Fun-ky CancerCancer

SoSfDavidO here! Hmm, it appears that the word “fun” is being tossed around again in reference to Darin illustrating the long battle his mother had with the cancer that eventually killed her. Today’s strip is really a head-scratcher. Usually I’m in the “Ok, Tom, we get it, cancer sucks” crowd” but this week’s crop of strips have flipped around to make cancer seem like it has all the medical annoyance an impacted wisdom tooth.

On top of that, is any of this stuff even cleared with Les’s publisher? I assume Les doesn’t really own the rights fully to Lisa’s Story anymore since he sold the book. I’m sure this being Westview that things will all somehow work out but dumping this box of doodles on your publisher’s doorstep and expecting a book deal out of it seems like a long, long stretch.

Edit: Actually, it would appear that the “How Les Met Cayla” is what Darin has been illustrating this whole time. Sorry for the mixup! *slaps self!*



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  1. DOlz

    Well it’s good to see that the artwork won’t overshadow the writing, and that was a very low bar to get under.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Hey, how come his cartoon memory isn’t in those little photo album corner thingies? It IS a memory, is it now? That Batiuk, always so consistently inconsistent.

    It’s been like what, eight or nine months since he made his “Last Leaf” gesture/announcement, right? And look at the dick with ears, still slaving and sweating over it like it’s “Beowulf” or something. I really hate that guy. And Lisa’s idiot bio-son conveniently mentions Pete for no good reason thus pretty much confirming that the despised Boy Lisa will somehow become involved with that stupid Starbuck Jones thing in some capacity. Awesome.

  3. DOlz

    @Sosfdavido, I think the book Durwood was illustrating was “The Last Leaf“, Les’ lame oops I forgot an anniversary gift to Not-Lisa. I can fully understand any confusion since TB jumps, hops, and skips around any kind of continuity or semblance of a story arc. I wouldn’t be surprised if our fellow snarkers here know the strip better than TB.

  4. @DOlz: Of course we know what’s going on better than he does. We bother to keep track of plot threads. We also know what ‘getting to the point’ is while today’s strip shows that he doesn’t.

  5. SpacemanSpiff85

    Considering that Darrin is now married and has a son, I think he’d be a little more hesitant about saying he hasn’t had any fun since he drew a hideous comic strip with a friend in high school.

  6. Charles

    Considering that Darrin is now married and has a son, I think he’d be a little more hesitant about saying he hasn’t had any fun since he drew a hideous comic strip with a friend in high school.

    Are you kidding? Not only is he drawing a comic book, he’s doing it in collaboration with Les Moore. This will be his signature achievement in his time on this earth. Think about THAT for a moment.

    Remember, this is a strip where Cayla didn’t simply say that marrying Les was the happiest moment in her life. She said it was the only happy moment in her life.

  7. A HREF

    I don’t know.. Is a graphic novel about how Les married Cayla supposed to be “Whimsy”.?

  8. Worst drawing of Wolverine ever. I know Tom Batiuk is a hardcore DC fan, but he should at least get the main details correct: one of Wolverine’s defining characteristics is that he’s short. Also, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have cat whiskers.

  9. Rusty

    Yep, he is illustrating The Last Leaf, an epic tale of a mopey boomer finding forbidden love with a secretary at his school. Who knows where Les will choose to begin the tale, though, most likely when he woke up in bed and Lisa didn’t.

  10. Beckoningchasm: He could very well be confused by Hugh Jackman, who has a good foot on comic Wolverine’s height. (Then again, Jackman never wore the yellow/blue bodysuit and mask, so either way this is messed up.)

    Also messed up is how he thinks Darin is Gen-X, which is pushing middle age right now (believe me, I know).


    –Worst drawing of Wolverine ever.–
    I hate to give Batiuk credit, but it actually is an OK rendition of Wolverine’s first appearance in The Incredible Hulk #181. That’s all the credit you get today, Tommy.

