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  1. Epicus Doomus

    So according to today’s strip, Donna was so enthralled by the “boys against the girls” subtext she read into her favorite comic book that she shattered the gender stereotypes that dominated her peer group and showed everyone that every young woman is free to break away from society’s conventions and grow up to be a fat frumpy housewife with three missing kids who sits around pizzerias blathering about “the old days” while waiting for her failure of a husband to end his shift at the local comic book shop. You go, girl…and keep on going until you’re out of our line of vision, please.

    Coming next week: the nostalgia continues as Holly points out a previously unnoticed picture of Funky when he was in his coma. Funky then reveals that he got the idea to go back in time and tell himself to buy a copy of SJ#1 from one of his favorite comic strips, a satirical “gag-a-day” strip he gave up on after it became all preachy, boring and lame. He then mentions how hypocritical it is of that old comic strip to go back and mine old material just to avoid having to tell another ponderous “reality-based” story that never goes anywhere. And then on Sunday, a gas line explosion levels the entire Montoni’s district and they all die.

  2. How awful can this get? It's like ninety circles of Hell

    This is just horrific.

  3. If Batiuk really wants to stand on the “girls deserve a place at the geek table” soapbox, he can start by creating a genuine female geek character, instead of a pudgy Goth girl who’s mostly an afterthought to her boy counterparts and a middle-aged housewife whose gender was the result of an arbitrary plot twist and who has done nothing geeky in recent memory.

  4. So, is Donna trying to say she’s bi?

  5. Jimmy

    I meant to write “what?”, but my original comment makes as much sense as this strip.

  6. bayoustu

    Check out that look of unbridled joy- Westview Style, that is- on Donna’s face in Panel 2 as she recounts what I suppose is meant to be a pleasant memory…


    How can you be half-mutant, half man?

  8. Smirks 'R Us

    Epicus, comment of the year material there! Funny with a subtext of truth. I regret that I can only ‘like’ it once.

    This is not about girls vs. boys and all the complicated issues that arise. This is about a talentless hack long past his prime who wants to keep mailing it in and collecting his paycheck versus a small, but commiteed, group of snarkers who won’t let him off the hook so easily. I hope we’re winning.

  9. billytheskink

    While Donna’s analogy makes negative amounts of sense, I do find it interesting how TB has placed her squarely in Crazy’s typical role, shirking work while drinking bottomless coffee from a Montoni’s mug with a tiny lasso. Holly, of course, must now fill Funky’s role, trying desperately to tolerate the incessant comics-based philosophical blathering of the lone $1.50-paying customer while silently praying for anyone else to walk through the door and provide a moment’s respite.


    It must be brought up…it’s been nearly what three or weeks since Cindy has made her appearance in Westview? Is Tom Batiuk going to pay that stupid plotline off at some point here????!!!!!

  11. I had to read today’s strip three times to parse the meaning. And it still doesn’t make sense.

  12. A HREF

    You know when I was between the age of 12 and 2, my brothers, our friends and I used to spend an inordinate amount of time playing Avalon Hill and SPI board games–war games. They were really cool. In fact I knew more people who did that than ever read comic books (and I graduated high school in 8 which may or may nor be the time Funky graduated) I also played some Dungeons and Dragons.

    But I have not spent more than five minutes total sitting around with my brothers and our high school chums talking about how great those days were.