The Fix Is In

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And so it begins, TB’s ultimate wish-fulfillment arc, the one where he really lets those Hollywood scumbags have it via his unique mix of wry annoying sarcasm and maudlin, bland pathos. Just look at this Wallace jerk, already oozing smug smarm all over the place as he plots his scheme to turn Les’ beloved cancer book into some sort of softcore cable porn nightmare. Poor LesTom, always being forced to defend the cancer book’s honor against those who would soil it with their greasy thumbprints and perverse suggestions. No wonder he can’t eat or get boners. Les, I mean. I’m not sure about Batom, though.

I see Le Chat is in there too, so prepare for a week ridden with angst, self-loathing and crippling doubt over his special cancer book. “Lisa’s Story”…it’s the book that keeps dropping those shoes, over and over again. (SPOILER ALERT)…she dies at the end.


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11 responses to “The Fix Is In

  1. “Hey, I like a guy with a sense of humor!” Well, you’re going to hate Les Moore, Mr. Wallace. I’m warning you upfront, because you seem like a likeable person.

    It’s always this time of year, isn’t it, when Tom Batiuk teases us with characters we can actually like, because they are motivated to achieve their ends. Last year we had Frankie, in the end defeated via smirk, and I sense Mr. Wallace’s fate will meet a similar end.

    Why is it that the most alive, interesting, engaging characters are those who aren’t members of the regular cast? I ask but already know the answer–it’s because Tom Batiuk’s idea of the greatest character ever is the totally loathsome Les Moore.

  2. I admire Clay Wallace. He’s managed to overcome the worst case of Bell’s palsy I’ve ever seen and become a leader in his industry.

  3. Gyre

    Well Beckoning, I considered Frank to be disgusting but so far I actually don’t mind this Wallace guy. Of course I’m pretty sure that the writer will have him go do something crazy and disgusting to make it clear to the audience what they should think of him.

  4. @Gyre: Said crazy and destructive thing will be to suggest that just maybe, the average viewer wants to not be reminded that life is a bleak, hopeless and doomed struggle where failure, loss and incurable heartache are the only possible outcomes. Either that or he’ll tell a crazy lie about how Saint Dead Lisa was a tiresome idiot who basically threw her hands in the air and died a stupid, theatrical death because having a will to live seemed too much like work.

  5. The problem that I have with Batiuk’s “Hollywood executives are monsters” thing is that I know better. Given that there’s no end in sight to having to fund Michael Bay’s crippling addictions by watching giant robots murder one another, it’s clear that instead of ogres, they’re all a bunch of out-of-touch idiots who don’t ‘get’ normal people and are proud of it.

    Hey! LES could be a studio hotshot if he tried. He’d fit right in at the table because he’s another yawping ninnyhammer!!!

  6. Chyron HR

    Brace yourselves–he’s going to suggest that Lisa not die at the end.

  7. billytheskink

    Muppets Take Manhattan is a more accurate portrayal of “Hollywood” than this… and it’s a movie about putting on a stage show in New York.

  8. bobanero

    I’m trying to parse exactly what that guy in panel 2 was going to say before Les joylessly completed his sentence for him. The obvious completion of the sentence is “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but isn’t their entire business based on fixing broken scripts? How about “If it ain’t broke, then what the fuck are you paying us for?” It really makes zero sense, except to set up a straight line for Less’ sorry joke.

  9. Thanks to Funky Winkerbean I’ll never have to wonder what it’s like to be so superior to professional writers.

  10. I’ve frequently compared Batominc with legendary director Ed Wood. To the memory of Ed Wood, I apologize. To Batominc, I remind you that it wasn’t a compliment.


    You know, I’m beginning to think that there’s nothing wrong with the script. I think Clay Shaw here has invited Les so they could get “more acquainted”…

    Yeah. Try bleaching that imagery out of your brain!!!