, Batsplatt!

    Cheesy tee shirts? “Awww, that won’t fit ME!”

    “Here’s one in Extra-Fat Lardass.”

    “Yes, please!”

    It’s pretty clear Batwit is back on some kind of soapbox again. “Yeah, those really big schools, amirite? Only thing they have to offer is a tee shirt, amirite???”

    Two kinds of schools” K*nt State, and all the bad ones.

  16. Hadda Mae Kapupe

    “Could you two kids make your pitch and move on? The people from Inner Montana Frontier Academy of Technogy are waiting outside, and they have tee shirts for us too.”