How Ya Like Me WOW

I can only imagine how “Wow!” sounds any different from WOW!

Therefore, I imagine Cayla’s “WOW” sounding like the famous sound effect from the Little Rascals:


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35 responses to “How Ya Like Me WOW

  1. And once again, the Specialest Snowflake of the Universe is showered money and rainbows and sunbeams, because of specialness. Whoop de freakin’ shit.

  2. S.P. Charles

    And yet Les will STILL bitch and moan about not having enough money.

    He’s just lucky he had a story to tell that was so unique that people are standing in line to pay him money for it.

  3. Flummoxicated

    “Wow! A coupon for a free Personal Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut! It will be so nice to get a break from Montoni’s!”

  4. Rusty

    What is he, Judge Parker?

  5. Merry Pookster

    Now less can finally pay off all of Lisa’s medical bills for the failed cancer care and home hospice…..she was self employed and Westview school has no benefits for teachers….And she had no life insurance

  6. flappy

    i think bathack is just doing this to tourcher us,sorry about spelling but i had Les as theacher,helpi gout left behind

  7. flappy

    oboy Les & lisa part duece,can’t wait batcrap bring it on!!!! ps fuck u an lisa

  8. Epicus Doomus

    Nice opening sentence there, BatBrain, was that computer-generated or was the Ambien beginning to kick in right then?

    A few years back Les was deeply conflicted and filled with reservations about selling the rights to his precious, precious cancer book to those scumbag Hollywood producers, lest they cheapen her story and defile her memory. Then he apparently just ignored the offer and eventually forgot all about it. Now, though, he has no such reservations at all. In fact, he already has the check!

    So Les just sat on his hands for nearly two years, ignoring a huge payday for reasons that don’t matter at all to him anymore. All that time moping and worrying and spilling his guts out on that park bench were for absolutely nothing. And not only that, but Cayla’s only reaction to all of this is repeating “wow” in giant comic book font form. Real f*cking plausible and nice continuity too.

  9. sourbelly

    Well, that check from “the producers in Hollywood” was for so much money that it elicited a huge, puke-green “Wow” from Cayla. Figures that puke-green would be the designated color of excitement in this strip.

  10. I love how Caucayla catches herself and lays on the fake enthusiasm just to make her lump of a husband happy. The only time he smiles is when Lisa and endless Les worship make it into the same conversation.

  11. S.P. Charles

    I didn’t get the impression Cayla was faking her enthusiasm — but the enthusiasm did seem to be for the amount of money on the check.

    She’s undoubtedly thinking “I’m glad I waited before murdering the smug son of a bitch.”

  12. Jimmy

    I don’t know much about Hollywood, but I thought that you get the check when they optioned your material. I wouldn’t think he would get another check when the story went into development, unless he is the (highly unlikely) screen writer. Does anyone have insight into how this really works?

    By the way, great title post on Tuesday, TFH.

  13. Charles

    Depends on what the contract says, Jimmy, but Les definitely should have gotten some money when they originally optioned it, unless he was such a douche that he douched his way out of the option, which would contradict Monday’s strip. He could, however, have arranged to have some other payment for when the option actually got picked up and put into development.

    So, will Cayla now go on a shopping spree, since we all know what those ladies are like, amirite? Huh??

  14. Saturnino

    >>>>She’s undoubtedly thinking “I’m glad I waited before murdering the smug son of a bitch.”<<<<

    Either that or she's thinking, "Ohio is a community property state, isn't it?"

  15. Helskor

    Wow, Lisa slowly dying years of cancer years before her time was worth it after all, right Les? Ka-ching!

  16. Beanie Wanker

    Meanwhile, up in Canaduh, Michael Patterson just kicked his cat and threw his bowl of Cornflakes against the wall.

  17. Jeffcoat Wayne

    “Jimmy: Does anyone have insight into how this really works?”

    Certainly not Tom Batiuk.

    Looks like Cayla just expressed the check, too. Might be time to go a little John Darling on Les, and give us all the neverending story arc we really want.

  18. “Ann expressed the check” didn’t immediately register with me…my first thought was “express” meaning “to squeeze or press out, as juice from an orange”.

  19. $$$Westview Oncologist$$$

    Let’s play “The Price is Right”. How much do you think the dollar amount is on this douchebag’s check?

