Why not vacuum tubes, Harry?

Harry finally succeeds in finding a CD in today’s strip. As Willy Nelson fills Snowball’s interior with music, Harry comments: “Its nice to see someone else still plays CDs.”

Why is that nice, Harry? You’re old enough to remember vinyl and vacuum tubes, aren’t you? If it’s obsolescence and inconvenience you’re nostalgic for, why not a gramophone, Harry? Why not Edison cylinders, Harry? Why not freaking sheet music, Harry?


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21 responses to “Why not vacuum tubes, Harry?

  1. Both of my cars still have cassette players. Your move, Batiuk.

  2. The world, you guys, why does it change?! Why?! Technology! It makes everything different and bad! Why!?

    Speaking as a young person who still collects CDs.

  3. Well, so much for this arc. What do you suppose we’ll get Monday? Les musing on Spring? A band camp story? Les and Funky jogging?

  4. Nathan Obral

    Speaking of antiquated audio delivery mechanisms, this article from the New Yorker about the man who pioneered digital piracy and helped drive CDs to obsolescence is a fascinating read.

    Moreso than today’s strip, which implies that you need to be stoned like Willie Nelson in order to “get” it. Because writing.

  5. Ugh, once again published early. This time I think WordPress is just messing with me.

    TFH sez: Military time, private! Twenty three thirty hours!

  6. MJ

    I’m a little confused where the line is. It was ok going from records to cassettes, and then again from cassettes to CDs. But the switch to digital is somehow bad? I love that my entire record collection now fits in the palm of my hand.

    Also, when I get nostalgic it’s for my vinyl, not my CDs.

  7. SpacemanSpiff85

    It’s nice to see Batiuk still writes riveting dialogue, like “This one?” “Yeah.”.
    Although I think it’d be really nice to see someone still riding in horse-drawn carriages.

  8. Epicus Doomus

    This week in FW: two idiots (and watched by a third) carry a broken band box to a waiting car. For five days. If I didn’t read this strip every day I wouldn’t believe it. But alas, I do.

    CDs may be “out of fashion” but they’re hardly unheard of nowadays either, an 8-track would have made it a better gag. I certainly hope he skips the band box delivery and repair sequence, but with Hopscotch Tom you never really know what the hell is coming next, ever.

  9. I actually still buy CDs; I like having a hard copy of the music if I need it. But yeah, when it comes to travel? Nothing beats having hundreds of albums in something that can fit in your purse. You’d think someone who was bitching about not being able to find a CD a little while ago would appreciate that convenience.

  10. With those three, I would have thought they’d have had an 8-track player.

  11. Mason Jarr

    I have so little tolerance for people who cannot break away from old technologies.

  12. Rusty Shackleford

    Reminds me of how some people still buy books. Yeah, I like how they look too, but the ability to carry my library around with me, the ability to change text size, search text, and lookup words is just too good to pass up.

    But these people feel special because they are holding on to “how it used to be”–it must be because they feel the need to tell everyone how they still read books. Still buy records, still listen to CDs, it’s all the same.

  13. sgtsaunders

    “See that player piano behind the seat? Put this roll in….”

  14. John

    Rusty: To be fair, many people read printed books because they cannot afford or do not have access to something different.

    For instance, my only computer system is old and pretty sucky, but life as of yet has stifled my attempts to save up for something cool.

    Until then, I read books, watch DVDs, listen to CDs.

    Likewise, I know people who do both. One of my best friends loves her Kindle Fire, but also keeps copies of the “Harry Potter” series in print form because they’re her favorite childhood read -and- her copies are autographed by the illustrator. 🙂

  15. Nathan Obral

    I’m posting this comment from CK commenter “Chaze” from Sunday’s strip without further comment.

    (In the title panel of Sunday’s strip) “Deep Purple, Marshall Crenshaw, The Beatles and The New Radicals. At least Harry has decent eclectic taste. However, if that New Radicals cd is his newest, his musical taste is also embalmed.”

  16. Rusty Shackleford


    Well I certainly am not trying to criticize those who cannot afford something and I am a frugal person myself. But e-readers are cheap today and likewise the library offers downloads for free.

    The people I know who want to read real books have no issues paying for overpriced wines and craft brews and so cost is not an issue for them.

    Heck, I think staff should be cut at the libraries, and the money saved be used to buy e-readers to be given out. This way more people can get easy access to books.

  17. Cripes, my mother is older than Funky, and she knows how to put tunes on her iPhone and play them over her car’s stereo. I’m beginning to believe Funky and Crazy are becoming Pluggers. Soon they will turn into horrifying beastpeople who do nothing but be unfunny all of the time.That Funky has a Willie Nelson CD seems ironic, considering Willie is known user of drugs, as is Funky. The Bandbox seems to be a metaphor for how Funky, his business and his relationship with Cory have all declined. Or is that giving Batiuk too much credit

  18. Guest Page Turner Author

    So the implication here is that is not nice that people are listening to music they other platforms? Seems like Mr Battic has really started to develop a case of Pluggers Elitism.

  19. @Epicus Doomus: Looks like we were on the same page about the 8-track player. Thing is that Lennie Briscoe had one…..then again, Detective Briscoe would also kick these guy’s asses for being stupid.