Today’s strip is a triumph in forced perspective. See how the spindly tip of Owen’s chullo appears to be scratching the temple of a young Spike Jones in panel 2. Remarkable.

And don’t forget to pick up your tickets for Saturday’s 8:00 PM Winter Concert. That is a thing that is going to be happening, a stark contrast to this strip, which is the very opposite of the definition of “happening”.

Not-quite Emu quote of the day:
“I ran three miles today… finally I said, ‘Lady, keep your purse.'”
– Emo Philips


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15 responses to “Atten-shun

  1. Ha ha, it’s funny, see, because the students are all fiddlin’ with their mini-phones, and not paying any attention to Bull at all! They treat him with the same contempt that Tom Batiuk does.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Typical Batiukian logic at work again. Bull, the fat moron who doesn’t even attempt to hide his lack of interest in being a competent teacher, now bemoans the lack of attention and respect he gets from his students. Gee Bull, ever hear of “cause and effect” at all? Lots of words for such a piss-poor gag, too.

  3. SpacemanSpiff85

    I’m pretty certain most schools don’t allow cell phones, and I can’t imagine any tolerate students using them in the middle of class. Yet another indication that Batiuk only leaves his house to go to book signings.

  4. How stereotypical! As a recent high school graduate, I can assure you that, while high school is certainly a…terrible place, not every single student in the classroom fiddles around on their mobile devices. A few kids, certainly. But every kid? No way!

    Besides, the whiole class wouldn’t just be sitting quietly and texting. Some might, but the rest of them would be talking to each other and laughing and throwing things.

  5. Nathan Obral

    Heh. I guess Batom® finally admitted to himself that the notion of three 22-year old juniors sticking around for another year of high school (because he’s too lazy and incompetent to create any other younger characters to replenish the Westview High School student body) is utterly absurd.

  6. Nathan Obral

    Bull Bushka! You know how to get your classes’ attention? Bring up comic books for discussion! In the mind of Batom® it works every time!

  7. You say “disrespectful youth of today,” I say “karma”…

  8. Rusty

    Nice wall o’text there in the first panel. Batiuk doesn’t trust his readers to keep up on the plot from day to day. And the winter Armageddon continues in Westview, the snowiest place on the planet.

  9. Saturnino

    “Heh. I guess Batom® finally admitted to himself that the notion of three 22-year old juniors sticking around for another year of high school …….is utterly absurd.”

    Not at all.

    Once he gets the strip to 50 years, he will suddenly realize his next goal is to keep the strip running until those juniors are 50 years old……..

  10. Hadda Mae Kapupe

    Newsgal Cyndi, classmate of Less and Flunky, was 54. She moved back to Westview and became 30 years old. She met Masonn Jar the Hollywood Movie Actor and became 20. He dumped her, and she became 17. Now she’s in Bullsquat’s “class.”

    When does she go back to the womb?

  11. billytheskink

    That may be Cindy, Hadda, or it may be Don Imus. It really is hard to tell…

  12. Ha Ha. It’s funny because Bull is a miserable failure of a teacher, the students don’t give a shit about anything, and these two EMU people totally wasted a trip in the snow to be disrespected by everybody at the High School.


    “Don’t mind them, they’re just trying to comment on Comics about how terrible Funky Winkerbean is”

  14. Well, now that he’s scratched “Today’s no good kids are too wrapped with their cell phones and their Facespace to care about Vietnam and Watergate and everything IMPORTANT” off the bingo card, it’s probably time for him to get straight to Bull whining that nothing is his fault. It’s like every teacher there is Elly Patterson: “I fail to show any interest in my students and they show no interest in anything: I do not understand this.”

  15. The Dreamer

    Enormous Midwest University…sounds like code for Ohio State. Well I guess for these kids having had to grow up in Westview, OH, Columbus could seem like an improvement.