Face For Radio

Here we have it, all in today’s strip , exactly why Cindy dumped Funky’s sorry butt like last week’s tuna cassarole. What a non-supportive jackass! One more panel and we’d have Funky going: “No, really Cindy, you dames dress pretty and all and smell nice but you don’t know anything about computers!”

Or maybe he thinks she’s way too old for the job? Either way it’s a front-handed slap of an insult. Cindy sulks a bit, but if she wants a free slice of pizza and a 20 ounce fountain Diet Coke I guess she’s going to stand there and take it.


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23 responses to “Face For Radio

  1. Dear Mr. Batiuk: it is 2015. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is this arbitrarily skeptical about the Internet anymore. Except maybe failing business owners who would rather complain and die than adapt.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    “Buddy Blog”: the daily musings of a service dog being slowly driven to insanity by the pizza smell that pervades his master’s home. I could definitely see that.

    The weirdest thing about this arc is that Cindy and Funky are involved in it at all. If he wanted to continue with his little tirade against The Internet, why didn’t he just stick with the Pete story and do something else with these two annoying morons later? The “romantic comedy” vibe he’s trying to establish between these two imbeciles is really grating too. Spit it the f*ck out already, the f*cking banter is killing me. “Buddyblog” my ass.

  3. SpacemanSpiff85

    If you’re in a situation where your freaking ex-husband whom you left for being an irresponsible drunk is the only person you have to talk to about whether or not you should take a job (how exactly is this a “business decision”, apart from pointlessly filling up two days?) then you have bigger problems than your career.

  4. “Welp, can’t think of anything else to do with this Pete thing, and my dismissal of 2001: A Space Odyssey isn’t inked yet…what have I got in the drawer? Say, here’s something I drew ten years ago–I’ll just run this. No need to revise or edit, or even read it, just pop it in the mail. Now where did I put those envelopes?”

  5. Ugh, now he seems more like the sleazy, condescending, lecherous uncle or grandfather than a former husband who SHOULD be about the same age as she.

  6. This is the same sort of shit he was pulling when she was starting out in the industry. It really isn’t about the internet, at al. It’s about his misogynistic contempt for the idea that a woman can make more than he does.

  7. Spacemanspiff85

    If this arc doesn’t end with Funky saying something like “You smell that? That’s pizza. Pizza is real. You can’t smell the Internet.” I will be shocked.

  8. Saturnino

    This is just another opportunity for Cindy to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  9. “Buddyblog”?

    If I hadn’t banned “Hadda Makea Poopie” s/he’d be on here making a homophobic joke.

  10. @Spacemanspiff85: Which means that we have three more days until Funky says it.

  11. Rusty

    I believe that after using Cindy to pummel the readers with his thoughts on the internet, Batiuk will have her take the job and move away, not to be seen again for a number of years. If there is a big comics book story breaking, she will magically appear.

  12. Nathan Obral

    This whole ridiculous sequence reminds me of the infamous 1995 Newsweek op-ed that predicted that the Internet wouldn’t be that big a deal in our daily lives. (Yes, the same Newsweek that abandoned print publishing over two years ago.)

    But at least Clifford Stoll admitted he missed the mark.

    Batom® is only proving to the world that he wants to be back in 1995 again, when he could write crappy storylines that mainly abused St. Lisa the Cancer Chew Toy and no one was able to call him out on it.

  13. sgtsaunders

    So we get a whole week of FunkyChunkySquarePants getting his passive-aggressive hate on all up in Cindy’s face. Beats some damn comic book arc, I guess.

  14. billytheskink

    Is Buddyblog the official site of the Buddy Bears? I would like to think so. It fits too. “If you ever disagree, it means that you are wrong” is one of this strip’s mantras.

    Also, nice Watto cameo in panel 3.

  15. Still bitter over the abysmal failure of Durwood’s pizza app, eh Funky?

  16. Jim in Wisc.

    Why would she being seeking any kind of advice from a man who’s been a failure both in business and at life?

  17. Professor Fate

    I really don’t get this arc – why Cindy would go to this jagov for advice about anything is puzzling and why she would expect anything but the flow of bitter Bon Motts that Funky has spit out this week is also puzzling – and why the Author thought this would be an improvement over 3 blanks strips a day for a week is also puzzling.

  18. captaincab

    Based on Cindy’s unrealistically youthful looks lately, I’m half expecting that the Pete storyline is in fact NOT over and by the end of this week, we’ll see that this scene in Montoni’s is actually a peak inside Pete’s mind as he is “inspired” by Westview’s genetically abysmal aging process to create a “flashforward” Spongeboy story where in his old age, Spongeboy is visited by his young, vibrant, time-travelling girlfriend, “Radioactive Reporter Gal”!!!!

    Seriously though, how much does thin skinned Batiuk hate the internet? This is two stories in a row this month centered around his antagonistic relationship with the nefarious, mean ‘ol world wide webz.

  19. Jimmy

    @bobanero, I was thinking the same thing regarding the pizza app. He plunked down $20k on technology he didn’t understand; one which generated zero new business.

    On another note, am I the only one seeing Henny Youngman in panel 2?

    “Take my life…Please!”

  20. bayoustu

    Hoo, boy! I hope Cindy gets so mad that she punches Flunky right in the… well, that misshapen, beyond-Crankshaftian lump where his nose should be!

  21. bad wolf

    Okay, i only half-remembered this so i had to look up which anchor it was–Katie Couric announced she was hired at Yahoo News in November 2013, and she started there January 2014. So this could be Batiuk’s riff, although why Cindy got demoted to local news first (Couric had a day-time talk show before her move–wait, too much like John Darling?), who knows.

    Frankly i thought that was much more recent. Time slipping by me like a Funky character! That’s what happens when you read webcomics that comment on yesterday’s news, i guess.


    Two things:

    1. Is Batiuk that oblivious to his own mythology that he doesn’t realize that there is a character in his strip named Buddy? Any long time reader is going to assume that Cindy is writing about Buddy the service dog’s daily routine. Which admittedly would be a lot more interesting to read than this strip.

    2. How insensitive a prick is Funky? This poor woman whose had to suffer the humiliation of being fired, probably has to take whatever she can get! Not everyone is blessed with a pizza empire like you have, Funky! Seriously who would ever speak like this??!!!

  23. billytheskink

    On another note, am I the only one seeing Henny Youngman in panel 2?

    “Take my life…Please!”
    TB: “I wrote a letter of nomination to the Pulitzer committee, but I have not heard anything from them. That’s funny.
    HY: “Maybe they haven’t heard anything from you that’s funny…”
    TB: “…”
    HY: “Hey Batiuk, why don’t you do what Gary Larson did?”
    TB: “What Gary Larson did? You mean return to making a gag-a-day strip?”
    HY: “No, get out of the business.”
    TB: “Hey now, I’ve been a great cartoonist for half my life.”
    HY: “Why’re we getting the other half now?”
    TB: “I’ll have you know, I know the secret of great cartooning.”
    HY: “You sure know how to keep it a secret…”
    TB: “Come on, I’ve got a million funny gags in the back of my head.”
    HY: “How come they never reach your pen?”
    TB: “Look, if I wanted to be insulted I could go home and read Son of Stuck Funky.”
    HY: “Folks, keep posting those comments!”
    TB: “You think this is so easy, I’d like to see you create a daily comic strip.”
    HY: “I should.”
    TB: “Oh? Can you draw?”
    HY: “No.”
    TB: “Can you write gags?”
    HY: “No.”
    TB: “Can you write story arcs?”
    HY: “No.”
    TB: “Then how would you create a daily comic strip?”
    HY: “The same way you do…”