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The Wearying

Link to today’s strip.

Wow, just look at that expression on Ann’s face in panel two.  That’s the face of someone who has had it up to here with her step-son, and is about to use her step-grandson as a bludgeon.

Wow, so your “wife” is going all California on you.  What a terrible dilemma for you.  Sure wish I had your problems, jack-off.  I’ve got to look after the obviously unwanted product of your sham marriage, as well as my disintegrating husband, so you can play with your Flash dollies. 

There’s a definitely an unseen third panel here, with Skyler cowering in a corner while Dullard lies on the floor, his neck bent at an unnatural angle, and Ann standing over him, fists clenched white with rage.


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Baby’s First ER Visit

A Children’s Book By Les Moore.

Link to today’s strip.

Don’t worry, Jessica, I’m sure you’ll be there to walk down the aisle to Skyler’s first chemotherapy session.    Unless Tom Batiuk has big plans for you in store, that is.

Kind of odd how we get this little interlude between the Butter Brinkel chapters (I assume that will start up again next week).  Even odder, how quickly we go from “Skyler’s in the hospital!!!” to “(shrug) It’s nothing.”

My guess is that this is, in fact, an interlude and nothing more.  Because I can’t imagine that Batiuk was going to do something dramatic with Skyler and just got cold feet; this is a guy who used a stroke (Fred) and traumatic brain injury (Bull) for weeks of bathos.

No, I suspect that if Skyler had cracked his skull and Jessica had video’d in to say, “Well, that’s sure sad, Dullard, but I can’t fly out to be with him–you should see the Butter Brinkel footage I’m compiling!” people might have thought the real drama was being shunted aside for some poorly thought-out nostalgia trip.  So instead, the poorly thought-out nostalgia trip takes a rest for a meaningless interlude.

And it really is meaningless.  All it demonstrates is that the Fairgoods are the worst parents ever.  They should be called the Fairpoors.


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Who Will Call: “It’s Nothing At All”

Link to today’s strip.

Apparently, Tom Batiuk’s psychic powers are more formidable than anyone could have anticipated–as I had a whole Sunday essay ready to go, and it has been utterly destroyed.  So, talk among yourselves as I try to reassemble bits here and there.


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Hacks Headroom

I think there is some conversation or something happening in today’s strip, possibly involving former Cleveland mayor Dennis Kucinich. Sorry, I’ve been marveling at how these relatively small screens continue to capture most of Darin’s legume-like head rather than paying attention to whatever he and Kucinich are on about.

In other news, it’s Throwback Thursday!

What was happening in the Batiukverse 10 years ago today?
Wally, looking far too much like Act III Darin, tells Lefty he has decided to go back to Afghanistan after a single counseling session at the VA Hospital.


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It’s clonely at the top

The video-conversation continues in today’s strip, with Durwood taking passive-aggressive swipes at his long-time pal. The “sponge clone” that Darin is busting Pete’s chops with, of course, was actually what Pete used to take The Amazing Mr. Sponge “to the top”. Of course, that is “to the top” of an industry whose best-seller nowadays typically moves less than half the volume of a mid-1960s issue of Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen with all of its lunacy and bait-and-switch cover art.

Even so, “I came up with an idea that sold more copies of my writing” is pretty much the first thing I would put on my resume if I was an unemployed writer.


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To Re-Pete This Message, Press 1

Despite his seeming disdain for most internet activity and his unabashed nostalgia for videotapes, compact discs, band boxes, and Space Invaders, TB seems to fully embrace one certain piece of modern technology, as we see again in today’s strip.

That technology, of course, is videoconferencing. TB LOVES to depict the technology of communicating face-to-face via screens that in the pre-Skype world of just a little more than a decade ago was accessible only to wealthy early adopters and Star Trek characters.


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