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So, I asked recently if Les Moore has ever done anything, since his “chairmanship” of the Coming Reunion Committee seems to involve him handing his duties to other people.  Apparently, the answer is “no,” since we now learn that the one job he had to do–find a location–was not done.  In fact, I’m gathering it wasn’t even discussed.

Now, this is remarkably stupid, even for this comic strip.  I’ve never planned a reunion, but I’d think one of the first items on the agenda would be to decide on a location, since everything else kinda depends on that.   But Les didn’t think of that, and not one of the ninnies he was directing thought to ask.  Wow.

So Les is a FAILURE at scouting and selecting a location, and he’s a FAILURE at heading the Coming Reunion committee.  No wonder he doesn’t want to do anything, and moans when he has to.  He’s a FAILURE at everything he does.   He should have pointed this out to Cindy right from the start and saved them all the heartburn.

Speaking of heartburn, sigh, of course we know how this little episode will resolve itself–Funky will be gracious, and somewhere near the end of this week or the next, Funky will smugly proclaim, “We don’t call Montoni’s the Chapel of Reunions for nothing!” as the class of ’78 sits down to grease-laden pizza slices.   There are times when the strip is bafflingly unpredictable, and other times when you can see the denouement coming from miles away.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out that this is my 150th post on this blog.   (Hence the Latin numeral title.)  Good grief (as another well-known blockhead was wont to exclaim).  I’m not sure whether to celebrate or mourn, to be honest.   One hundred and fifty?  You blockhead!

As always, I thank you for your indulgence and your courtesy.  Tomorrow, the incomparable Epicus Doomus takes over; be prepared to be entertained as he regales you with tales that witness madness…while I ponder, weak and weary,  what my 151st post will bring, when next I resume the host’s chair.  Until then…pleasant…dreams?  Ha ha ha ha ha!



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  1. Nathan Obral

    Meanwhile, I just went to the Crocker Park Barnes and Noble (in Westlake, Ohio… right on the edge of the Funkyverse). There were tons of Calvin and Hobbes books, tons of Peanuts books, tons of Simpson books.

    And tucked away in the far back of the store… the exact same three copies of “Strike Four!” and the exact same copy of “Lisa’s Story” almost as if they hadn’t even been touched since last time.

    Here’s photographic evidence:

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Congrats BC, 150 FW strips is a lot (shudder). Too many for most mere mortals. That’s probably more SoSF posts than there are FW readers. Probably way more.

    Well, at least it isn’t an eight-panel tribute to Her. We should all consider ourselves VERY fortunate. Looks like it’s back to the usual sub-sitcom-level contrivances again…sigh. Les & Cayla as a couple are less appealing than The Ropers. And The Ropers were funnier, too, which is saying a lot.

    So “everything” is done, which presumably means that Les invited everyone. But there’s no venue. So what did the invitations say? Sub-sitcom-level contrivance, you can practically hear the low-budget canned laughter in the background. Just kill me now.

    Nathan Obral: Get a small feather, like from a down jacket. Place it in between those books. Then next time you return, see if it’s still there. You will be granted a SoSF Field Research merit badge for your efforts.

  3. sgtsaunders

    The phrase “catatonic state of shock” is a bit awkward, but Les getting bit in the ass by his own dumbassery is worth the price of admission. Good show, Bats.

  4. sgtsaunders

    My FW bar is obviously set a bit lower than that of Epicus Doomus.

  5. Les, you had ONE job…okay, you had two jobs: finding a location for the reunion and not making everything about yourself and BSD Lisa. So yeah, oh-for-two, try running the bases on THAT.

  6. Epicus Doomus

    “Lisa’s Story” is even shaped annoyingly, like it was designed to stick out way more than the other books around it. The only way it could be worse if it was actually radioactive.

  7. Jon I Am

    Nathan Obral: It’s hilarious that Lisa’s Story would be placed on a bookshelf so close to ‘How Not To Be A Dick’. Les certainly failed in that regard,

  8. SpacemanSpiff85

    So…the reunion committee discussed DJs and the “In Memoriam” table, and who knows what else, but not a single person mentioned where it was going to be? And then where on earth did Mary Sue set up the damn table yesterday?

  9. John

    SpacemanSpiff85: Les maintains a permanent Lisa’s Legacy shrine by the hot pretzel stand at the local mall.

    For a modest fee, he’ll even allow interested customers to accompany him home to the Taj-MOORE-Hal for a viewing of the VHS tape Lisa recorded just in case Les ever got random people in off the street to worship her.

  10. We’re clearly meant to sympathize with the incompetent buffoon and his utter inability to see the obvious because of his life of tragedy but I just can’t. It’s like how I can’t sympathize with malicious idiot Crankshaft because he had bad things happen. Since everyone has had bad stuff happen, it stops being an excuse for witlessness and malice and people like that have to take their lumps for being stupid.

  11. Saturnino

    You know, if the participants in this board were actually to take over the writing of the strip, it might actually turn out to be award winning very good.

  12. @Nathan Orbal: It says something that he’s a poor sell in his own back yard.

  13. SpacemanSpiff85

    @Paul Jones:
    It’s not just how we’re supposed to sympathize with them, it’s that they’re continually portrayed as absolute jerks. Batiuk constantly mines the “poor Lisa and her cancer” well, and then does jokes about Alzheimer’s, DUI, and PTSD. And rape, actually. So he’s whining about Art Being Very Serious at the same time he does cheap, lame jokes on sensitive, not at all funny topics.

  14. bigd1992

    To be fair, I think the only places that can hold it would be the park, the school, or Montoni’s.

  15. Professor Fate

    So just where was what’s her face putting up the shrine to St. Lisa yesterday if they don’t have a place for the reunion.