No Grit All Quit

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The only sadist around here is TheAuthor. He obviously enjoys inflicting punishment on Funky and he was in his glory when he drew this one. Panel two is especially gruesome. I never thought any particular Funky drawing could be any more unflattering than any other one, but I stand corrected. That drawing should come with a parental warning. Look at the size of that one sweat bead too, wow.

It’s starting to become pretty clear why Funky’s various “get in shape” schemes always fail. One, he doesn’t try and quits as soon as it gets difficult and two, he never shuts the f*ck up while he’s supposed to be exercising. Complaints, gloating about “playing tennis”, wry remarks…no wonder he’s always gasping for breath. Keeping his big fat trap shut, that’s his problem.

I like the weird shading on Funky’s disgusting sweaty face though. Do you think they added that in after he drew it or is that just how that particular kind of shading shows up in newsprint form?


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10 responses to “No Grit All Quit

  1. sgtsaunders

    Fitness Center Guy: OK, Miss Thang, after looking at your resume it seems you have no physical therapy training or experience and no prior athletic endeavors. What qualifies you to be one of our personal trainers?

    Miss Thang: I’m a sadist.

    Fitness Center Guy: Welcome to Westview.

  2. The last time I saw that particular pallor, my dad was in the CCU recovering from a heart attack. Maybe the Grim Reaper went to Crankshaft’s by mistake?

  3. All I can do is shake my head sadly. And, I hasten to add, it’s not because I’m a paraplegic. I’m not–but I thought, maybe, Tom Batiuk might read that and think, “Oh, wow, a new plot for Funky!” So I thought I’d clarify. Tom Batiuk, your critics are not fodder for plot arcs.

  4. “I’m ready to quit,” he says, but he’s lying.

  5. I stumbled across the strip where Funky plays tennis. It literally has the phrase “dead man’s singles.”

  6. billytheskink

    This is Droopy’s least funny appearance ever.


    —Maybe the Grim Reaper went to Crankshaft’s by mistake?—

    Given that both of them seem to be of the same age, build and personality, it was an easy mistake to make.

  8. Howard and Nester

    So I thought I’d clarify. Tom Batiuk, your critics are not fodder for plot arcs.
    That’s too bad. The critics have brought up a lot of potential plot points I’d like to see in the comics. For example:
    Cayla’s family coming to Westview and shooting Les.
    Susan returning to Westview and shooting Les.
    Frankie returning to Westview and shooting Les.
    Cindy returning to Westview and shooting Funky. And Les.
    Corey returning to Westview and shooting Les and/or Funky.
    Lisa possessing a firearm, Poltergeist-style, and shooting Les.

  9. This story reminds me when, after Cell Phone girl had crashed into his car, Funky goes into rehab. It was supposed to have lasted a year, but all we got were about two weeks of strips within two months after the accident.

    And still no word and Cell Phone Girl.

  10. Epicus Doomus

    The “arc-a-week” format really kills him here, as this particular premise could have easily been over & out in a day or two. But now it has to plod along to fill that six day obligation no matter what, which results in a bunch of boring repetition…as usual.