The Biggest Prize in Sport

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My God, look at Bull’s face in panel two.  That’s the perfect Funky Winkerbean mask of weariness and resignation.  Remember what I said the other day, about how Tom Batiuk has lost the ability to tell jokes?  This right here is the proof.  If Bull was wearing even a slight smile, his remark could be taken as a joke, about…uh…how the girl’s basketball team needs more training?  Or they’re larger and stronger than the football players?  Or something?  Instead Bull has the expression of a man who’s about to walk that last lonley mile.  “Any word from the governor?”  Young Bob Dylan, tangled up in blue in the lower left, would be wise to quit glowering and listen in; he might get a great song out of this, maybe even a whole album!  Maybe something like “Idiot Wind-Bag.”

Lastly, there is a bit of amusement on display as history is about to repeat itself:  Les, not paying attention, is going to walk right into that purple-shirted girl who is distracted by her cell phone.  KLANG!  *OOF*  THUD.   On his trip into the past, one wonders what Les Moore would tell his younger self.  One suspects it would be something like, “Buy that Starbuck Jones comic, kid.”  After all, if your mind only has one track….



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19 responses to “The Biggest Prize in Sport

  1. SpacemanSpiff85

    The bad thing is that Bull’s comment in the second panel has nothing at all to do with what Les is talking about. Bull’s just saying that he was thinking about the girl’s basketball team. He tends to do that. A lot.
    Seriously, something disturbing like that is about the only justification for his expression.

  2. It’s funny because they’re, like, girls! But they’re better at sporty-type things than boys! Next thing you know Owen will be taking Home Ec!

  3. Epicus Doomus

    This isn’t just a bad joke or a stupid plot “development” (for lack of a better word). It isn’t anything, really. It’s one jerk talking about a weird random plot contrivance (seriously, what are the odds that this Channel One set thing will ever lead to anything or even be mentioned again?) and another jerk making a stupid irrelevant wisecrack about his shitty WHS sports teams. It’s totally pointless, there’s no reason for it to exist, yet there it is. Just like FW itself.

  4. John

    Les: “Bull, as the school’s English teacher, I totally have the authority to approve of the acquisition and location of new supplies. Even for non-existent courses. ESPECIALLY for non-existent courses.”

    Bull: “So, you’re going to hire professionals to pack and deliver them, right?”

    Les: “Gracious, no! I thought I’d Press Gang the sportos into doing the grunt work.”

    Bull: “Gee, all that’s missing is some gratuitous sexism and this becomes every modern Westview High arc EVER.”

    Les: “Make sure only BOYS help.”

    Bull: “Oooh. BINGO!”

  5. John

    Speaking of weariness and resignation, check out the spiky-haired kid in panel one!

    He’s either just been told his only friend in the world died in a freak accident, or he’s got the worst constipation ever.

    Knowing Westview…probably both.

  6. MJ

    Don’t be silly Bull, there’s no girl’s basketball team anymore. Summer graduated, remember?

  7. Mason Jarr


  8. Not only does Les get all gratuitously sexist, Bull seems to actively hate the football team. He probably thinks that they’d eat the set instead of move it.

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    Wow, this makes total sense. Haul a bunch of girls to NYC, pay for transportation and lodging, only to pick up some crappy, outdated news set that nobody cares about and haul it back to Ohio. No wonder the schools never have any money, they keep doing things the stupid way. Besides, I’d bet the Volleyball team has more muscle than the basketball team!

  10. @Rusty – I think the set is actually closer than that, in Cleveland, maybe. At least I hope so…having the set be in NYC is insane even for this strip.


    —–Speaking of weariness and resignation, check out the spiky-haired kid in panel one!

    He’s either just been told his only friend in the world died in a freak accident, or he’s got the worst constipation ever.—-

    I think he’s frustrated because he hasn’t found a suitable target for his rage killing………and look who should just walk in!!!

    Seriously…I would forgive Batiuk of everything if this whole strip ended John Darling style. With every character dying in a mass shooting.

  12. billytheskink

    OK, so I initially was going to rake TB over the coals for this, but I think I’ve actually made sense of it. At first, I thought he was dialing up the old running gag about the Scapegoat football team being terrible despite the fact that they won the conference championship in the CURRENT ACADEMIC YEAR. Barring dropouts, all of those players would still be in school and, I guess, at Bull’s disposal.
    But as I gave the strip a second read, Bull’s suggestion of off-season weight training for the girl’s basketball team became understandable. Since Summer and Keesh graduated, and Fishstick Annie stopped coaching, the Lady Scapegoats have been perennially terrible. It does not seem totally unreasonable to want to get a struggling team extra weight training at the expense using that time on a championship team.
    Was my second interpretation TB’s intent? I really doubt it, but you know the saying about a broken clock and all that.

    Also, Is anyone else surprised to learn that Les has a doppelgänger among the Westview student body? Same glasses, same hairline, same yellow shirt… It’s freakin’ me out, man.

  13. captaincab

    As I said a few days ago, Batiuk is obsessed with storylines involving characters simply lifting and carrying junk from one location to another. Funky, Harry and John spend a week talking about the bandbox before carrying and lifting it into a truck. Cindy carrying high school yearbook junk to Les’ house. Guest spot opportunity with Dick Tracy and Sam??! Just have them carry a few boxes of comic books! Sports team? Send them to pick up some junk at the TV station and carry it to the school!

  14. Commenter Charles called this one a couple days ago…

    May 27, 2015 at 3:56 am
    …It’s one of the few things we can rely on. You’ve got band fund raisers for Thanksgiving, Bull insulting the football team, and Les reading the yearbook.

  15. Everyone in Westview looks (and probably sounds) like Droopy, but without the clever wit to defeat their foes. “Woe is me,” they drawl, “I’m waiting for death.”

  16. Rusty Shackleford


    I thought Cindy was a hot shot anchor in NYC? You mean they saved the set from her first gig as a Cleveland anchor?

    Either way, crazy. Batom just makes stuff up as he goes, he stopped trying years ago.

  17. @Rusty – my recollection of the storyline is that Cindy was removed from the New York City line-up and sent to an affiliate in Cleveland. I also recall something recently where Funky asked her if her contract was going to be renewed and she said “Bo peep.”

    Really though I try to forget these things as soon as I can. If Tom Batiuk doesn’t want to remember them, I don’t see why I should!

  18. Rusty Shackleford


    Thanks. I’m probably as bad as as Batom when it comes to remembering story lines!

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