I will pass along to Coach “Bull” Bushka something that one of my own high school (music) teachers told me:

“Hey, when yer playin’ pocket pool, keep yer eye on the ref, he’s a real jerkoff!”

“How are Summer Keisha and doing at Kent?” As of today…3-24.


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23 responses to “Irrepara-Bull

  1. “We miss our girls,” Cayla giggled, unable to fight the smile forming across her lips. Les gave a knowing smirk. Freedom was good.

  2. So why aren’t Les and Cayla watching the Specialest Snowflake (and that other girl) instead of hanging out watching the Nannygoats failing yet again? Did Summer and Keisha “forget” to send the team schedule to their parents?

  3. Merry Pookster

    KSU is too far away to expect them to attend games there.
    And besides…..that isn’t Crayola in p2 anyways….no way….besides ksu women BB stink more than this storyline

  4. BeckoningChasm

    Funky Winkerbean began as a gag-a-day comic strip about high school life, but the strip evolved as cartoonist Tom Batiuk started inhaling the fumes which seeped in from the paint shop under his apartment. Through the years, he has traded one set of “gags” for another, very different kind of “gags,” introducing real-life issues such as smirking, comic books, time-traveling, bad puns, males inexplicably attractive to women, Moby Dick, ghosts, comic books, mountains of VHS tapes, lack of punchlines, comic books, abandoned storylines, girls’ sports, smirking, comic books, breast cancer, alcoholism and boring fat people into Funky Winkerbean. In his spare time he enjoys threatening people who don’t like his work. He wishes he had a motorcycle and a pony.

  5. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Les has barely spoken a word all week, and yet I still want to punch him in the face. Must be the company he keeps, all of whom he has apparently trained to speak in the same agonizing pun-induced style.

  6. Linda, Les, and Cayla have been together all of the kind, but Linda waits till after the game to ask them how their kids are? The stupid doesn’t burn; it reproduces.

  7. @Jeffcoat Wayne: For me it’s that smug mug. Seconds after the current SoSF banner went up, I had a cracked computer screen and a bruised fist.

    I’ve accidentally punched a lot of men with goatees since I started reading this comic.

  8. Flummoxicated

    Bull misses them too! Because having to actually do the work of coaching is hard! It was so much easier when he had not one but two characters blessed by The Mysterious Sharpie in the Sky. (So rare in Westview to find people not cursed with poor health or crappy attitudes.) Then the old lady who coached before Title IX showed up to deal with the rest of the team, and Bull had it made. But now he has a bunch of miserable sad sacks and Annie has been cursed by the Mysterious Sharpie, doomed to spend her life whining about her loveless marriage and crushed dreams of sports journalism.

  9. Beanie Wanker

    Where the frig is Goatee Boy’s mouth? Maybe it escaped – Got tired of spewing his puns and smug platitudes. And what’s with Goatee’s comma-eyes and Crayola’s bug eyes in the second panel? Almost looks like he’s working a puppet and doing a ventriloquist act.

    Meanwhile, looks like Not-So-Ebony and Ivory have elected to hold onto their Wankerview Girls Woman’s Lady Nannygoats season tickets rather than make that 10 mile schlepp way the Hell over to K*nt State. Mneh, both teams suck, and neither game is all that entertaining, and if they stay closer to home, they’ll get a better table at Montoni’s after the game.

    And finally, it sucks to be Bull, doesn’t it? Without his two super duper mega ultra orgasmastars, he can’t win, and is (SURPRISE!!!) depressed. It’s called “coaching,” Bull. Try it for a change. Come to think of it, last year’s team sucked until Fishstick shoved him out of the way. Hmmm, I think I know where to find some cost savings when the town shitcans the Tax Grab again this year.

  10. Sgt Saunders

    It’s the showers isn’t it, Bull? That little hole in your office wall just isn’t the same.

  11. billytheskink

    Consider the following:
    1. It’s been established that Summer and Spl. K are currently riding the bench for a bad Lady Flashes team. They’d probably like to play.
    2. Summer has already played 5 seasons of high school basketball, 4 on varsity (2009-2012) and one on JV (2008). Quiche played 4 varsity seasons for Westview, and one (JV, I assume) for Big Walnut Tech
    3. Officials and opponents were more than willing to reschedule a playoff game (2011) simply because Summer suffered a fairly common sports-related injury and her teammates didn’t feel like playing anymore.

    So what’s to stop Bull from trying to convince Summer and Keesh to come back to the ‘Goats as ringers? Certainly not the Ohio high school athletic association’s rules.

  12. Señor Tortilla

    Given the lousy track record of KSU, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tom Batiuk tries to retcon as the reason why they lost consistently is because Summer and Special K were benched. Actually, I would be surprised, because that’s almost clever.

  13. $$$Westview Oncologist$$$

    What Westview needs is a magical peacock.

  14. John

    Linda: “Anyway, thanks for waiting until every single other person left, hanging out with me before I drive my mopey, dopey joke of a husband home. It’s so great having married friends WITHOUT lives of their own!”

    Cayla: “….uh….”

    Les: *superior smirk*

  15. Charles

    What struck me as distinctive about this is how much Bull obviously cares about how his kids do and the job he’s doing. When they do badly, he feels bad, so bad that it affects him when he’s not on the job. This is a man who wants to do well, and expects it of himself.

    Think Les or Linda give a shit when their students don’t learn anything? Does Les think, even for a moment, that it might be a partial indictment of him when his students cheat or blow off his assignments?

    Just thinking about that’s a better laugh than FW has given me in years.

  16. A HREF

    Don’t look now but February’s mot depressing Funky Winkerbean strips are up over at Comics Alliance.

    And the most depressing one is not the one you thought. On on reflection, I agree.

  17. Spode

    @ A HREF: I agree with your assessment, and the trope of “And now I must scream” sent chills of horror up my spine, just as it did when Lynn Johnston did it. I speak as the survivor of a brain-injured spouse. It was my worst fear that as a caregiver, I would inadvertently frighten or confuse my husband, or, at the very least, not treat him with basic human dignity and respect.

  18. Jason

    Looking at yesterday’s strip, I thought Kei$ha was still playing for them.

    Still, nice to get an acknowledgement they actually exist.

  19. Epicus Doomus

    Well, at least he didn’t SHOW Summer. So there’s that. So, does Les attend these games to secretly gloat about how much the LadyGoats suck w/o Summer? Hmmm-hmmm, that’s Lester for ya.

  20. DavidO

    I’m just waiting for Summer and Keisha to show back up again, playing basketball in a Sunday strip after TB realizes he now has an entire class of students where we only know two of them. (Cody and Owen)

  21. Señor Tortilla

    The “FunkyWatch” does indeed have the “Fred and the window” strip but I tell ya, the February 1st strip just makes me cringe. It almost would’ve been funny if not for the new retcon that their marriage was a sham, and it was at a time when I half thought that the Saturday’s strip would involve Anne smothering Fred with a pillow. The horrifying smirk on Anne’s face and the pleading on poor Fred’s face just made it all worse.

  22. Doormat Cayla

    I guess they’re OK. I dunno. They said they’re playing basketball at Kent State, but I can’t seem to care to check. My kid’s the Specialist Snowflake, right? The other one, what’s her name? Yeah, I guess she’s doing OK too. That other one is obviously not my biological child, given her features compared to mine.

  23. Andrew

    I might as well give up on harping about Bautik’s claims of “passing the torch” to the new generation. He clearly is too obsessed with following all the misery of his original cast & “lovably quirky” life of Les Moore to their deathbeds.