Quiz Bowel

It is comics like today’s strip that remind me how good I have it. I’m not taking high school English from Les Moore. I never had to take high school English from Les Moore. It is as if he is intentionally trying to be the opposite of the teacher that successful people so often cite as the inspiration that got them to make something of their life. What a miserable experience in every single way this strip is.

Les’ senior students did poorly on their quiz last Monday and now his freshman students have done poorly on theirs… I see a common denominator here. I bet these students would too if Westview High had a math teacher.


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11 responses to “Quiz Bowel

  1. Doug Puthoff

    Is any getting the strip to appear on Comics Kingdom? I’ve been having no luck bringing it up!

  2. Les should have a coffee mug inscribed “World’s Worst Teacher” with his face on it.

  3. billytheskink

    It’s like a cast photo for Westview High’s new generation.

    From left to right: Maris Rogers, BatiukButt, traveling green shirt, the devil incarnate, Logan Church, Tom Batiuk’s Shermy fan art, Emily/Amelia, Bernie Silver, young Buck Owens, Amelia/Emily, Richard Balding, the second runner-up in a Lisa cosplay contest, headband!, and Thatsnought Monroe.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    These damn kids today…too stupid to even cheat correctly, amirite? How many of these “day in the life of WHS” strips does he have left and why do they need to feature Les? Wait, don’t answer that.

  5. Rusty

    Who’s teaching gym? Will it be Summer or Keisha? Wally?

  6. Les doesn’t understand that more of reflection on his skills as a teacher than anything else.

  7. Les sucks so hard as a teacher, Vol. LVMDCLXXVIII

  8. Rusty Shackleford

    Wow, so Comics Kingdom had an issue. When I saw that long string of error messages and debug information, I assumed Batty’s dialogue generator crapped out.

    Note to the syndicate: You can replace Batty. Just run old artwork and auto-generate the dialogue.

  9. billytheskink

    Interesting idea, Rusty Shackleford. I replaced all of the dialogue in today’s strip with the first four lines of dialogue I got from an online random dialogue generator:

    A definite improvement.

  10. Rusty Shackleford


    Funny, the auto-generated dialogue sounds more human than the stuff Batty writes.

    I think this could work.

  11. Never does it occur to Batiuk that the problem has always been the fact that Les is not the most engaging speaker out there. Having to admit that the boring drone behind the big desk has no business teaching would be like admitting that women have brains. It ain’t gonna happen.