Cancerous Attitude

I guess drawing a comic about someone slowly dying of cancer is a lot of fun because from the looks of things in today’s strip Boy Wonder can’t get enough! If it’s not too much trouble, maybe Les can get crippling gout so we can have a comic about that, too.

Obviously, things get a bit meta here with the existing Lisa’s Legacy book existing within the comic. It’s amazing how fast this thing was crapped out compared to how long the book Les was working on and the yet-unmade movie is taking.



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16 responses to “Cancerous Attitude

  1. “I was hoping to use it as an ipecac in case Skylar swallowed something.”

  2. Professor Fate

    What stale hell is this?

  3. billytheskink


    “Yes, sadly. I need the work, Les. The pizza app industry has really slowed down and baby powder prices have skyrocketed. Do you have anything else I could do for food? Can I draw you in caricature? Or maybe your classroom erasers need clapping or something?”

    “Wait… I paid you for this?”

  4. DOlz

    The “Game of Thrones” season finale was last night. Considering and the death and mayhem in it I can only ask, could we get George R.R. Martin to guest write FW for a couple of weeks?

    Seriously what kind of lobotomized cretin thinks its bad news that they no longer have any of Les Moore’s treacle to illustrate.

  5. Jimmy

    I really hope this graphic comical book has the same professional art as “Sophomore Sightings”.

  6. I’ve got good news and bad news! The good news is I’ve finished illustrating your book! The bad news is, sadly, I’ve illustrated your book!”

  7. Epicus Doomus

    Of course that should say “patient”…whoops! My QC kind of Batomed out there….get it???

  8. A few months ago, Darrin told Pete he was doing illustrations for “Mr. Moore.” Now it’s “Hey Les!”

  9. bigd1992

    “Seriously what kind of lobotomized cretin thinks its bad news that they no longer have any of Les Moore’s treacle to illustrate.”

    The same lobotomized cretin who doesn’t realize his wife is wearing lots of nice things that can’t be purchased on a pizza app developer and documentary maker salary? Or wearing expensive perfume for her 3 hour trips to Sprawl Mart?

  10. Spacemanspiff85

    Why would anyone in this strip ask “what’s the bad news?”? There’s always bad news. They should know better than to ask. Like the real bad news here is probably that Darrin forgot all about Cayla, since she hasn’t left the TJ Moore-hall in years, and just drew Lisa as Les’s wife in the comic.


    The bad news is that Darrin’s so damn cheap he can’t afford legal sized manilla folders for his crappy illustrations!

  12. What kind of imbecile uses an 8×12 Manila folder to hold large artwork? It’s downright batiukian, I tell you!

  13. Rembrandt36

    I could be mistaken, but I think D is illustrating the Cayla comic, not Lisa’s story.

  14. Epicus Doomus

    I’m trying to figure out how this “Last Leaf” story applies to Les & Cayla. Was she the “last leaf”? Was Les? Or is this just another example of BanTom looking out the window and becoming “inspired” by whatever he saw first? Or is it a “autumn is my favorite season because everything slowly dies” kind of deal?

    Coming in 2016: The follow-up to “The Last Leaf” is released, but “Gee, The Crabgrass Is Bad This Year Hey Look At That Chipmunk” fails to sell as well for some reason.

  15. I thought that the whole mess was about the hot mess some people from Crankshaft made of their lives.