  12. billytheskink

    Man, it’s been so long since TB kicked this story off that I also forgot that Durwood was illustrating the Les-Cayla courtship, a “romance” that even Charlton Comics would reject for being too unrealistic to print.
    The definitive illustrated version of Lisa’s Story, of course, has already been done on the comics page. I liked the part with the giant ants.

    Also messed up is how he thinks Darin is Gen-X, which is pushing middle age right now

    It’s a great illustration of the headaches that come with TBs time jumps really being more like “time slides”, though. Retconning the past as further in the past rather than truly jumping into the future.

    Darrin’s birth occurred in 1987, squarely in Generation Y (using the old term because I hate the “m” word) and around the age a person today would be starting a family. However, Act II moved the timeline back 4 years (1992 back to 1988), moving Darrin’s birth to 1983, putting him close to the Gen X/Y border, and making him now a 30-something, which is still not an uncommon age to be having a first child. For what it is worth, Darrin entered high school in the late 1990s, as one born in 1983 would have. Act III’s 10 year jump/slide is what pushes Darrin into Generation X. We know Westview High’s class of ’88 became the class of ’78, moving Darrin’s birth to 1973 if we accept Act II’s time jump. If we ignore Act II’s time jump but not Act III’s, Darrin’s birth moves up to 1977. Both dates place him right into Generation X.

    However, the fact remains that Darrin’s Gen X life was never depicted as such (excepting this comic). He never bought Sixteen Candles on Betamax or got really in to the Mighty Mighty Bosstones or whatever it is that Generation X did growing up. It will never make any kind of sense, it just winds up making your head hurt.

  13. I’m thinking that Durwood just dug up his old “Sophomoric Sightings” strips, stuffed them into a folder, and submitted them as the illustrations for “The Last Leaf”. Les will just blindly plop them into the end product.

  14. Jimmy

    The Generation X SNAFU aside, I’m sure that’s some professional-looking illustrating going on right there. Nothing says “graphic novel” like the flat 2-D profile of Nate Green. I can’t wait to see the depiction of the wedding reception.

    I’m not going to lie. I would buy every single copy in my local Komix Korner if the art looked like this.

  15. Jimmy

    Also, looking forward to how the D Man illustrated this:

  16. bad wolf

    What is Les’ new book?

    “It’s a graphic novel about finding a new love and a new life with you.”

    “Darin and Pete used to do a comic strip for the school paper… So Darin is illustrating this book and my publisher wants to do it. This time it’s about us.”

    “My last gift is a vacation in China… to be there when “The Last Leaf” rolls off the press.”

    Still annoyed he used “The Last Leaf” instead of the more appropriate “Roses in December.” Crankshaft isn’t December, he’s more like next January.

    (and thanks to billytheskink for untangling today’s Gen X gag, which is otherwise impenetrable as to what anyone is referring to… Les and Funky, being now just a couple of 46+8? year olds, are still on the upper end of it, although it fit much better during Act 2.)

  17. bayoustu

    Boy, I sure hope Darrin’s drawing “skills” have improved since high school! (Then again, BanTom’s haven’t, so…)

  18. What I’d like to see is whoever’s left standing objecting to having their life story turned into a really crappy birthday gift. When Lynn Johnston has someone ask her delicate genius whose story it is and Batiuk doesn’t, you know you’ve got problems.

  19. bad wolf

    Come to think of it, according to that math Darin’s a 42 year old with a wife the same age, who just had their first baby a couple of years ago after basically giving up on their career aspirations, and who works at Montoni’s and/or draws graphic novels (fine accomplishments for a twenty-something).

    Lisa was in junior high when she had him, at the age of… 13?

    Geez, it really doesn’t work from either side, does it?

  20. John

    bad wolf: As I recall, as far back as ’92 0r ’93 Tom began fiddling with Lisa’s age and history.

    Which still doesn’t make up for him consistently depicting Act III Darin and Jes as being just two crazy kids JUST STARTING OUT in life, despite being married for a good 17-20 years by this point.