Sophomoric Sighings

Oh boy, more puns, which are, aside from smirks and bitching, pretty much the currency of Westview. Today’s strip gives us a confusing insight into Darin while serving up a lame, lame pun that’s been done so much better before.

Is he an MBA hotshot app developer who helped Funky develop an app or a full-fledged pizza employee? And when does he have time for all this work when he’s supposed to be raising a baby, too? What happened to Les’s neck in panel three!?

Real life, which is 1,000 times funnier than this strip



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20 responses to “Sophomoric Sighings

  1. Rusty

    Christ, what an asshole fits every occasion.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Ugh, panel one Les…even when he’s excitedly dishing out compliments (he hadn’t even SEEN the doodles before today? So what was he “writing”/captioning?) I want to bash his face in with a chunk of broken cinder block. God I hate him so much.

    And Boy Lisa aptly demonstrates why no one likes him by engaging in some truly stupid wordplay for no good reason. Apparently his MBA days are a distant memory now, as a few years in the pizza business have really given him something to, uh…think about, I suppose. I’d probably be better for him if Les was actually, you know, paying him something but hey, at least he’s finally found his calling. He’s tried pizza and now comic books it is.

  3. Jimmy

    I’m wondering if that “MBA” came from the back of a matchbook. And when was the last time he was featured working at the financial epicenter of Westview? 2011?

  4. JerrytheMacGuy

    If Darrin had been honest with Les (and with himself), he would have said:

    “This is the kind of work I’ve always wanted to do . . .

    . . . But I work in a pizza place because I’m a complete loser, a failure as a husband, father and son, and I have no ambition to leave this God-forsaken town in search of a better life for my family. And my MBA? I never earned one. It’s a sarcastistic title Mr. Winkerbean gave me. Montoni’s Baking Assistant”

    Instead, he tells Les a lame pun.

    Rusty has it right. Christ, what an asshole.

  5. Epicus Doomus

    The whole Boy Lisa timeline has been butchered beyond all recognition. I don’t know exactly how old he was when Lisa re-became his mother again, but I assumed early twenties or so. So in the interest of fairness I’m saying 21 (and please, correct me if you know otherwise). So when Act III began he’d be 31. That was in 2007 and he didn’t re-appear until (I think) 2011. So that’s thirty-five plus four and bingo, he’s 39 or thereabouts.

    It also means that for fourteen years Boy Lisa and Jessica existed in some sort of magical MBA big-city world they’ve long since forgotten about completely. When they arrived at (shudder) Moore Manor, Darin had just lost his job (“times are tough” arc) and had nowhere else to go, which is the definition of “bottoming out” if you ask me.

    I think it’s funny how it’s Les who re-kindled Boy Lisa’s love of drawing and not his best buddy Pete, who is actually in the comic book business. Boy Lisa’s been toiling at the pizza ovens, providing for the family, no time to think about his former passion. Not even during his many video chat BS sessions with his successful comic book writing pal. Batiukian.

  6. SpacemanSpiff85

    He’s always wanted to do work for free for one of his former high school teachers, and draw the saga of how he got in an edgy Interracial Marriage after his first wife’s melodramatic death from cancer? Man, Darin is weird.

  7. Actually, he’s always wanted to draw the saga of the horrible doomed romance on Crankshaft. Either way, Derptard is aiming low….and missing.

  8. Rusty

    I think Durrwood discovered his royal lineage when he was a high school senior and Lisa was marching dutifully to the grave.

  9. Guest Page Turner Author

    With this one, Battic has really captured the essence of how life truly is for members of Generation X. We’re all still struggling through, trying to make ends meet with menial jobs to pay the rent, hoping for that elusive big break.

    Dude, Generation X is in their 40s and early 50’s! Can you get anything right while making pop culture references? ?!!!?! This schmuck is a millenial generation stereotype. And thanks for providing us with more clichéd stereotype characters, even though you don’t realize what you’re doing, fool!

  10. So Batiuk has been reduced to stealing punchlines from children’s joke books. That’s a new low.

  11. DOlz

    MBA = Master of Bad Art?


    What a pun fail. He could easily have used “I KNEAD to raise the dough”………. Oh, my god…I’m trying improve Batiuk’s shitty pun jokes!!! Help me!!!!

  13. billytheskink

    You know where dough is literally raised? A pizza oven.
    Maybe these two can go stick their heads in one.

  14. bigd1992

    Given how depressed rust belt town have been hit by OxyContin and methamphetamine abuse, I’m thinking BoyLisa is a meth cook. The pizza shop and Comic book store are fronts. The two kids get their meth from DSH John to peddle at the high school.

  15. John

    Les: “These illustrations you did are AMAZING, Darin! As far as I’m concerned, Will Eisner’s corpse will rise up out of the grave, look at your lines, then KILL ITSELF AGAIN because of the quality of your work!!!”

    Darin: “…*…uh….well, that seems a -little- over the top, but thank-”

    Les: “No, I mean it! This makes MAUS look like complete SHI-”

    Darin: “BUT REALLY! This is totally the work I, um, always wanted to do and stuff! Well, there were those seventeen years I spent as a Master of Business Administration, with which I did nothing much until that hand appeared and wrote on the wall…*….say, Les, you’re the one man in Westview who DOESN’T obsess on comical books. Why am I having this conversation with you instead of with Peterson McBean, my high school best friend?”

    Les: “I’m sure I don’t know who you’re talking about.”

    Darin: “….uh, he’s working with you on the screenplay for the STARBUCK JONES movie!”

    Les: “Doesn’t ring a bell. So tell me, Darin, your budding pizza app empire seems to have dried up. Your wife Jessica abandoned her docudrama about her murdered father John Darling, who was murdered, who I wrote a book about. Your son Skyler hasn’t aged since birth. How does it feel, knowing that you’ve done nothing in your life but work at the crappy minimum wage job -I- got you, then agreed to be my art-slave without pay?”

    Darin: “Ouch.”

  16. Interesting that we got to see one extremely mediocre drawing yesterday, and not even a glimpse of the current “amazing” artwork. It’s Mr. Sponge all over again…meaning, when this “amazing” artwork does finally see the light of day, “amazing” will not be the word used to describe it.

  17. Jimmy

    You know, this got me to thinking. This comical book, with its “unique” artwork, is sure to be a big hit. This opens the door for that long-awaited Cathy Guisewite graphic novel to be greenlit.

  18. Nathan Obral


    I think Durrwood discovered his royal lineage when he was a high school senior and Lisa was marching dutifully to the grave.

    How could anyone forget?

    I’m pretty sure that whole sequence wound up in Lisa’s Story Batom®’s execution of St. Lisa the Cancer Chew Toy who was Cremated in a vain attempt at a Pulitzer Prize. I wouldn’t know because I refuse to read that book, let alone waste my money on it.

  19. @Nathan Orbal: I remember that there were an awful lot of people wondering if he’d make it there before she passed away. I should know because I was one of them.

  20. Monotony sets in early

    @Nathan Orbal
    Wow. After the retcon, the last strip in that series sure is… something.

    And when did Darin have his nosejob?