Re-Pete Teenage Years

Oh boy, everything in today’s strip not only unsurprisingly goes back to comics but even features what appears to be a 18 year old Pete getting the chance to haul Darin in to the clutches of the evil Hollywood.

“We’re ready to get started on the story boards, Pete?” I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t film first and then do storyboards later, given Tombat’s understanding of Hollywood.

So now we have Darin, an MBA, working at a pizza joint, raising a kid, developing apps and sidelining a job storyboarding for a major film for Hollywood. Yes, this is a normal person, sure. At this rate, by next year he’ll also be doing anesthesiology and training circus seals.




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15 responses to “Re-Pete Teenage Years

  1. DOlz

    Jeez what is this amateur hour? Hollywood is full of professionals who have payed their dues, but hey lets get our crew from Westview; America’s cultural heart. Writing really is easy when you have no idea what your doing.

  2. Rembrandt36

    You have GOT to be mother fucking kidding me. I worked in Hollywood for YEARS. Tombat is so full of utter bullshit on how the industry works.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    “I may have just the guy!”

    “Great! Who is he? What sort of experience does he have?”

    “He’s a friend of mine, we used to collaborate on a crappy comic strip back in high school. Right now he’s a forty year old pizza guy who’s barely drawn anything over the last few decades. He has an MBA, too!”

    “Awesome! Let’s hire him immediately, as opposed to some more qualified person with real credentials!”

    Batom’s stupid SJ fantasies are spiraling out of control again I see. Now Boy Lisa is getting into the act too. Pretty soon they’ll need a pizza caterer, a comic book store guy, a service dog, a woman’s basketball coach and maybe a dipshit in a chullo too. Hell, why not just film the f*cking thing in Westview? Les could play Mason’s sidekick, Annoying Man, who forces the villains to give up through sheer irritation. Hey, it’s no more implausible than this rubbish is.

  4. A few weeks later:

    Anonymous Hollywood type: “Darin, great job on the storyboards! Know any would-be videographers who could step in and try their hand at cinematography?”

    Darin: “I may have just the gal…”

    The letters on the studio facade in squiggly panel two are CME…so the Starbuck Jones blockbuster is being produced by Cable Movie Entertainment, the same outfit that bungled Lust for Lisa? You’re right, who really gives a fuck?

  5. SpacemanSpiff85

    I have a feeling that when Les is flown out to rewrite the script, he, Darin, and Pete are all going to shack up with Mason Jarr the movie actor, and Funky, Cayla, and Westview will never be seen or mentioned again.

  6. Meanwhile, it would be a lot damned simpler for everyone to wake up in Bobby Ewing’s shower and Batiuk could go back to writing what he knows.

  7. If this ends with everybody in Westview going to Hollywood and Les sitting alone on Lisa’s Bench in a ghost town, I’m willing to forgive the complete implausibility.

  8. Rusty

    Batiuk must have finally gotten the message that Durrwood needs an actual job to pay for his family. Done and done.

  9. sgtsaunders

    The entire strip is pretty good at anesthesiology.

  10. billytheskink

    Gotta give CME some props here, they are going all out for this Starbuck Jones movie.
    Hiring Mason Jarr for the title role, a fired comic book writer to clean up the script, a pizza app developer to draw the storyboards… they even unfroze Walt Disney.

  11. I think this will end in the usual way–Pete, Darin, Les and probably Mason will decide that the evil studio is ruining the integrity of Starbuck Jones and the project will be abandoned.

  12. Epicus Doomus

    TFH: Oh God I forgot all about her. CME again, huh? That means they’ll all exit the premier shaking their heads at what a butcher job “Hollywood” did on the film, no doubt. Hopefully they don’t hold the premier at that pizza place, or I might have to stop reading this thing again.

  13. John

    Les: “This is the kind of work you should be doing, Darin. Not taking care of your son, not strengthening your relationship with and supporting your wife. Not even reviving your budding pizza app empire!”

    Darin: “Wow! So I should quite all that and become a full time comic book illustrator?”

    Les: “No, I meant you should be my unpaid slave.”

    Darin: “….*….”

    Les: “Go to the kitchen and peel me some grapes, scum.”


    Droopy Guy: “Hi. Instead of hiring a storyboard artist the way a real studio would, Cable Movie Entertainment has decided to ask you, an unpaid, unhired script consultant who we’ve been footing the bill of housing and meals for weeks now.”

    Pete: “Geez, it sounds so IMPLAUSIBLE when you say it THAT way!”

  14. I want to see Tom Batiuk’s ruler. It would give us a better idea of what he thinks ¼ inch is.

  15. Apauled

    Remember when the Ricardos & the Mertzes all went to Hollywood for Ricky to be in a movie & Lucy wore a fake nose when meeting William Holden & he accidentally set it on fire while lighting her cigarette & she dunked it in a drink to extinguish the blaze? That was more realistic than this story.