Black Dahlisa

Props to anyone who gets the obscure Hollywood reference in today’s strip! I will be out of town this evening but will leave this up as a placeholder for snarkers far funnier than I!

Back from my trip! Let’s see how Les’s arc played out with the Sunda– are you kidding me!? Cody and Owen?! What about the arc we just suffered through for the last 6 days!? There was no resolution at all! The Series Finale to Alf had better closure.


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8 responses to “Black Dahlisa

  1. Epicus Doomus

    “Wayne’s World”? I guess the idea of Owen taking a test right after giving blood is somewhat funny, but not enough to elevate this day-old bagel of a strip beyond “meh” status. Good holiday weekend fodder though.

  2. Ha-ha, the Kids These Days! All they care about is shirking responsibility, and cookies! (Never mind that Owen has done something helpful and potentially life-saving regardless of motive, which is more than Woe-is-Me Les has done all week. He is A Teenager, And Therefore Evil.)

  3. I guess the thought process is something like, “Hm, Owen is due to show up again. Should I have him giving blood, or complaining about food? Giving blood…complaining about food…giving blood…complaining about food…gosh, I wish these characters weren’t so complex and richly realized!”

  4. The look on the technician’s face says it all: “Maybe I should drain the idjit. I’ll be doing everyone a favor.”

  5. Chyron HR

    Hey, it’s the same joke as in that strip where Cory and Oden were PLANNING to give blood so they can skip class, except that now Omen is actually DOING it!


  6. Rusty

    The minimum age for giving blood is 17, and 16 with parental consent in some states (taken from Red Cross website). As Owen and Cody lurch towards a future graduation in the distant future, Batiuk has to come up with another generation of dullards to keep blessing us with high school hijinx.

    On a sort of related note, May is ending and Summer hasn’t made an appearance in the strip this calendar year. Is he so afraid of getting college life wrong? It’s not holding him back in any other settings.

  7. Yeah… what’s with the 5th grader just stealing juice and cookies in panel 4?

  8. Epicus Doomus

    Rusty: Summer’s last “appearance” was in a Sunday strip back in January, although she was only “heard” over the phone (bitching about college). Before that I believe her last showing was during the huge Frankie mega-arc of 2013.

    Interestingly enough that Sunday strip ran right after Owen & Cody gave blood to avoid a class. Except in that one Owen found the cookies and juice to be demeaning and childish, unlike today.