Where the sidewalk should have ended

Today’s strip sees Mason and Cindy continuing the evening stroll they began yesterday, traversing Westview’s snow-covered central square park with its trademark gazebo. Despite the implications from the past couple of strips that he has a thing for Cindy, Mason reveals his real interest is not her but the town of Westview itself. Yes, Westview is definitely a change from Hollywood’s economic opportunity and operating post office.

With Westview reminding him so much of his hometown, one can only guess where Mason grew up. Centralia, Pennsylvania is a good bet.


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18 responses to “Where the sidewalk should have ended

  1. Epicus Doomus

    More like glacially-paced idiocy swimming in drippy pablum if you ask me. So they’ve hit Montoni’s and the gazebo already, so that leaves Komix Korner and the Sprawl-Mart, then that cheap motel Frankie stayed at, the hospital, the cemetery and finally Montoni’s again ten years from now for the book-launch-tour party. That other shoe has to drop sometime. “Winter nights frozen in time”…LOL, “calling Dr. Pulitzer, there’s some hack on line one”.

    Westview reminds him of his own home town??? Seriously? I mean he wasn’t an especially sympathetic character before but now I’m re-assessing that. Hopefully he’s just bullshitting her, as I wouldn’t wish a Westviewian-like upbringing on anyone.

  2. Batiuk’s fetishization of small-town midwest America has been so heavy-handed during the Hollywood-based arcs that it’s starting to smell of sour grapes. “Oh yeah, well I don’t NEED those big film studio phonies to make a Funky Winkerbean movie anyway! I much prefer the simple life of a slowly dying community!”

  3. SpacemanSpiff85

    I have a strong feeling he’s going to renounce acting and Hollywood and work at the Komix Korner instead.

  4. Nathan Obral

    At least Centralia had the decency to bulldoze their entire town.

    Considering how leaden Mason is, and how he relates to a town full of leaden people, I would’ve guessed that he hailed from Picher, Oklahoma.

  5. Mr. B.Lumpkin

    “With its winter nights frozen in time”?!

    To paraphrase Marcy D’Arcy in Married, with Children, “Pardon me while I heave.”

  6. “Frozen” in time…..and Westview is “refreshing”.

    Is this real life????

  7. And now we remind ourselves WHY the punk-ass bitch Funky has been holding a grudge against Cindy all these years: she dared to not want to live in what would happen if Rockwell had designed Minas Morgul. Other people see the place as a graveyard of dead men too stupid and stubborn to quietly rot but not Batiuk.

  8. Hadda Mae Kapupe

    Just passed the Dead Lisa Bench. She’s there. See her? She’s rolling her eyes and pantomiming gagging herself with her finger.

    “Winter nights frozen in time.” Batty aims for “Swoooon, he’s DREAMY,” but hits “What a pussy.”

    Meanwhile, SURPRISE! Cyndi now looks about 25 and Masonn Jar looks about 48. So all you Beady Eyed Nitpickers who raised an eyebrow about 50-something Cyndi throwing herself at 30-ish Pickle Jarr, stuff your “sorrys” in your sock, mister!

  9. Professor Fate

    Frozen in Time = Dead? Almost as tiring as his comic book fixation is his worship of dying small town America.

  10. nedryerson

    I wish Rod McKuen had lived to see that.

  11. billytheskink

    Perhaps Mason’s hometown was covered by a glacier, though I’m not sure a glaciated city would remind me of Westview so much as be preferable to it.

  12. billytheskink, thanks for the Shel Silverstein reference in today’s post title!

  13. Jim in Wisc.

    1. “With its winter nights frozen in time.” After Batiuk wrote that line, he leaned back in his chair, imagining he had just hit it out of the park and was now circling the world’s tiniest baseball diamond.

    2. Mason and Cindy are going to go back to her place, where he’ll reenact his audition tape for “50 Shades of Grey.”

  14. Jimmy

    I take back what I said yesterday about preferring current FW to Act II. The older strips may have been maudlin and dull, but at least they were coherent.

  15. Jimmy

    I just noticed something in panel 1. Is it just me, or is Cindy missing eyes, a mouth and a nose? She looks like one of those electric football players.

  16. Saturnino

    “Frozen in Time = Dead? Almost as tiring as his comic book fixation is his worship of dying small town America.”

    The most exciting thing is imagining what the bottom four panels of the SOSF header contain………….


    You know..it’s not like there are not small towns in California. I actually visited quite a few quaint towns in the northern region.Of course in Batiuk-verse California is all just about Hollywood much like New York is just all Manhattan.

  18. Epicus Doomus

    Ahhhhh, small town America, where freckle-faced youngsters gather around the gazebo on warm summer nights, eating slices and reading Starbuck Jones comic books by the light of fireflies. Mason yearns for the pleasures of a simple homespun woman, even if she was a network news anchor in NYC for most of the last decade.

    Coming tomorrow: Mason checks in with Old Farmer Brown to see if any fences need a-mendin’.