Dead Skunk Shirt

Crikey, does DSH John own more than one shirt? I can almost smell him from my side of the screen in today’s strip.


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  1. Epicus Doomus

    A Few Fun FW Facts…

    This is the eleventh Winkerbean-centric arc of 2014. Owen & Cody give blood, Dinkle babbles at some convention, Les sees Le Chat Bleu and Cindy gets canned for being old. Those are the only non-Winkerbean-centric arcs of 2014 so far.

    This is the sixth Winkerbean-centric arc in a row. The last non-Winkerbean-centric arc was the “Cindy Gets Old” arc. The one prior to that was the Les screenplay arc which was in early February.

    The Winkerbeans (and Starbuck Jones) have been the focus of ten Sunday strips so far in 2014.

    Everyone is really sick of the Winkerbeans.

    Eleven weeks of any FW character is ten and a half too many.

    In the “real world” it is impossible to acquire comic books by standing around and aimlessly babbling about them.

    Today’s joke is even less funny than yesterday’s was.

  2. Saturnino

    “Everyone is really sick of the Winkerbeans.”

    I think pretty soon, everybody is going to be sick of an advanced aged Jff.

  3. Merry Pookster

    I must admit that I am surprised how Batiuk has dropped Sum-more and Kiesha.

  4. Seriously, the “Holly’s search for missing Starbuck Jones comic book editions” arc is about the least interesting thing happening in the Funkiverse, and really at most merits one week. The only explanation I have is that TB is using this as a reason for gratuitously including his comic book friends as walk-on characters in the strip, either as a nod, because they won a contest, or he lost a bet.

  5. bad wolf

    Thanks to frequent commenter Oddnoc’s blog, i noticed that the first Starbuck Jones was Sunday November 10, 2013. I think we’ve only seen one other since then, but at least Monday’s strip probably gave us the count — 4 to go. (Am i missing one? The interview when he talked about this listed 7 artists…)

    That would be encouraging except if it’s taken 5 months (!) to get this far, it will take 10 to get through the rest (!!).

  6. Last week: “See, girls can like comic books too! Girls can do anything they like, because we’re totally down with that equality stuff!”
    This Week: “Ha-ha, them wimmenfolk don’t understand comics, amirite? Boy, we’d all have copies of rare issues to pay for our retirement by now if it weren’t for silly moms and wives throwing out our precious, precious comics!”


    This is all some massive long con by DSH John, isn’t it??

    Amazingly, John seems to always be “missing” these vital comics, but at last minute seems to come up with some out of town weirdo who just happens to have said issues. And yet, NEVER seems to have all of the issues at the same time!!

    If DSH John manages to have Holly spend over $1,000 in this scheme, I may forgive him for wearing shirts that were out of style three decades ago.

  8. Saturnino
    …I think pretty soon, everybody is going to be sick of an advanced aged Jff.

    “A guy in Centerville”, huh? Yep. Get ready for that Crankshaft crossover…

  9. billytheskink

    Shaking your soda glass at the server for a refill instead of verbally asking (politely or not) for one? DSH’s manners are more kin to a broad 1960’s misogynist stereotype than a broad modern comic book-obsessed introvert stereotype.
    Whenever a character in this strip hits bedrock, someone gives them a boring machine.

  10. Gyre

    Maybe I shouldn’t criticize too much, but that last panel with John just looks infuriating. Something about that smile just makes me instinctively rage.

  11. Epicus Doomus

    Oh yuck, I never realized he’s setting up a “Crankshaft” crossover here. One trip to the Batiukverse a day is all I can handle, thus I never read that thing. I remember Pm & Jff from the big Frankie mega-arc, which was bad enough, but now they’re getting involved in the Westviewian comic book underground too?

    Let me guess: Pm & Jff will be the friendliest folks in the world and will fall all over themselves to help Holly and her noble cause. It really is amazing how she’s completing this collection by simply wandering around confusedly as opposed to doing ANYTHING an actual collector might do.

  12. Meanwhile, Cory and Kahn getting shot at in Afghanistan, Summer and Keisha are getting the scholarships revoked, Les has become an alcoholic, Cynthia is suing her network, Pete is getting fired, and the bully is walking into WestviewHigh with a Colt .45, hunting Cody and Owen.

  13. So—because of the time jump, Jeff has been coming into Komix Korner over and over again for a decade. And on each visit, as soon as Jeff opens the door—

    Dead Skunk Head Corleone: Jeff? You can have my answer now, if you like. My final offer is this: nothing. Not even the fee for the postage, which I would appreciate if you would put up personally.