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Nope, it’s not TFH, you’re stuck with your faithful old pal Epicus for another fun-filled week! And based on the header pic, it’s going to be one hell of an arc, possibly featuring multiple views of Funky’s enormous freak ass as he hangs Halloween decorations! Trick or treat in-deed!

131027Man, TheAuthor really outdid himself with this drawing. A broken, exhausted Bull is just dripping with shame, fatigue and defeat while Linda doesn’t even try to hide her weary disgust and indifferent disdain while blurting out her usual meaningless platitudes. And not only does it come completely out of left field, but it’s crammed into a completely unrelated comic book cover tribute too, floating there like the proverbial turd in a punchbowl. I guess “sports” was supposed to be the “common theme” here but man, that’s a pretty f*cking tenuous connection.


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18 responses to “Multi-Failing

  1. Merry Pookster

    Three duties(?)….and the (2)coaching parts are after hours.
    What the frick does Bull do all day long except take skips in the student lunch line?
    This would only be worse if it were Tom Batiuk complaining:
    “Creating FW…working with Fat Chuck on Crankshaft and book tours….I’m going crazy.”

  2. Epicus Doomus

    I did another version where I replaced “everything” with “anything”. That fits too. And what’s up with that enormous black block today? Just think about the quantities of ink that were used to print that. Such a shame.

  3. Sgt. Saunders

    Not a bad Funky Winkerbean/The Lockhorns mash-up.

  4. Dang it, I was hoping a homage to the cover of DAREDEVIL #184:

    And in the last panel, Wedgeman would be holding a gun, threatening to pop caps in Chullo Boy and Goth Shelly Winters. That would’ve been cool.

  5. Too bad, Bull, you’re stuck until Batouk decides to introduce some new characters. And he’s already used up his five-yeat quota on Jerod.

  6. bad wolf

    Okay, who was the last arc about? Owen? Middle-aged goth girl? Wedgeman? No, Bull. This seals the deal. The arc before that? Jarod? Wedgeman? No, again Bull. You know, when i hoped Batiuk would drop Les and focus on some other character for a while, Bull was not even in the top 20 i was hoping to see more of.

  7. You know, even back when newspapers were still the primary outlet for syndicated comics, it was irritating to rotate a big, unwieldy Sunday page just to hear an old man whine about his job (and trust me, Bull, I’d love to swap with you). Now it’s just ridiculous.

    I guess Batuik’s thinly-veiled disdain for “kids these days” (anyone who’s touched an electronic) overrides any desire to be practical.

  8. Charles

    Basketball season doesn’t overlap with football season, so Bull’s exaggerating the breadth of his responsibilities here.

    I’m going crazy with all the activity I’m involved in! I have to mow the lawn, rake the leaves, shovel the walk, and Spring clean my house! I also have to attend three parties! Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s! I do everything!

  9. OH DEARY ME THAT COMMENTS SECTION. I normally avoid the FW comments because I don’t want to ruin anyone’s fun, but man some of those people are bad at handling criticism.

    I’m probably making it worse because I sound like a snob when I’m trying not to be an internet tough chick. But honestly these arguments are just begging to be picked apart by a jobless bully jock like myself.

  10. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Am I the only getting the hilariously-appropriate “250m Americans Infected” ad with today’s strip? I’ll be damned if those aren’t all symptoms of reading Funky Winkerbean.

  11. This episode is a complete waste of time and space. I can’t think of anything to say about it. Mission accomplished, Mr. Batiuk.

  12. bobanero

    Let’s see – coach of a football team that is so monumentally bad it has never won a game, coach of a women’s basketball team that was monumentally bad despite two gifted players and didn’t start winning until Fishstick Annie stepped in and took over, athletic director over what? All the other athletic programs have been eliminated by the failure of the school levy. Do they even have a Men’s Basketball team? Yes, it’s really stressful to be an egregious failure at three different jobs.

  13. bad wolf

    Inkwell–the comments are Comics Kingdom, for all comics but especially FW, are not worth the pixels they are printed on. I gave up on them a long time ago.

  14. bad wolf

    Oh, and i need to find and repost my comment from the last time Cease-and-Desist-Batiuk wholly copied the majority of his comic strip. Why should i put any more work into it than he does?

  15. If you scroll all the way down on the NJ site, you’ll be “rewarded” with the news that Volume 2 of the Complete Funky Winkerbean is now available. The publisher’s selling point (apart from the horrific portrait of Harry Dinkle in his martinet days on the cover): “Funky, Les, and the gang pun their way through Westview High School.” Amazon sells it for $36.60 new or $8.80 used. Most deliciously, they offer $2.42 for your used copy.

    Cue the sad trombone.

  16. Considering he doesn’t even have to teach an academic subject, this is some ballsy whining. “Oh, I have to coach SPORTS! And push some PAPERS around my desk! This is so HARD!”


    I you think about it., that comic book cover is all about Superman playing with himself. So I’m taking form it that Bull is thinking about masturbation as an answer to his stresses.

  18. Jim C.

    Too bad he didn’t show Superboy obstructing himself at third base. That would actually make it funny.