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Woo goo away, please!

We have Thatsnought Hewmore to thank/blame for today’s strip. Because HE demanded it! And true to his word, Pete didn’t write a crossover until Atomik Komix had more than four titles… they’ve had FIVE since the addition of Wayback Wendy.

The Comics Code Authority is not exactly the heaviest of punching bags in 2020… but it’s an especially odd one for Atomik Komix. This is a company founded on replicating Batom Comics and its Silver Age shlock in every possible detail… Chester hates that non-CCA guided new stuff. Batom Comics is said to have existed pretty much entirely in the CCA era and all of its titles would have adhered to the CCA’s guidelines. Go look at the Batom Comic covers that appeared every other Sunday before Atomik Komix happened, they’ve all got the CCA stamp.

That ends my latest stint writing this pap up. My honest apologies for not noting Son Of Stuck Funky’s 10th anniversary on April 9. I was and am quite honored to have been blogging when this site moved from its first decade into its second. Our esteemed founder, TFH, takes the helm for tomorrow’s certain tire fire and many thanks to him for launching this ship and picking up the survivors of the original Stuck Funky site. This site has picked up so many more folks over the years and has become one of the internet communities I value most. It has survived cease-and-desist letters, Comics Kingdom’s ever-changing strip link addresses, and TB’s best efforts to drive us to madness. I say “here’s to another decade”, because I cannot face whatever this strip has in store next without you all.


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Old Tyme Rock ‘N Roll

Well, I guess today’s strip provides some semblance of continuity to Morton Winkerbean’s uh… dream (I guess that’s what it is) of being a “rock star”, lining up with Thursday’s strip about drugs and groupies and whatnot. That does seem like an odd dream for a nursing home resident, even today as the stars of the rock ‘n roll era approach nursing home resident age. Still, it actually kinda makes sense that a wannabe rock star would name his son “Funky”.

This also lines up relatively well with the Mort we first met back in 2011, still not fully lucid and irritating the folks around him with bad dad jokes. Today’s Mort is less somber and churlish than the on we saw at Christmas five years back, but we’ve only ever seen him like that around Funky. Perhaps we can chalk that up to Mort simply not liking his son… another reason he might have named him “Funky”.


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Very Bad Things

Link To Today’s Debacle

Blech. This weird detour into the darkest recesses of Batiuk’s mind is getting more repugnant by the day. I have felt this queasy since Susan flung herself at Les with (gak) wanton abandon a few years back. At least he pulled back on the 40’s lingo today (King Movie Entertainment…that’s a good one), which I suppose counts for something. You gotta take the little victories where you find them, you know?

Isn’t it amazing that even his fantasies are padded with lots of filler? “Lisa The Lioness”…oh dear, the deification never, ever stops. “We got the test results back, Ms. Lioness and all is well…er, I mean feline leukemia, sorry bout that goofy mix-up!”. Too bad Lisa The Lioness wasn’t one of those jungle cats that ate her young, it’d have spared us years worth of Darin and Summer.

Man, a week of Les talking about nails and now a week of this, Batom’s on a roll. A terrible, terrible roll. He’s actually telling little “sub-stories” within his main story which isn’t even a story at all yet! Think about that for a second, it’s remarkable. I mean who does that? How is it even possible?


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