Comical Tragedy

Back to Starbuck’s Jones’ arc in today’s strip! The good news is, there is only two more comics to go, and both appear to be owned by Chester Hagglemore, who apparently needs a moniker despite the fact his last name is a pun.

Holly looks a bit green around the gills at the news, and considering she just took out a second mortgage on the house to pay for the last issue of Starbucks Jones I can’t blame her. She’s probably already wondering what Funky’s spleens would go for, or if her womanly charms could persuade Chester out of these last two issues.


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14 responses to “Comical Tragedy

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Chester “The Chiseler” Hagglemore. Boy, does this comic strip make comic book collecting look like FUN or what? Only two more issues to go thus making it less and less likely that he’ll address the issue #1 paradox and will opt to pretend that whole SJ #1 thing never happened instead. Or maybe he just doesn’t remember, at this point it’s getting tough to tell sometimes.

    So Holly will have to deal with yet another eccentric weirdo that DSH John and Harry just happen to know. This Westviewian comic book underground just gets more and more sordid all the time and I just feel fortunate that TB doesn’t explore it in greater detail.

    i was relieved that we didn’t get week two of “Lust For Lisa” then I realized it’s just delaying the inevitable. I just wish he’d get the really painful arcs out of the way as quickly as possible, like pulling off a band-aid. But still, no Les is always cause for celebration regardless of the circumstances.

  2. Great. What a crappy way to honor America’s fallen soldiers: defaming a man who’ll cough up the books in question at cost no questions asked because they’re for a serviceman on the front lines. Five bucks says that when Batomic Comic Obsessive wrote this last year, he’d lost sight of what date it’d be published on.

  3. Why is Holly so anxious? She’s been handed everything she wants on a silver platter thus far, except for one issue she was actually forced to bid for on eBay. This great comics crusade has been a walk in the park (for her, not for us).

  4. I think that that might be the problem. For the first time, she’s facing “actual” competition. Given that she’s been habituated to having everything handed to her on a tray, the threat of having to earn something is a new and scary experience.

  5. bigd1992

    Considering the value of real estate in Westview, I doubt a 2nd mortgage would bring in much money.

  6. billytheskink

    Oh, it’s just Chester Hagglemore. Whew. For a second there I thought DSH was going to say that Will Notpartwith has those last two issues of Starbuck Jones…

  7. Howard and Nester

    I don’t care how often you shove this character and her incredibly stupid journey in our faces, Batiuk, nothing is going to make me regret wishing for a year with a minimal Les Moore presence.

  8. bigd1992

    I hear another collector, French immigrant Jacques Strap, might be willing to sell the issues. His store is next to the OB/GYN doctor’s office, Dr. Seymour Cooter.

  9. Epicus Doomus

    bigd1992: FW did actually have a character named Jack Stropp, gym coach. He died…cancer (what else?).

  10. John

    “I think that that might be the problem. For the first time, she’s facing “actual” competition. Given that she’s been habituated to having everything handed to her on a tray, the threat of having to earn something is a new and scary experience.”

    Can you blame her, Paul? She’s married to a man who hates her son, looks like Jabba the Hutt, and celebrates anniversaries by taking her to work and awkwardly dancing around tables piled high with used napkins and greasy dishes. Compared to the rest of her sorry, empty, meaningless life, this comic collecting arc has been her one joyful experience in over a decade. And even that’s marred by her mysteriously forgetting every lesson learned due to the Whimsically Cruel Lord of Westview viewing her as a MERE WOMAN, unworthy to collect anything he likes.

  11. Seriously, if someone’s real name is Hagglemore, how can anbody ignore that when giving them a nickname based on their cheapness? Who would have come up with “Chester the Chiseler” when “Haggler Hagglemore” was looking them right in the face?

  12. Saturnino

    Just ignore the fact that supposed businessman DSH could have taken care of all of this for her in the beginning and one set of three panels could have taken care of it.

  13. bigd1992

    I thought DSH was Chester the Molester

  14. Well, whatever he is, he’s twenty years younger than Batiuk. That makes him also one of today’s young adults whose concerns are being addressed.