It’s clonely at the top

The video-conversation continues in today’s strip, with Durwood taking passive-aggressive swipes at his long-time pal. The “sponge clone” that Darin is busting Pete’s chops with, of course, was actually what Pete used to take The Amazing Mr. Sponge “to the top”. Of course, that is “to the top” of an industry whose best-seller nowadays typically moves less than half the volume of a mid-1960s issue of Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen with all of its lunacy and bait-and-switch cover art.

Even so, “I came up with an idea that sold more copies of my writing” is pretty much the first thing I would put on my resume if I was an unemployed writer.


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  1. Gyre

    Actually this makes no sense. It was made clear that the controversy about the Sponge clone made the title sell even more. So why is Darin treating it like a career-destroying move? Great continuity.

    And I wouldn’t even care about the continuity of something so minor if it weren’t for the fact that Batiuk went on with the idea for so long and it was so recent.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Ugh, this is just awful. I’ve always maintained that he constantly skips around from arc to arc just so he can kill half the week with endlessly re-hashing the previous events of the story instead of, you know, writing something interesting. “Hey! Remember when you wrote that stupid clone story and they fired you?”…uh yeah, Boy Lisa, we do indeed remember the events of several weeks ago, but thanks for the helpful recap. As if there’s anyone on the planet who’s just now getting into FW and needs a quick synopsis to get up to speed. In his dreams, maybe.

  3. Nathan Obral

    So apparently Batom® is trying out the Jack Torrance method of writing. And yet, this is what comes to my mind instead:

  4. Actually, the whole strip makes me think “Why bother?”

    We all know how this is going to go. The producers, being crass, commercial-minded philistines, will want to change the film to “Lust for Starbuck” and Pete will bemoan how everything is ruined by Hollywood. Then he’ll get a kill fee. (Since he already imagined his sepia flashback, I hope we’re spared this time around.)

    Months later, Skyler will die and Darrin will be bereft. And Pete will call him and say, “I know how you feel, Darrin.” Darrin will protest, and Pete will hold up a single finger: “Hollywood.”

    And Darrin will agree that the death of his child is nothing compared to Pete’s having his integrity challenged.

  5. “The producers…actually sounded excited about talking with me.”

    Yeah, that will end quickly when they actually start talking with you.

  6. Nathan Obral


    Months later, Skyler will die Jessica Darling, daughter of My Father, John Darling, Who Was Murdered will decide to leave Darrin for someone with an actual income and motivation and Darrin will be bereft. And Pete will call him and say, “I know how you feel, Darrin.” Darrin will protest, and Pete will hold up a single finger: “Hollywood.”

    Slightly modified for accuracy purposes. After all, Batom® hasn’t killed, maimed or incapacitated anyone in Funky Winkerbean for the past three years.

  7. Nathan Obral

    @beckoningchasm… NOT @becomingchasm! Good grief. :/

  8. Spacemanspiff85

    Given that he recently changed his last name, there’s a good chance they won’t notice it.

  9. Guest Page Turner Author

    What is a way more interesting thing going on besides the claptrap in this world? Not much. I just got a haircut. My tire pressure is kind of low. Gotta get that looked at. Might rain tomorrow. They’re still talking French in France. I have a perfectly round navel, I can plug it with a dime. And the beat goes on…

    Why is this man still getting paid for this??.

  10. DOlz

    @Nathan Obral, that’s why I always copy and paste folk’s names. This isn’t intended to be a knock on you, but your mistake was funnier than anything TB has written in the last couple of d̶a̶y̶s̶ w̶e̶e̶k̶s̶ months.

  11. SpacemanSpiff85

    This week’s storyline is an epic saga compared to Crankshaft, which is literally “Crankshaft wants to burn firewood”.

  12. Nathan, who knows? I might actually become the chasm! I heard that Mr Nietzsche paid The Abyss a pretty good rate…

    So! Stare into me. Am I staring back, or, is that just cat again?…

  13. What are they going to notice, Derpwood? The fact that Pete made the character even more popular but got fired because he started pissing himself with terror at the thought of writing three books?

  14. Actually, becomingchasm is an apt description of the direction that FW is headed.

  15. Careful, billy. If RedRonin finds out you’re jobless, he may post here and call us all bedwetters.

  16. billytheskink

    Of all of the terms TB doesn’t take literally (like “excited” and “to the top” just in today’s strip), “laptop computer” seems to be the one he does. It is not enough to make one curious.


    “Actually, becomingchasm is an apt description of the direction that FW is headed”

    “Headed”? This strip already landed in the chasm years ago and is now digging itself to new depths of craptitude.

  18. Professor Fate

    Note that this is a guy who’s greatest achievement in life so far is a Pizza App who is giving Pete a hard time.

  19. Epicus Doomus

    It isn’t like he’s reminding his readers about things that happened years ago, he’s re-hashing the events of just a few WEEKS ago, over and over and over again. And he’ll keep doing all week until Saturday, when they’ll make some wry sarcastic joke about how f*cked-up Hollywood is. The “story” itself will go nowhere. Then, a few weeks from now, he’ll pick it back up and for five days some character will say something like “Hey Pete, how the SJ job coming along?” and he’ll spend another five days wearily re-hashing the same wry gags about how f*cked-up Hollywood is. Then he’ll drop it again and so on and so forth.

  20. @Epicus Doomus: And he calls this ‘writing.’