  20. Smirks 'R Us

    Everyone can gripe all they want, but there is no doubt that the Less arcs bring out the finest in snarkery. TheDiva’s post made me laugh and Inkwell’s Caucayla, hadn’t heard that one before. Lots of other good ones too. Keep the Less coming BatHack.

  21. Batominc Bulwer-Lyttons us yet again with that turgid first speech. Let’s see if I can improve upon it.

    Second wife, attend me! Ann, who is my agent, utilized a courier service to convey the bank draught representing my compensation for the Hollywood producers’ deciding to pursue the option to produce a video media version of “Lisa’s Story,” which is the book that I wrote about cancer, an affliction that my first wife, Lisa, both contracted and died of, which is an event that happened to me, Les Moore. Behold the lucre!

  22. billytheskink

    TB is consistent in one thing; since the closure of the Westview post office and the sudden unemployment of Crazy, no one in town has recieved mail from the USPS.

    Note that Les’ WOW check was sent via “UPX”, perhaps out of necessity.

  23. Duane

    The snarking is most excellent today!

  24. A HREF

    Ok, sister of a friend of a friend of mine is dying from ALS and wrote a book on it.

    Big advance and the book is doing well. No one said “Wow” much less [img][/img] when learning of the amount of the advance. Cause we are all sad she is dying of a shitty disease and leaving a couple of kids and a husband and a sister etc. behind.

  25. A HREF

    Also Tom: “Expressed” –well maybe people say that. I have not heard it, but people do say FED-EXed or if you are worried that FED-EX is going to go all Xerox on you, then you can say “Overnight”. Again the big word balloon and clunky dialogue to fit it.


    P1 Les: “Look a FED-EX from Ann, bet its the check”

    P2 Cayla: “[img][/img]

    P3 Cayla : “Oh I am mean, gee honey this is a pittance for the sheer hell you went through”

  26. Sgt Saunders

    Isn’t “express” what new mothers do to obtain milk from they teats? I know it is. Then, ewwwwww. The rest of the strip is just tacky beyond words.

  27. Connie

    Generally, having an option renewed isn’t a “WOW!” check. Best case scenario, it’s the same amount you got for the first option.
    Not to say that it isn’t nice to get the money, but Cayla’s reaction would indicate a Memento-level lack of memory or, more likely, that Les never showed her the first check.

  28. Jim C

    Nice Little Rascals pull, TF, I hadn’t thought of that cake in many years. I thought of the Schoolhouse Rock “Interjection” of Wow.

    On second thought, maybe Cayla’s “Wow” is directed at the foolishness of the Hollywood types for throwing good money after bad?

  29. John

    Les: “Ah, I’m so glad the option actually got picked up by Hollywood!”

    Cayla: “I’m confused…didn’t this already happen? And weren’t you all conflicted over it?”

    Les: “I haven’t the foggiest idea what you’re talking about. And now, of course, filming will begin!”

    Cayla: “…n-no. NO. Les, they’ll just decide whether or not to put your film into development. Then, -maybe- it’ll be greenlit. Then MAYBE production will actually begin.”

    Les: “Where should I put my Ace award? Or should I hold out for a Peabody?”

    Cayla: *face palm*

  30. John

    Epicus: Wasn’t it you who had the idea that Funky Winkerbean would be a viable, funny strip again if Tom would just man up and admit that Les Moore is the most obnoxious, unlikeable man alive?

    The strip would be reinvented focusing on Les as a Basil Fawlty/Alan Partridge type…not unintelligent. Maybe even capable of a bit of pathos. But then, he opens his mouth…

    …such a horrible, horrible human being that every lousy thing that happens to him is COMPLETELY HILARIOUS.

    Ah, if only Tom saw the possibilities…

  31. Duane

    The New Yorker caption theory is alive and well with this strip.

  32. Beanie Wanker

    “Oh, wait…. This isn’t your check. Principal Nate expressed me a picture of his schlong. [img][/img]”

  33. Epicus Doomus

    John: Yes I did and thanks for remembering that. “Les Moore…The Most Annoying Man In The World”…he’d wander about Westview, interacting with and annoying the living hell out of everyone in his path. Wry smirking, stupid wisecracks, terrible puns and awful wordplay, all day every day. I mean TB has nailed the Les character so very well, why not run with it?

  34. Jeffcoat Wayne

    If you can imagine an oversized “WOW!” shaped like a frowny face, that is how I usually express myself every morning when reading this strip.

  35. davidorth

    Ahh, that living, breathing, talking cake always creeped me out when I was a kid!