As the Cuckoo is in June

Link to today’s strip.

Monday’s strip was not available for preview.  Will Tom Batiuk pick up any of the storylines he’s left lying around, or will he launch a new plot to abandon?  No matter what it is, I think Captain Cab called it a couple of days ago when he said it will involve people hauling things from one place to another.

Well, we’ll find out together later tonight.   And if it has people assembling sheet metal together, we can say for sure that it’ll be riveting!  Ha ha, I can make puns just as bad as Tom Batiuk.


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15 responses to “As the Cuckoo is in June

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Get a load of the dick with ears, scolding Barry for being a “bummer”. Hey, at least Balderman didn’t spend the better part of two decades incessantly moping about his dead wife…and pretty much EVERYTHING ELSE! Geez, what a dick. But at least the reunion story moved, albeit just a little.

  2. SpacemanSpiff85

    Damn, I think Les is worried someone is honing in on his territory. “If someone else with a dumb pun name can fill everyone around him with despair and misery better than I can, then I have nothing to offer anymore! Next thing you know, Cindy will start paying late night visits to Barry’s house! And then before you know it Mason Jarr the movie actor will be sleeping over with Barry instead of me!”

  3. Holy moley, the art in this one…gad, is Barry wearing a “Barry” mask in the last panel?

  4. Howard and Nester

    Seriously, how can Les remain unpunched for as long as he has? I think Batiuk is just taunting us at this point.

  5. “Too late, Les; most of us were bummed when we saw you enter the room.”

  6. Nathan Obral

    Ah yes. Junebug and Mary Sue, fellow members of the “Fat and Frumpy Female ’88 Scapegoats” club, of which Donna and Holly are charter members. Lovely.

    This has to be Batom® projecting whatever feelings he has about his upcoming 50th reunion. What a sad, bitter, lonely and lame individual.

  7. Epicus Doomus

    Consider this: Les is getting all pissy in that way of his because he has to do 20% of the work to help organize a class reunion. Not only does he have four assistants, but he still associates regularly with at least a half dozen of his old classmates AND he’s worked at WHS for the last thirty years or so. Yet he’s all hostile about it, like it’ll just dredge up too many painful memories of what a sad little schlepp he used to be. Just think about how totally insane that is.

  8. Panel Three should have been Les beating the tar out of Barry and screaming “BASTARD!! YOU STOLE MY BIT!!!”

  9. So he really is going to beat us into submission with this High School reunion arc. Hold onto your hats and prepare for a wild ride of dog-eared sepia toned retconned flashbacks!!

  10. Professor Fate

    There is a scene in god awful movie called Space Munity where during a meeting one of the plotters of the mutiny get’s cold feet and he is pulled from his chair beaten and then as he lays prostrate on the floor, is killed by the leader who stabs him several times with his metal walking stick.
    I’d like to think that’s what happened right after Les opened his mouth. Only move violent.

  11. billytheskink

    Les probably thinks Barry owes him for forcing the valedictorian position and speech on him after having a nervous breakdown the week before graduation. I’m actually surprised that TB managed to make Barry and Junebug look relatively close to how they looked back in the so-called 30th reunion back in 2008. Mary Sue (Sweetwater) Blevins not-so-much, but she joined the F&FF club Nathan described above back in 2009 just for the sake of a Les book tour gag…

    I’m diggin’ that crazy yellow houseplant in the foreground of panel 1, though.


    I guess it really was hard for Pete Hornberger to find work after 30 Rock.

  13. John

    “I can’t believe we’re having a Looming, Coming Class Reunion again. What’s the point, exactly? We already see each other every day, 24/7. Hell, half of us work at Montoni’s, the other half at the high school!”

    “I know, Junebug. Life is like a cartoonist with writer’s block. It roots around in the ol’ fishbowl, pulling out and tossing off random scraps of paper scribbled with bits and pieces of old plot lines in a desperate attempt to pretend it’s doing something…ANYTHING.”

    “Hmph! I guess there WERE some children left behind, Barry!”

    “Struck a nerve, did I?”

    “SHUT UP!!!”

  14. @John Yeah, where does everybody else in Westview work. There only seem to be three places of employment: the high school, Montoni’s and the Komix Korner.

  15. John

    And the Komix Korner only pays its employees in old comical books…that were donated to the shop by said employees in the first place!

    Basically, Westview’s economy consists of band turkeys, bad pizza, and used Tarzan books. o_o