There’s a scene in the holiday classic movie “Gremlins” where the Gremlins all break into a bar and start smoking, drinking, cussing, gambling and swinging on ceiling fans. It’s great fun for the first minute but the bit goes on for about three minutes longer than it should and you’re left thinking: “Can we get back to the plot now?”

Today’s strip is a lot like that. Okay, you had a baby. It’s cute, apparently, we’ll just have to take your word for it, Westviewites, because it looks like a Mr. Potato Head toy from here. But can we get on with the strip!?


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14 responses to “Babybabybabybabybaby

  1. merrypookster

    Any real Father would have the baby on his lap watching college football this weekend. I take the Buckeyes over Michigan this Saturday, Auburn over ‘Bama and Standford over ND. Bucky Badger over Penn State easy.

  2. Dammit, we almost went a whole week without having to look upon Les’ smug-ass face. Can’t have everything, I suppose.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    The only interesting thing about Boy (squared) Lisa is his remarkable family tree, including as it does John Darling, Frankie and (head bow) Lisa. That background, conceived above a pizza shop and next to a comic book store…this kid is destined for levels of mediocrity the likes of which we cannot even fathom.

    I like how Summer just decided to keep wearing the hoodie straight through the year until it was weather-appropriate again. I assume she has an entire closet full of them and not just one…at least I hope she does.

  4. Except for the baby, everyone in this strip should die in horrible agony.

    (blink)…oh well, i guess not every Thanksgiving wish is granted!

  5. Rusty

    pookster: Auburn over Bama? That would be no.

    Looks like TB took the week off from “writing.”

  6. Gyre

    More dull than anything else really. But just look at Darin and Les. Who else here thinks that if we rearranged Les and Darin it would take us a few moments to realize that something was wrong? Seriously, weird smile-smirking thing, odd joke, the glance. If it was described without names to me I would have assumed it was Les talking.

    And I’ll throw Batiuk a bone. It is thanksgiving time, I don’t expect him to do multi-panel works (especially since yesterday he seemed to realize just how much can be said well with a single panel).

  7. Took me a moment to realize it didn’t say “watching tu all week”. Like they had just lapsed into French for a moment. I don’t even know.

  8. Saturnino

    ” “Looks like TB took the week off from “writing.” ”

    And drawing.

    In CRANKSHAFT yesterday he left us with the slight chance that POS CS would show some decency and invite Mary to his house to join his family.

    Not to be.

    He not only left her there to take home leftovers, but TB switched her from one side of the booth to the other.

    Then we come to this, but look at the good side.

    Today’s FW will function as an excellent laxative and help prevent weight gain from yesterday.

  9. Smirks 'R Us

    “Babies are just so fascinating”. Nice comment Spock. Most people say their cute, smell nice, look like their parents, etc.

  10. CRM114

    She sounds like a robot. [old style robot voice] “Babies-are-so-fascinating–they-operate-their-optical-sensors-on-their-own-yet-have-no-circuitry-of-which-I-am-familiar–I-must-inspect… ~~Blood curdling screams ensue~~

  11. Sgt. Saunders

    Damn. Les is just there, because, Les. He’s apparently silent because he’s trying to figure out what to call Kid Skyler when he writes the book about Jess murdering Darvon. Let’s see… Summer’s half-step-nephew-uptown-toodeloo, or his own … not a damn thing. Les and the kid are not related. There. I said it.

  12. Beckoning Chasm: I believe the baby will be the next to die. I think it’s time for TB to explore Crib Death. If he does, that’s one more development than has happened this. His drama is slightly better than his humor, though that’s like saying the Minnesota Vikings are slightly better than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

  13. O.B. Dan

    Yeah, that’s him, Baby Durwood…the one with the dinky beard and smug look…he’s the one we told you about, the one who writes books about your dead grandparents…

    Lucky for you there’s a “step” in there, so you might be spared the fuckedupness that is Les…

  14. O.B. Dan

    Auburn over Alabama? What’s the spread?