Very Bad Things

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Blech. This weird detour into the darkest recesses of Batiuk’s mind is getting more repugnant by the day. I have felt this queasy since Susan flung herself at Les with (gak) wanton abandon a few years back. At least he pulled back on the 40’s lingo today (King Movie Entertainment…that’s a good one), which I suppose counts for something. You gotta take the little victories where you find them, you know?

Isn’t it amazing that even his fantasies are padded with lots of filler? “Lisa The Lioness”…oh dear, the deification never, ever stops. “We got the test results back, Ms. Lioness and all is well…er, I mean feline leukemia, sorry bout that goofy mix-up!”. Too bad Lisa The Lioness wasn’t one of those jungle cats that ate her young, it’d have spared us years worth of Darin and Summer.

Man, a week of Les talking about nails and now a week of this, Batom’s on a roll. A terrible, terrible roll. He’s actually telling little “sub-stories” within his main story which isn’t even a story at all yet! Think about that for a second, it’s remarkable. I mean who does that? How is it even possible?


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14 responses to “Very Bad Things

  1. bayoustu

    Um… what is Lisa The Lioness (oh, brother!) wearing under her trench coat?!

  2. I suspect that’s actually “Kino Movie Entertainment.” Back in the early days of film-making, many production companies had the word “Kino” in their name (from kinomatograph, I believe–“kino” meaning “motion,” like kinetic).

  3. Epicus Doomus

    BC: Good eye, couldn’t really make it out too well. So the only thing about the strip that I found remotely tolerable isn’t even real. Sigh.

  4. “Come up and see me some time, Leslie. Because when I’m good, I’m very mousey. But when I’m bad, I’m mousier.”

    With apologies to Mae West.

  5. Epicus – well, “Kino Movie” is a bit redundant, so there’s that. It’s like “Photographic Cinematography Company,” or “Audio Sound Productions.”

  6. Jeffcoat Wayne

    “You know how to whistle, don’t you, Leslie?”

  7. How appropriate that in a week where Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall left us, Batiuk destroys all vestiges of both humor and old-Hollywood glamour in his strip.

  8. > “You know how to whistle, don’t you, Leslie?”

    “I don’t whistle. It makes me nauseous. Wanna see me climb a rope? No? Good. It makes me nauseous.”

  9. Howard and Nester

    “If I make your part any bigger, there won’t be room for any more characters!”
    “Would that be so bad?”
    Shall we reflect on what happened the last few times Batiuk made you unduly important to this strip? Let’s see, there was the airplane bomb warning from beyond the grave, the endless nagging video tapes, the Moores finding your diary to chase off a sleazy reality TV producer, Les making out with your ghost during a New Years’ Party… so yes. Yes, that would indeed be quite bad, Lisa.

  10. Hmm. I wonder if a dead woman can be named a co-respondent in divorce proceedings.

  11. billytheskink

    TB draws a pretty good low-rent art deco office/warehouse building. He would be well served to shift the focus of the strip to that (Art Decobean?), with the occasional cameo from the Montoni’s green pitcher.


    Bad timing with this strip and Lauren Bacall’s death. There was a real lioness.

  13. bad wolf

    “If i make your part any bigger, there won’t be room for any more characters.”

    Rare moment of self-awareness? Truly a cry for help, here.

  14. Charles

    Beardless Les has such a weak chin that I have a hard time seeing anything else when I look at the strip.

    Admittedly, there really isn’t anything else to see, but damn, that’s a weak chin.