Moore Moping

Really? A 4th plague is about to be unleashed upon the world in form of Les’s literary scribblings? Today’s strip is the first tease we’ve gotten at this, and Darin is grinning like he just saw The Last Guardian preview at comic-con. If his last books are any indication, this book could take years to write. Yep, we’ll probably be in for the treat watching Les deal with writer’s block, pushy publisher dealines and rewrites well into 2018.



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18 responses to “Moore Moping

  1. Uh-oh, Les has run out of dead people to write about. Cayla had better start running…

  2. ComicTrek

    Yeah, it sank. Just like this strip.

  3. Chin up, Les. There’ll be a new easily preventable tragedy to exploit any day now.

  4. Chyron HR

    “State of the Ark”, “the Story Arc sank”, what’s with all the ark-based puns lately?

    Release date: December 12, 2014

    Ahhh, there we go.

  5. bayoustu

    For one brief moment, something almost sort of kind of resembling Darrin’s old nose makes a reappearance in panel 1 (If you don’t zoom in). Panel 2: Crankshaft noses for everybody!

  6. bad wolf

    @Chyron HR: What? That’s crazy!

    Release date: March 26, 2014

    Oh, well, if the glove fits…

  7. Professor Fate

    And this is different from all the other FW arcs these days how?

  8. captaincab

    “Darin is grinning like he just saw The Last Guardian preview at comic-con.”

    I think you mean E3 (annual video game trade show), not Comic Con. 😉

    What happened to Darin’s pointy carrot nose? Why has it been Funki-fied to that stupid hawk-beak shape Batiuk always goes with?

  9. superdollyllama

    Ships that sink take on water until they settle to the bottom of the sea, and ships that run aground run… onto ground? I’ve never heard of a ship that sank and then ran aground. But I don’t know everything.

  10. DOlz

    The story arc ran aground and sank. So when did that ever stop or slow down TB. He’ll drag us through hell to get to his beloved attempt at a pun no matter what.

  11. Epicus Doomus

    Sure it did Les, sure it did. What he needs to do is find a cancer patient who was shot, then the words will come a-pouring out of his lie-hole.

    Just last week BamTon did an interview where he claimed that, for him, “writing” is the “easy” part. Yet EVERY SINGLE FW arc that involves a “writer” ALWAYS features the “writer” agonizing over his craft like it’s some sort of brutal unforgiving slave labor or something. It’s a really annoying trope to say the least.

  12. billytheskink

    When Les runs out of ideas
    And the story runs aground
    Trash can’s where we know the book is found
    Now there’s nothing unexpected
    About Les Moore flaking out
    Lisa’s the only muse he cares about

    But there’s something beside the trash can
    Moving across the carpet
    Coming up from his failed book
    Making as if to say

    Le Chat Bleu!
    (repeat 4 times and apologize to Johns Flansburgh and Linnell)

  13. John

    Les: “Um, is there a reason you’re sitting down by me, Darin? You delivered the damn illustrations. I’m trying to relax.”

    Darin: “Les, I have no friends my own age. I have no interests, hobbies, or activities. My shift at Montoni’s is done. My son ceased to exist a few months ago, almost as if the ruler of this universe forgot about him. My spouse and I more or less lead separate lives, despite her also lacking friends and outside interests. So your assigning me a task? Well, that’s been the most excitement -I’ve- had in ages, ‘Dad’.”

    Les: “….*….you’re just going to hang out here all day, aren’t you?”

    Darin: “Yup! I’ll hover over you while you eat your meals. Breathe down your neck while you try to read and write. Press my ear up against the door to catch every sound when you use the facilities. I have found the new center of my universe. It’s -you-, Les. All. YOU.”

    Les: *shudder* “….help.”

    Darin: “You need help? You poor thing. Here…let me stroke your frazzled brow…”

    Les: “AAAAAAGH!”

  14. John

    Epicus: I think I’d respect Tom more if he chose to be honest in one of these interviews and say something like-

    “My muse is a faithless slut who drank all my wine and hasn’t given me more than half a page in the past twenty-three years.”

  15. Epicus Doomus

    I get why “Lisa’s Story” was so traumatic for ol’ Dick Face, but it’s pretty annoying when he or Pete is absolutely beaten down every single time they’re “writing” anything. Funky could ask Les to re-do the Montoni’s menu and he’d be all hunched over in the depths of depression and woe.

    I know next to nothing about graphic novels, but how did Les write it without being able to see the artwork? Aren’t they supposed to like, you know, match up?

  16. Jimmy

    @beckoningchasm: Your modification made me simultaneously laugh AND retch. Congratulations.

  17. John

    Epicus: It’s possible that Les uses the “Marvel Method”…he provides the illustrator with a mere brief on what the issue will be about. They go wild with the drawings. Then he fills in the dialogue and narration captions.

    Come to think of it, that’s exactly how he’d treat a Cayla project…with his contribution as an afterthought.